Samsung’s great Smart TVs can now flow Amazon Music 1

Samsung’s great Smart TVs can now flow Amazon Music

Samsung has launched a much-asked replacement for an expansion of its Smart TVs, bundling aid for Amazon Prime Music, as well as some of the miscellaneous computer virus fixes and stability enhancements.

The Prime Music TV utility, which’s available for all of Samsung’s 2015, 2016, and 2017 Smart TV fashions, lets you access your library, browse playlists, and track into algorithmically-generated radio stations.

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This isn’t the first time that Amazon has worked with Samsung to convey certainly one of its digital offerings to the firm’s excessive-stop Smart TVs, though. Prime Video has been listed on Smart Hub for so long, as we will keep in mind.

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Samsung has been the market’s leading Smart TV producer for the past decade, made feasible with the aid of some of the in-house improvements, inclusive of Quantum Dot panels and its all-new HDR10 Plus technology.

Hold up! What’s Amazon Prime Music?

For the ones unaware, Prime Music is an on-demand music-streaming platform that comes bundled with Amazon’s £7. Ninety-nine-per-month Prime subscriptions, alongside Prime Video and free one-day shipping.

Samsung puts Amazon Music into smart TVs


Samsung Electronics has integrated Amazon Music into its smart TVs; the business enterprise has introduced. Those who own clever TVs released since 2015 and are Amazon Music subscribers in the US, the United Kingdom, Germany, Austria, Italy, and Spain can get right of entry to Amazon Music’s streaming services thru Samsung’s Smart Hub. They can browse suggestions, playlists, stations, and libraries directly on their TV using Samsung’s One Remote. Amazon Music will also be available on Samsung audio gadgets consisting of soundbars and hi-fi audio systems. Samsung is beefing up streaming content on its smart TVs. Amazon Prime Video is already available, and the 2 are taking part in rolling out HDR10 Plus motion pictures.


Samsung additionally installed Facebook’s video app into its TV lineup in February. Samsung is planning to launch its personal AI speaker sometime next 12 months. Music content is a massive draw for AI audio system; Kakao Mini, chat massive Kakao’s AI speaker, gives Melon track streaming. LG’s AI speaker, ThinQ Hub, will get seek massive Naver’s track streaming carrier. Samsung is making plans to make all its smart home equipment feature clever features, together with AI or voice recognition, by using 2020.

To tackle this, Samsung added the One Remote remaining yr as a therapy-it-all remedy. The 2017 version has made the faraway easier with one home button that controls all functions and accompanying TV User Interface (UI), and strength-upped voice command that the business enterprise says will permit customers to use their clever TVs to their complete capacity.


With the creation of the One Remote manipulate, Smart Hub 2.0’s UI has been altered to suit the easy up, down, left, proper menu interface.

“It took two years of negotiations with content material vendors to get agreements on the concept we had in mind,” said Minsup Kim, product manager for QLED TV and the One Remote manipulate of Samsung’s Visual Display (VD) division, in an interview at Samsung’s headquarters in Suwon, south of Seoul. “For example, content companies can request how their logos are exposed on screen with different trademarks.”

“On the technological side, as set-pinnacle companies have their very own protocol, expertise them [is] continually a project. We leverage our global community to negotiate with content material companies and at the identical time worked without regional places of work to accumulate information from neighborhood set-pinnacle carriers,” stated Kim.

The idea of the One Remote and a matching UI that shows all content began again in 2011. It materialized in mid-2015, earlier than the first version of the prevalent far-flung released in 2016. “One domestic button that may collect all those icons in a single display screen with seamless manage, as a provider, we believe is a large breakthrough. A huge hurdle for purchasers [is] to navigate bulletin or app-style menus; I assume having conquered that is an innovation in terms of service.”

Jiyoung Song, who developed the Smart View that permits smartphones to manipulate Smart Hub 2.0, said several returned-give-up paintings took them longer to complete. Smart Hub 2.0 now reads the set-top linked to its HDMI 1, 2, three, and four without delay while hooked and tactics to expose reachable content on-display.

“We can expectantly say we cowl over 90 percent of current set-up bins. We can set up those contents on an international scale,” he said. The One Remote has been put in as a UI in Smart View. Smart Voice can be used on Smart View much like with the manipulate. Smart View turned into previously fragmented; distinct versions of apps for extraordinary yearly models had been required. But today’s Smart View methods all of the UIs of TVs made after 2011.


