How is voice search converting your SEO approach? 1

How is voice search converting your SEO approach?

Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Siri – they may be amusing matters proper now, however,

The voice is fast becoming the destiny of seeking. Your modern search engine optimization (SEO) strategies might not be enough to get your content material to the pinnacle of the pile.

With voice, the pinnacle of the pile is quite a lot wherein you need to be.

Preparing for voice seek


I am presently reading an ebook from Brian Dean referred to as “The Definitive Guide to search engine optimization in 2018.” As a content material marketer, SEO continues to be very a lot pinnacle of mind, and whilst the tried and proper methods are still important for a robust website ranking, there’s something else that has caught my interest that may exchange the manner I do a number of my search engine optimization – voice seek and digital assistants.

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A few stats that Dean offers in his ebook:

forty% of adults perform at the least one voice seek every day (supply)
Voice searches performed in Google are up 35x because 2008 (supply)
20% of all searches on mobile are voice searches (supply)

Dean disagrees that voice seek is the subsequent huge aspect of search engine marketing. However, he does believe there is stuff you need to do to optimize for voice because it’s far being used more regularly. The apparent component is to ensure you rank on the first web page of SERPs. You’ll additionally want to get your content proven in Google’s featured snippet, and you have to be writing content material around a specific question and its answer.

Dean isn’t the simplest one sharing those insights. I had a threat to speak with Carolyn Lyden, search engine marketing Manager at CallRail, and she provided me with a few honest steering on how you could optimize for voice seek. Much of her guidance became in keeping with Dean’s points above.

Let’s begin with Google’s cell-first index.


Google is the procedure for creating a mobile-first index. What this means is that Google will crawl the internet from the perspective of a cellular smartphone. Having a responsive internet site is now strongly recommended, said Lyden, so all of your content is properly listed and ranks properly. If your website isn’t always responsive, your ranking will probably fall. Not something you need to take place.

Lyden also endorsed optimizing your web page for velocity.

Identify the questions your customers want to be answered.

Lyden jogged my memory of the times when AskJeeves become famous. People might go to the website online and kind in a complete question. Then Google arrived, and we were retrained to go looking in a one-of-a-kind manner – with key phrases and phrases. With voice seek, Lyden stated we’re shifting back to the AskJeeves technology.

Think approximately that – while you need to realize something, you ask Siri, or Alexa, or Google Home a real question, and you get an answer.

Your undertaking is to determine the unique questions your customers are asking and increase content that solutions to the one’s questions. We’re not speaking approximately product content, but helpful, notion management content that people will want to study to get their query responded to. Lyden said this requires a focus on long-tail queries, now not keywords. In case you paintings this manner, she stated you might be able to pull out the main key phrases you need.

Get featured in the featured snippet.

If you need your content material to be the solution to a voice seek with Google Home, you want to have your content show up in that Featured Snippet because’s w that Google uses as its answer. Lyden said a variety of human beings don’t just like the Featured Snippet because you don’t get the click thru for your internet site; however, with voice search, this is where you want to be. Remember, while you do a voice search, the handiest one answer is, again, no longer a list. Number two isn’t proper sufficient.

To get your content within the featured snippet, you need to solve the query requested in the seeking. Google selects the pinnacle to answer a mixture of relevance and recognition (and its top-secret algorithms). But sometimes, there isn’t an amazing answer to expose. In this example, Google might look for content material this is closest and based to reveal what content material it gives absolutely. So you may need to start looking at schema markup and structured content.

Don’t chase the algorithm.


Probably Lyden’s high-quality advice is to no longer chase the algorithm. Yes, you need to apprehend what Google is doing and how changes will affect your rating; however, as Lyden pointed out, SEO will always be a shifting target, just with the equal end intention – getting the proper information to humans.

If your recognition on developing content material that answers questions, you will do it properly. If you don’t already, set up a blog on your internet site, or create an FAQ section. Create non-promotional content. This is written in a conversational tone that your clients and market need to study. Focus your content on key places within the funnel wherein questions get asked.

All of the above calls for which you apprehend your customer and the purchase journey. We will continually pass back to the ones essential things.

My take

Two things to help enhance your potential to assist voice search are reports in Google Analytics and the Search Console. Neither offers aid yet, but it’s far coming. The ability to recognize what human beings are looking for on your internet site when they may be using voice search lets you apprehend the kind of questions your content needs to answer.

Voice seek is not just a B2C search engine marketing mission; B2 B agencies will discover it similarly tough to rank properly enough to get to the top of the pile.

It would be precise to see equipment that might tell you the most asked questions for a selected topic and who ranks satisfactory for those in phrases of voice seek. We might also see SEO tools build that stage of capability into their solutions, but we’re probably ways far from seeing it.