Samsung may be running on a Star Wars-themed Galaxy Note8


Samsung has carried out superhero-themed telephones but with the Galaxy Note8, it may department out into space opera. The BB-8 bot had a cameo in promo materials centered on upcoming improvements to the Bixby AI assistant.

Before you get too excited, the telephone does now not appear modified in any manner. No Batman logo, no Avengers color schemes. At best it looks like a topic. Samsung

Last week we heard approximately another Star Wars-themed cellphone – a OnePlus 5T. Seems like a famous preference, even though we assume both of these will watch for the most appropriate of The Last Jedi (December 15), if these devices exist in any respect.

Still, Samsung does make a vacuum but with typhoon trooper and even Darth Vader skins, so why no longer a Galaxy Note8?

Is Samsung about to launch a Star Wars: The Last Jedi-themed Note 8?Galaxy

Hollywood’s iciness blockbuster season is almost upon us and this yr’s slate is dominated by the next installment in a certain sci-fi franchise set in a galaxy a long way, a long way away.

As anticipated, Disney is already lining shop shelves with Star Wars: The Last Jedi merchandise in time for the vacations (really although, who may want to probably say no to a Borg cuddly toy?), and now it seems like Samsung is also trying to cash-in on the hype with a restricted edition Galaxy Note 8 with unique Star Wars-themed functions.


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The rumor stems from a photogra

ph shared by using Chinese leaker “Ice Universe” which shows a widespread-looking Note eight sporting wallpaper providing the collection’ spherical droid, BB-eight. Other than that, there’s little or no to head on and the alleged tool doesn’t seem to carry another Star Wars-associated branding or design quirks.

While we’ll need to watch for a legitimate assertion to be sure, it wouldn’t be that sudden to see Samsung embracing the methods of the pressure with a special edition smartphone, because the South Korean giant has worked with Disney on some of the comparable tasks in recent years.

Most currently, Samsung launched a reasonably bland Pirates of the Caribbean-themed Galaxy S8 in China, however, its partnership with the House of Mouse become at its nice in 2015 with the launch of the stunning Iron Man Galaxy S6 Edge.

If there’s a Star Wars Note 8 on the horizon I genuinely desire it isn’t as stupid as just an ordinary Note eight with a bunch of branded wallpapers and ringtones. There’s an S-Pen right there that’s simply begging to become a sparkling lightsaber. Come on, Samsung.

As the oldsters at SamMobile word though, the advent of BB-8 can also just have been Samsung’s cheeky manner of advertising its new synthetic intelligence platform because the logo for Bixby may be spotted alongside the render. Little is know about the device, which appears to be dubbed Galaxy AI UX, early speculation suggests it may make its debut at the Galaxy S9.

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