 Smart TV
Samsung believes voice command — its Smart Voice — is the pleasant supplement to its One Remote and will permit consumers to cut via navigating menus to attain the content material they want at once. More and more functions are on a TV, inclusive of VOD, live-streaming, apps, and internet connectivity. This is where voice recognition comes in, consistent with Jihye Chung, at the Smart Voice engine rate. The microphone is within the faraway control and is activated via the urgent voice button.

“Our goal for this 12 months’ voice command becomes to have it cowl all features of the TV, which it does, and decrease the ‘intensity’ of the technique,” stated Chung. “Our 2017 Smart Voice for this 12 months permits you to reduce through the techniques and visit the content material you need directly.”

Research carried out in 2015 by Samsung Consumer Experience Lab, or CX Lab, at Silicon Valley and UX Group at Seoul R&D Campus, found that there has been an upward trend of extra active use of voice command. But it becomes additionally observed that clients did not recognize that some of the features they use far-flung manipulation for can be accomplished greater effortlessly. Secondly, they failed to recognize what to mention as a voice command.

“Old habits die tough. Our research shows that the elderly rarely use voice commands. Another regular grievance — which I guess will constantly be there — is they wish their TVs might realize what they are announcing better,” stated Chung.

Using its big records base, to be even improved also going forward, the recognition capability of Smart Voice has been progressed. There is likewise now a personal guide that explains a way to use the characteristic.

Like last year’s version, via Smart Voice, customers can pass at once to the channel they want by saying the channel’s variety or name. This yr’s model allows consumers to mention a style to display associated TV shows. Surfing thru set-pinnacle packing containers also can be performed through voice.

“You can say the wide variety to manipulate volume, stated Julia Yoingjoo Lee, product manager for Smart Voice. “You can move at once to the placing menu, configure modes, and execute contextual instructions which include agenda, say, ‘turn off the TV in three hours.'”

When the purchaser needs extra preference, they could say greater intuitive instructions, including “display me sports channel,” and will have the TV display all relevant channels for the client to say the subsequent command, she stated.

“If there may be a characteristic that is definitely greater convenient with voice command however the user attempts to apply the faraway control button, the TV will display at the lowest of the display screen that a less complicated voice command is to be had,” she stated.


Personalized voice commands are a possibility for the future, consistent with DK Bae, who is in a rate of Smart Voice apps. This will permit the faraway or TV to perceive the speaker and configure settings or limit the navigation scope, including stopping children from reaching person content material.

“Personalization requires the login. But using voice, you can have it come across who the speaker is, that’s technologically not that tough,” stated Bae. “There are some hurdles how properly voice recognition reads utterance or the instructions themselves, however having it stumble on exceptional voices isn’t always that hard. We are preparing and may release this as a provider at a later date, however not this year.”

Samsung changed into new technologies from artificial intelligence and machine studying, but there’s a need for broader and deeper research on how people use voice instructions. “Our research confirmed that distinctive people used the equal word for exclusive meanings. Someone can say a superstar’s name [to look] for a buying web page with the person’s catalog. Somebody else might be looking for this system he or she is on,” said Chung.

Recently leaked documents from Wikileaks say CIA and MI5 examined whether they can use undercover agents on Samsung clever TVs thru malware established through USB. The targeted fashions had been the ones of 2012 and 2013, and physically linked USBs were needed to set up the malicious software program. Patches since then have outdated the hacking techniques defined in the file, the development crew said.

Samsung also eliminated the camera and the microphone from their TVs on the ultimate yr’s model. The selection to have the microphone as a press-to-command at the remote control was strictly out of convenience, the improvement team said.


On Monday, Samsung announced that its Bixby voice interface, to make its debut at the Galaxy S8, could be implemented to all of its gadgets going ahead.

The smart TV development team said the VD department changed into operating closely with other divisions such as mobile to unify the logo and enjoy one platform. “We do have plans; however, we can communicate again in a year,” stated Chung, without supplying similar information.

Whether or not voice popularity will update the far-off totally, Samsung’s smart TV group remains skeptical, notwithstanding new technology. “There are so many, many greater peripheral gadgets that connect with the TV, [and their] functions are extra easily accessed the use of the remote manipulate,” stated Song.

Voice reputation turned into convenient whilst a person’s eyes are stuck on something else. The collaborated research utilizing UX Group confirmed and can be used because of the favored preference for a few customers for positive features of the TV. Whether it’s far off, voice command, or phone, the vital factor turned into having each desired method to be had.

“Each has special advantages. Voice and far away you may use together whilst searching from the display screen. Smartphone, via Smart View, requires you to have a look at the display screen. So it surely comes down to a desire of the purchaser. All 3 may be used together or one after the other to allow the patron to attain the content material in the fine way possible,” said Song.