Samsung Galaxy S8 assessment: The great looking smartphone ever made 1

Samsung Galaxy S8 assessment: The great looking smartphone ever made



Here’s an excellent of telephone layout that manufacturers have been aiming for for the reason that iPhone in 2007. It looks as if a single piece of glass, without any bodily buttons or outside casing. Instead, its face is singularly ruled through a glowing, without boundary lines show.

Practical barriers have made this kind of tool difficult. Even on nowadays’s iPhone 7, the display only takes up two-thirds of the floor vicinity – main to lots of wasted area.

Step ahead Samsung’s Galaxy S8, and its larger brother the S8+. The revealed final month

the S8 is the closest component yet to that futuristic vision of an all-screen phone. Just as importantly, it’s far very quite: almost inarguably the first-class-searching phone ever made.Galaxy

The Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+
The Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ CREDIT: REUTERS
But at £689 and up, it’s also jaw-droppingly highly-priced. That fee tag, in addition to Samsung’s recent exploding smartphone debacles, means the S8 wishes desperately to impress.


The S8’s key characteristic is what Samsung calls the “infinity display screen”, which curves across the facet of the device. It’s a mild tweak on the edge displays featured in some preceding Samsung telephones, the main difference being that the corners are rounded.

The display screen is also taller, with the typical 16:9 element ratio stretched out to 18.Five: nine. This means Samsung has managed to fit five.8-inch and six.2-inch monitors into the rather svelte designs of the S8 and S8+ respectively.

A couple of caveats to that – it includes the curve of the display screen, so isn’t a like-for-like contrast with a flat panel, and the longer display is not usually fully utilized.

While the lengthy screen is extremely good for scrolling through Facebook, in case you’re looking Netflix or YouTube films shot in sixteen:9, you have got the option of a letterboxed view with black bars on the aspect or expanding the video so the top and bottom are cut off.


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Samsung Galaxy S8 comparison
When watching movies, you’ve got the selection of letterboxing (above) or cutting off the pinnacle and backside (under) CREDIT: YOUTUBE/VEVO
The show itself, but, is wonderful – Samsung says it’s far the primary to be licensed as “Mobile HDR Premium”, meaning better colors, darker blacks, and brighter whites.


Samsung has done its exceptional to dispose of the regions above and beneath the S8’s show. The home button is still there however is now contained inside the display screen – press it and also you get a clicky response from the stress sensor beneath the show as you’ll a physical button. The other Android buttons – for going lower back and starting recent apps – at the moment are a part of the touchscreen.

Because of that long display, the S8 feels particularly tall and narrow. The upside of that: it fits in your pocket easily. The downside: It may be hard to attain the pinnacle of the display screen. Generally, although, it feels comfy in your hand.

The S8 fits quite simply on your hand
The S8 fits with ease in your hand CREDIT: JAMES TITCOMB
The fingerprint sensor, as soon as a part of the house button, is moved to the lower back of the phone, which ends up in one of my largest issues with the S8.

The fingerprint scanner isn’t always located lifeless centre at the rear panel, due to the fact that’s wherein the S8’s digicam sits. Instead, it’s shoved subsequent to the digital camera, and as a end result, you continuously emerge as putting your grubby digits over the lens for the primary few days till you get used to it. The sensor is also a vertical rectangle as opposed to a circle, which seems neater however isn’t perfect for popping your fingertip on.

All that said, after a week’s use I’ve emerged as plenty greater acquainted with the scanner’s region, so it turns into much less of a difficulty over time.

The S8 has a fingerprint sensor at the back

The S8 has a fingerprint sensor at the again CREDIT: JAMES TITCOMB
The desirable information is if you’re not keen on the fingerprint scanner, you’ve got options. The S8 has the iris recognition first added within the doomed Note 7, and facial recognition for the first time. Galaxy S8

Both are easy to install and work reasonably nicely (even though facial popularity can be a chunk temperamental as well as a safety trouble) however the essential flaw with each is that you need to attitude the smartphone’s front digicam within the course of your face. I’ve observed myself quite plenty ignoring them both and counting on the fingerprint scanner.


Samsung has very sturdy opposition inside the camera stakes from each the iPhone 7 and Google Pixel, but the S7’s changed into already great, so Samsung has achieved the clever element and not messed with it an excessive amount of it’s the same 12MP sensor on the again and 8MP on the front.

The predominant distinction the agency has touted is “multi-body photograph processing”, because of this the camera software takes 3 photographs and stitches them together to create the pleasant one.

Galaxy S8 Photos have an extraordinary degree of element Samsung Galaxy

Photos have a first-rate degree of element
Whatever the manner, the outcomes are clearly brilliant. Pictures are precise and seize light well, although I found there was a moderate tendency to over-saturate close-u.S.Of pets and human faces. But the S8 stands up certainly nicely to the Pixel and iPhone – and at this point, there’s very little difference between the 3 of them.

