How to Keep Track of Your Money and Manage it Very Effectively 1

How to Keep Track of Your Money and Manage it Very Effectively

“How oftentimes have you heard someone say if I had his money I may want to do things my way?” Johnny Cash asked, and we applauded. The hassle is – we do have correct money in our arms, only we fail to comprehend how and in which we spend it. Find out a way to preserve track and trace of your cash in this newsletter.


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Before we test few methods to keep the music of your cash, here’s a simple take a look at. Ask your self these questions, and solution with a ‘sure’ or a ‘no’.

Do I owe everyone cash?

Do I borrow cash too regularly?

Am I normally overdue to pay my bills?

Have I disposed of doing something that I actually need to get accomplished but can not due to the fact I can’t afford it?

Do I run out of cash earlier than my subsequent paycheck arrives?

If you responded maximum of the above questions with a ‘Yes’, there’s no different manner to break it to you but to mention – you need assist, pal! It isn’t always all and sundry’s cup of tea to control their private finances. However, the best information is, you may learn to do it quite quickly and quite efficiently too. The following guidelines on a way to hold ups tracking of your money are going to help you keep the money. It is by no means a very good idea to live paycheck to paycheck; so if you do not want to do this, follow the tips given below and begin keeping a tab to your cash!

Ways to Keep Track of Your Money


Know the exact contents of your pockets. That does not suggest you should maintain tune of every single penny which you installed or eliminate from your pockets. But it constantly facilitates to recognize how lots money you have got in your pockets. Does it save you from embarrassment – what in case you have been to have an espresso with a nice female in a pleasing cafe and also you discovered you had no cash left in your pockets? I would not want to be the lady with you! (Just kidding… I wish that by no means happens to you.)

Tip: Check inside the morning earlier than you go away the house how a lot of money you have in your wallet. Even in the case, you locate some of it lacking, you have only an afternoon’s prices to move-check and trace again your lacking money.


It is first-class to preserve song of your costs to know exactly how plenty money you spend and on what. Many a time it so happens that we do now not keep in mind how lots money we spent. We purchase a container of liquor goodies and neglect we bought it. We select up a bottle of wine on our way to a person’s residence and overlook we did. And then we rack our brains seeking to consider in which it is that the money changed into spent! So maintain a music of your expenses. You can keep a report in a small pocket diary. If you want to be all pro, you could do the same on an iPad!track

Tip: Do this day by day (on the stop of the day, earlier than you hit the sack) and you might not even have to keep a diary! It isn’t essential to without a doubt ‘write’ down all your costs; even a mental check can suffice, so long as you are genuinely sure.


This is how credit cards paintings (within the simplest, crudest phrases) – they (credit score union) provide you with money to use without spending a dime. They provide you with a time restriction within which you need to go back the cash. But in case you fail to go back it in that time, the price you a hobby such which you ultimately come to be returning loads greater than you borrowed! Now the hassle is, someplace we have this mental block in our heads – a credit card is anyone else’s cash, so even supposing I overspend, ‘my’ money remains intact. So we tend to overspend. But that is so incorrect, for all of us understand that in the end, we need to pay the credit score card bill for our personal money. Plus credit card payments are usually implausible. We take one look at the bill, and we’re like ‘Damn! When did I spend that a whole lot cash?’

Tip: Switch to the usage of an ATM card or a debit card. That way, you would suppose two times before spending, as it would be ‘your’ cash crystal. Also, all your transactions will show on your month-to-month financial institution account statement. It makes maintaining a song simpler.


Set your self a budget and do now not spend outside the price range. If you do, ensure to preserve a tune of what you spent the extra wwe money on. Did you take pleasure in a purchasing spree? Did you lend every person cash loans? Were you hit with the aid of a few unexpected fees? Medicine? Dinner? A trip to someplace? Keeping music of your cash while you are out on a small ride, vacation or vacation will become almost not possible. Everybody is in the mood to spend. It is essential you place yourself finances to preserve song in such cases.

Tip: Keep a secure margin. Too low a budget can make it appear to be you are overspending all of the time when honestly you aren’t. It can bathroom you down! Take into consideration all of your month-to-month charges before placing a budget.


Monitor your financial institution account vigilantly. It is the arena of e-banking, so ensure you subscribe for an electronic month-to-month statement of your financial institution account and ensure you simply undergo the statement whilst it arrives and takes a look at for any transactions that seem fishy or unaccountable. I do hope this by no means happens to you, but an opportunity for robbery can’t be overruled. Credit card scams are not something unheard of. A lot of humans have a number of motives (although incorrect ones) to tamper with human beings’ bank bills. It is higher to be careful than sorry!

Tip: Train your self to examine thru the bank announcement cautiously. Do now not truly throw it in the trash can. It hardly ever takes a few minutes. Also record any unusual transactions straight away, without similar ado.Money

So the ones had been a few personal finance recommendations to help you keep track of your cash. Train your self to deal with cash responsibly. You can inculcate duty on your kids proper from their smooth years, so they learn how to use cash cautiously from an early age. Everything in lifestyles is not approximately money, yes. But many important matters are – food, apparel, safe haven, medical assist, for starters. So it is continually an amazing idea to store and invest. Hope the above tricks and recommendations assist you out. Cheers!