Ex-nation lawyer popular accused of violating ethics policies in Bellingham rape case 1

Ex-nation lawyer popular accused of violating ethics policies in Bellingham rape case

This week, a Whatcom County prosecutor Alienation caused former Washington national Attorney General Rob McKenna of “blatantly” violating professional legal ethics for statements McKenna made to a nearby radio station about his client in a rape case.

Bellingham man arrested for rape after a night of drinking | Bellingham Herald

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This month prosecutors charged Tyler Eugene Ryan, 36, a govt director of financial offerings at Multop Financial, with raping a teenage babysitter in 2015. The girl told police she froze and tried to scream, but he overpowered her, including her mouth, and raped her. The girl told police she froze and tried to call, but he beat her, including her mouth, and raped her. She reported recently that she alleged that Ryan made unwanted advances on a fall night at his house in Bellingham.

She became 13.

According to the lady’s record, when Ryan dropped her off at her residence, he warned her: “If you inform every person about this, you’ll regret it.” She did now not babysit for him again.

Police booked Ryan into jail remaining week on suspicion of 2nd-degree rape and intimidating a witness, a felony. He pleaded not responsible Friday.

In the intervening time, one in every of Ryan’s attorneys, McKenna, instructed nearby radio station KGMI he’s confident Ryan may be vindicated, in part due to the fact he passed a polygraph test and due to how a good deal of time handed earlier than the document became made, in keeping with the station’s on-line story at the arrest.

A deputy prosecutor, Eric Richey, countered in a courtroom motion that McKenna had ignored that Ryan failed a polygraph check on the Whatcom County Sheriff’s Office. The bills Ryan surpassed were paid for through his protection.

“Lie detectors” were widely criticized as misguided. “Lie detectors” were widely criticized as misguided. As a general rule, polygraph test effects aren’t admissible in a courtroom in Washington country. The country’s Rules of Professional Conduct coach legal professionals not to publicize details about evidence that is probably inadmissible at trial.

“As the former Washington State Attorney General, Mr. McKenna ought to know higher than to make extrajudicial statements to KGMI in violation of RPC three.6,” Richey wrote in his motion. “The entire media stunt was designed to prejudice the kingdom’s case in opposition to the defendant and probably shake the sufferer’s self-assurance.”

McKenna, a Republican, was elected lawyer standard in 2004. He lost a race for governor against Jay Inslee in 2012. McKenna hasn’t held public office because. He did now not respond to a request for a remark this week.

The defense legal professional of the file, David Allen, advised the prosecutor that McKenna isn’t on the criminal case. However, Ryan, McKenna’s customer, ordered that they’re “running carefully together on this,” according to Richey’s movement. The prosecutor requested a decision to restrict McKenna and Allen from spreading exposure that could prejudice a jury, or he would try to find a trade of venue.