What are online forms? 1

What are online forms?

Online forms are good ways to gather information from anyone visiting your website. Like a normal form, it has different fields; the visitor can fill up all the details which would come up directly to the company. Things like inquiry, request, an online poll, and survey can be gathered through these forms, automatically stored in the database.

online forms

Why use an online form?

If you are a website owner, you can hire individual developers or go to websites such as https://aidaform.com/ that help create those forms. They are known as form builders who consider all your taste and preference and create a customized form as per your choice. The reasons to choose online forms are:

  1. They are cheaper as there is no need to print forms and waste papers and money.
  2. There is no wastage of time in this process. Information of various people can be collected just by a click.
  3. These forms are made custom-tailored so that you can change and create them as per your choice, depending on your need. As a survey, the form looks different from a general inquiry form.
  4. Internet forms are gaining popularity because they are easy to use, less time-consuming, and no lost data threat.
  5. The follow-up process is also easy, wherein you will get access to all the data entered by the visitor; you can call or e-mail the visitor to turn him into a potential client.
  6. The response rate would be much more as the number of people visiting the website would increase, and you will get much more business out of it.

How to create online forms using Form Builders?

Online form builders provide you with customized templates, themes, colors, and fonts, and you can create an online form all by yourself for your website. You do not need to have any technical knowledge for doing this. One such amazingly uncomplicated, do-it-yourself form building platform is Aidaform Online form builders. Why are they so amazing? Could you read the article to know about them?

Features of Aidaform Online form builders

The website’s simple features are easy to use make this online form builder the most useful for all website owners. The other features of this website include:

  1. The captcha anti-spam service makes sure that no spam is filled in the survey form.
  2. There are options to upload various media files if needed.
  3. There is a wide range of themes available for you to choose among
  4. All the responses or survey results are directly fed to Google sheet so that you can easily reach and modify data at any point in time.
  5. Connecting Aidaform to any other compatible app is easy and made simple by using Zapier.
  6. Importing e-mail addresses to send a newsletter, advertisement, or any other relevant information to the visitors is easy by using MailChimp.