Is Technology Stealing The Quality Of Your Life? 1

Is Technology Stealing The Quality Of Your Life?

Let me be clear from the outset – I am not against technology, change, AI, transformation, or the steps we take into the future. Also, I’m sure lots of you may take difficulty with some of my points that comply with – take into account – the fact isn’t what you or I suppose it’s far but – what it’s miles. But allow me additionally be clear that I believe that no longer all of those advances will enhance humanity’s capacity to cope with many of its middle troubles together with; struggle, separation, loneliness, uncertainty, choice-making, inner peace, fear, the want for love and attractiveness, the life that means and reason.



Trust me – your brand new iPhone model, Facebook connection, and iPad app are not going to clear up your issues of patience. They want for control, stressors, but permit me to bet – at this point, I have misplaced a large percent of people who started analyzing this article and realized that I am out of touch, residing inside the past, or simply don’t get it? For you, oldsters test lower back with me in a few years and permit’s chat approximately how era has improved your normal lifestyles and its essential dreams, needs, and demanding situations. For the rest of you who have an open mind, allow me a percentage of what I believe are the positives in addition to the negatives of our slow addiction to any device or generation in preferred that we sense is crucial for our life and the remaining success of our human purpose on the planet.

The age-vintage questions for lots of years that have nonetheless not been replied – in which did we come from, why are we right here and in which are we going nevertheless plague most of the humanity and but every yr an increasing number of technological progress is made.

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Yes, an era may make some treatment plans extra a hit and fast, improve transportation, and our capacity to extra speedy take hold of facts this is vital and precious. But recollect – strain continues to be increasing, the divorce rate is similar to it was inside the ’50s. “Or, how approximately suicide costs among those 35 to 64 years antique they have extended 28 percentage (32 percent for girls, 27 percentage for men). The fines will increase in suicide costs had been among people elderly 50 to fifty-four years (48 percentage) and fifty-five to fifty-nine years (49 percentage).

Why? There are greater technology and facts available nowadays than at any time in history. Isn’t it helping? How about weight problems – more than one in adults and almost one in six kids are overweight or overweight these days. Adult obesity quotes are maximum inside the United States. Obesity quotes are projected to grow dramatically through 2030. Got an iPhone to be able to solve that?

Let me upload earlier than I forget about what I agree with is a vital component – one of the maximum vital things vital for the fulfillment, happiness, and inner peace is not data. However, knowledge and, yes, information is a precious contributor to expertise; however, if you depend best on it – ultimately, your statistics will now not gain you, however, make contributions to your lifestyle chaos.

At this factor, you may suppose I’m terrible, but irrespective of where you look – in some section of society generation might also have many advantages. Still, it is not solving many of lifestyles’ critical troubles, and trust me, it never will.

There are more books, YouTube segments, motivational speakers, psychiatrists, lifestyles coaches to be had these days than at any time in history and but we nonetheless have among the identical problems human beings have faced for years consisting of; impatience and the way it results in strain and then demise, battle and how it leads to separation and loneliness, worry and how it contributes to illness, uncertainty and trade and how they lead to lack of confidence.

Had enough of the negatives? I recognize I have. So, Tim, what’s the point of this article – what are you attempting to mention? Glad you asked. Let me briefly share what I trust are the fundamental causes and a few easy answers.

Before I do, however, I want to move on file – all through my profession, I was a huge recommend and supporter of books and studies with the aid of some of the arena’s most dependent on futurists, fashion setters, and thinkers who were sharing their perception, research, and wisdom with the world.

There are a few fundamental human desires which have now not modified for heaps of years and are nonetheless applicable these days – in no order here are only a few – the want for control, the choice for attractiveness, solutions to several existence’s essential questions, the concern of uncertainty, the priority of battle and its impact and the want for connection. Yes, there are others but let’s, in brief, discuss these as they relate to the generation and its advantages and or drawbacks to handling those.

Ever been to a social media website and seen a vintage flame, friend, or pal who was now extra a hit, wealthier, better searching, or more linked or famous than you? How did you feel – glad, green with envy, sad, jealous – something else?

Ever received an email or text from a person wanting to quit dating?

Ever gotten lost purpose, your GPS female became in a horrific mood? Just kidding. However, I’m certain you get my point. Yes, a generation has and could preserve to remedy many existence’s challenges and wishes because it keeps enhancing. Still, my query is really – are you letting it replace the human detail in your existence, relationships, profession, or commercial enterprise?


Do you spend extra time on your iPad, iPhone, or computer, or latest technology gadgets than you do speaking with or to – friends, partner, employees, children, customers, or friends? Statistics now say that the average individual spends between 6-9 hours an afternoon looking at a display screen!!! I’ll permit that speak for itself.

So, the solution – only a quick observe some things to bear in mind.

Words are vital – Mark Twain once said, “if there’s no malice for your coronary heart, there can’t be malice for your phrases.” Words are counted – those you assert to others and the ones you assert to yourself.

The intent is essential – There are varieties of purpose – actual cause and said the reason. Know the distinction? A simple one is what you are saying, and the other is what you do.

Beliefs are the inspiration – Everything making a decision, do, say, feel and feature or don’t is the result of your foundation of beliefs. If you want something in life to exchange – you need to start there.

Validation or self – People who make existence approximately carrier to others have a more effect on society than the world of “selfies.”

Gratitude vs. Ego – People who come into existence with gratitude and appreciation stay longer and are healthier than those who do not.

Everything is belief and mindsets – No one seems at something the same. Everything you suspect, trust, sense, determine is driven using your intellectual interpretation (belief) of others, circumstances, and existence.

Closeness and connection – Yes, solitude is valuable, but nobody wants to spend all of their time separated from others. We all need, once in a while or greater often, to feel the human touch.

Humility is the difference – You will never be the first-rate looking, smartest, maximum clever, best, wealthiest, and so forth—the person inside the room. Yes, maybe every so often, but it’ll all depend on which room you are in.

Conflict is ordinary – Why? Because all of us have our personal non-public version of – proper and incorrect, properly and terrible, smart or stupid and so on.

Change is regular – Change has been happening for over a hundred and fifty million years, and it will never stop. But don’t forget, it is occurring faster and faster each day as we move into the future, and this trend will now not give up.

Uncertainty is anywhere – not anything is certain. Oswald Chambers once stated, “The only component in lifestyles this is positive is its uncertainty.” Period!

Fear is a choice – There are handiest emotions – love and worry. Love comes from a position of advantage, whilst fear comes from a position of poor.

Character subjects – Who you’re speaks so loudly and make approach greater than what you say.

And sooner or later, spirituality – You consider in God and higher electricity; otherwise, you don’t. But, let me ask you – what could the arena be like without better electricity governing human existence, progress, and behavior? Just appearance back over the past hundred years of all the evil that has existed. I ask you – if those human beings had been capable of dominating the arena – what do you think existence could be like nowadays?

How is the era improving the above? Think about it. Yes, Technology can make tremendous contributions to your life; however, are they the answer, or will we want something else to make sure that human relationships control the excellent of existence and no longer robotic wondering and appearing?


Yes, there are greater, and in case you want to turn out to be familiar with them and their effect on existence forever – spend some time using generation to analyze the outcomes of technology and exchange – you are probably amazed.