The S8’s camera app, via the way, has a large array of alternatives. A Pro mode helps you to regulate options like white stability and ISO, and there are a few barely bizarre beautification options for selfies that make your eyes seem larger, your face slimmer and skin smoother.

And because it’s 2017, there are a number of Snapchat-style lenses.


Samsung’s downfall has by no means been its phones’ hardware, but the nerve-racking way it implements Android. Users have complained that its phones were packed with bloatware: useless functions and undesirable apps.

The Note 7 tamed some of these instincts closing year, with a cleaned-up interface that has happily been carried over to the S8, and there’s no evidence of overall performance being affected – the cellphone is pretty zippy. I have a tendency to paste to Google’s apps on Android, so the huge wide variety of Samsung duplicates is a bit aggravating, but it isn’t tough to uninstall them and transfer to Google in your defaults.

Besides, a variety of Samsung’s Android tweaks nowadays are simply first-rate. The Edge Panels – the drawer which you get entry to by way of swiping from the proper hand side of the display screen – are very useful for fast locating apps or contacts. The usually on screen, which suggests the time, battery lifestyles and notifications even if the smartphone is locked, divides opinion, however, I discover it very elegant.

Samsung has made numerous the potential to cut up-screen with the S8, which is not a brand new characteristic but is in concept extra useful in light of its longer display screen. Personally, I’ve in no way been in a situation wherein I need to be multitasking on a phone, so I’m now not certain this is a huge selling point.


The other huge software program exchange at the S8 is Bixby, Samsung’s new synthetic intelligence assistant-slash-interface. The idea at the back of Bixby is that it will likely be a much more capable, integrated assistant than Siri or Google Assistant, capable of sporting out duties like sending photographs inside an app in addition to integrating reminders and so on.

You open the Hello Bixby display screen, which carries a feed of reminders, news, calendar events and so forth, via swiping right from the home display. The S8 additionally has a dedicated Bixby button underneath the volume controls on the left-hand aspect, to prompt the voice assistant.

That’s now not all – there’s additionally the Bixby camera, which makes use of artificial intelligence to recognize pix (point it at a landmark and it’ll inform you what it is, factor it at a can of coke and it’ll send you to Amazon to shop for one), in addition, to transcribe or translate a text.

The Galaxy S8 Hello Bixby display screen

The Hello Bixby display screen
The size is that Bixby’s only half equipped. The maximum interesting component – voice manipulate – isn’t to be had in the UK or US at release, so it’s impossible to really check it. The Bixby digital camera looks as if one of these smart technology which might be probably no longer going for use lots within the real world, while the Hello Bixby display is essentially a much less-beneficial version of Google’s equivalent.

Getting the high-quality out of Bixby will depend in large part on buying into Samsung’s manner of doing matters – the use of its calendar apps, reminders and so on – as opposed to the competing Google ones that take a seat on Android. It’s an Apple-style landgrab that I’m now not certain will play out that nicely.

What else you ought to recognize

Battery lifestyles on the smaller S8 are barely above par: enough to get you through the day, however, an overnight live without charging your cellphone may spark a piece of hysteria. Like most present day Android telephones, it costs over USB-C, and there’s wi-fi charging when you have charging pad. The S8+, being larger, has a better-potential battery.
Unlike the iPhone 7 or HTC U and contrary to some rumors in advance, there’s a headphone jack. The phone is likewise bundled with a complete quality pair of in-ear AKG headphones.
The telephone comes with 64GB of garage, however, it also supports MicroSD cards as much as 256GB
I reviewed the “Midnight Black” model. In the United Kingdom, the phone also is available in a very first-rate “Orchid Grey”.
The S8 is IP68 water and dirt resistant, so it is able to without difficulty live in everyday accidents like being dropped inside the tub.

Samsung has been bold with the Galaxy S8. After the nightmare that becomes the Note 7, it had to be. The end result is a brilliantly-designed cellphone that sets a brand new widespread for what telephones should look like in 2017.

There are flaws. The placement of the fingerprint scanner is a bit fiddly and its sensible assistant Bixby is 1/2-baked. But I’m inclined to overlook them for what’s a fantastic tool that’s a pride to apply.

Arguably, at £689 for the S8 and £779 for the S8+, it should be almost best. The most inexpensive version prices £ninety more than both Google’s Pixel or the iPhone 7, that are both awesome phones.

Unless you’re a Google purist, I’m minded to endorse the S8 over the Pixel, and contact it the pleasant Android telephone you can purchase.

Whether you need to plump for it over the iPhone relies upon on what facet of the Apple/Android line you sit. But actually, as a piece of hardware, the S8 is unparallelled.