The Right Way to Store Wine

One of the several miracles of nature is transformation of grapes into wine. And now that the nature has created wine, men have learned how to preserve this divine drink. Men have been trying to store wine for ages now, and have finally mastered the tricks of retaining the original taste of the wine even after several years of manufacture. Thus, here we list down a few ways by which you can preserve your precious wine before you drink it.

Keep the wine at a right temperature

Temperature fluctuation is the greatest enemy for wines. Heat more than 70° F will literally “cook” your wine and quicken its ageing process. As a result of being treated in excessive heat, the wine will render flat aromas and flavours which might ruin your wine tasting experience. On the other hand, extreme cold temperatures could tamper with the fine quality of the wine too.

Leaving your wine bottle in the freezer or unheated garages during winters will turn the liquid into ice, and release the cork out of the mouth of the bottle. Also, moisture will seep in through the cork if the wine bottle is kept in the freezer for too long. The ideal temperature to preserve wine is well between 45° F and 65° F. Since refrigerators maintain a temperature well below 45° F, it is not ideal to store perishable drinks in refrigerators. The wine cellar manufactures and installers offer a wide range of wine cooling units with a huge selection of configurations to fit any situation and budget.

Maintaining the right humidity

Professionals recommend that wine should ideally be preserved at a humidity level of around 60 percent. A regulated humidity between 50 to 80 percent is considered safe for storing wines without causing damage. Conversely, extremely damp conditions can promote the growth of mould in the wine. Though a properly sealed wine usually remains unaffected, but the moisture can damage the wine labels.

Turn off the lights

Light, especially sunlight, can cause a potential problem in the process of storing wines for a long term. The sun’s harmful Ultra Violet rays can degrade the quality of the wine and cause it to prematurely age. That is why wines are always kept inside tinted glass bottles. Tinted glass bottles filter the sun rays and keep the wines fresh and flavourful.

Refrain from shaking the wine

Several theories about wine preserving suggest that shaking the wine bottle too often might tamper with the taste of the wine. Significant vibrations like vibrations caused by electronic devices could possibly unravel the sediments collected in older wines and keep them from settling, potentially making the wine taste unpleasantly gritty.

Manner of keeping the wine

Experts state that wine bottles should ideally be kept in a horizontal position. Traditionally, wine bottles are stored tilted on their sides in order to keep the liquid up against the cork, which againwould prevent the cork from drying out.Horizontal racks for keeping the wine bottles is a space-efficient way to store them, and definitely the easy handling of the bottles without dropping. The wine cellar manufacturers offer a wide variety of wine cellars with wooden and metal racks that can be customized to suit your taste and budget.


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