If you suspect you’ll be getting drug test at your new job soon, or you know for a fact there is one in a month, or two weeks, you should definitely not ignore that. Even if you don’t smoke often, maybe once per weekend or only once every couple weeks, you shouldn’t assume that you can avoid smoking for just a week before the test and you’ll be okay. Unfortunately THC binds to our fat molecules and therefore likes to stick around for a long time. So how long does THC stay in your system even if you hardly ever smoke? Well that depends on a lot of factors, namely the type of test you’re taking.
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Urine Test

    This is by far the most common form of analysis for detecting illicit drug metabolites in employees or people on probation. That’s because it’s the cheapest and simplest, to put it briefly. For somebody who smokes every week or two, THC metabolites can remain present in their urine for up to 15 days of no smoking whatsoever. You also have to be sure to avoid other people smoking too. Just one session in a blue moon with a friend can take up to 8 days to test negative again. This depends on a lot of factors such as your height, weight, genetics, dietary habits, and exercise habits of course.

Blood Or Saliva Tests

    These two types of drug tests are much less common but if you find yourself requiring them to be eligible for a clinical study or something, you can relax knowing that even regular users only have to abstain for about a week before either of these two tests. When it comes to a saliva test, you can even be extra sure by swabbing your teeth instead of your gums. There isn’t much you can do to speed things up when it comes to your blood but one week shouldn’t be too difficult for even lifelong stoners.

Hair Follicle Tests

    Now this one is a bit of a bummer. Usually when an institution opts for a hair follicle test over urine, blood, or saliva, it’s because they want accuracy and certainty. Your strands of hair all document on average the last 90 days of your drug use, and there aren’t any really surefire ways to get past this type of test. Still, detox shampoos exist and are pretty commonly successful for a lot people, so don’t give up!