Hundreds of HP computer fashions carry a deactivated keylogger 1

Hundreds of HP computer fashions carry a deactivated keylogger

A laptop programmer spotted some strange code in November even as seeking to manage a backlit keyboard on a Hewlett-Packard pc.

It was a keylogger — which it grew to become on using a hacker is capable of tracking each keystroke you type and keep this interest to a record. It’s a common hacking method used to scouse borrow passwords, as Google recently referred to in its year-long study on laptop protection.

N this situation, the code changed into not became on, but TechCrunch, although stated on programmer Michael Myng’s weblog post about locating the deactivated keylogger.

In his memo, Myng wrote that he notified HP of the presence of the keylogger presence.

deactivated keylogger

So, I messaged HP about the finding. They answered terrifically fast, confirmed the keylogger’s presence (which truly turned into a debug hint), and released an update that eliminates the trace.

My calls this piece of code a “debug hint,” a tool commonly used by software organizations to “hint” trouble or worm, suggesting this code wasn’t placed there with any malicious motive — both using HP or all and sundry else.

For HP users that need to rid their computer systems of this keylogger — have to a hacker gain physical get admission to their laptop and turn it on — HP’s fix (issued on Nov. 7) can be observed on their site here, together with a really long list of affected fashions.

In their repair, HP notes that an “ability protection vulnerability has been identified,” and HP has no “get admission to patron facts due to this issue.”

Mashable contacted HP for comment and could update this put up upon listening to again.

HP Has A Second Massive Security Flaw In Its Laptops



HP Has A Second Massive Security Flaw In Its Laptops



In May, we warned you of a massive, self-inflicted protection flaw, particularly a keylogger, in Hewlett Packard laptops because of a flaw in an audio motive force. Some other keylogger has become up, in much more considerable security trouble that reaches returned to 2012. So what is a keylogger, and why is that this occurring?


What’s a keylogger?: “Keyloggers” are applications that document every keystroke you enter into a computer. The remaining goal of keyloggers, when cybercriminals use them, is to acquire your username, passwords, and other statistics to drain your bank money owed. However, they can also be used for blackmail if you’ve got salacious chat logs or specifically embarrassing browser history.

Why does my Hewlett Packard computer have one? It turned into a chunk of software looking for you hitting a specific key in May. The hassle turned into determined within the software program that runs the PC’s touchpad this time around. Michael Ming’s said Michael Ming seems it was originally supposed as a back-of-the-scenes device to track bugs earlier than the computers have been released and actually in no way pulled out of the final software. When Ming contacted HP, they responded nearly right now with an update.

Am I at risk?: If you personal an HP pc from 2012 on, then sure, there’s a problem you’ll want to restoration. The correct news is that it seems this changed into disabled via default, however allowing it would have been pretty easy if you knew what to do inside the first area. The reality is that this is the second keylogger observed inside HP’s software program in less than 12 months; that’s in all likelihood to send white hat hackers crawling through the code not simply of HP laptops, however, others as properly.

How can I defend myself from flaws like this? The quick solution? Use Windows for the amusing stuff, and for work and privacy, use a distinctive running system including Ubuntu, although that offers itself with a whole new set of troubles. Hewlett Packard is hardly ever specific inside the tech industry for rushing products to market without looking at every ultimate bit of software program or thinking about its implications. For all we understand, this and far worse is lurking deep interior our laptops, and it, in reality, hasn’t been observed yet.

Using a laptop, any computer is an act of religion. We agree that the software is properly-written, that the corporation that built the laptop is honest, comfortable, and is aware of what it’s doing, and that our facts are protected. Most of the time, that religion is justified. But that it’s an increasing number of no longer is becoming a worrying fashion.

How to cast off the keylogger out of your HP pc

History appears to be repeating itself.

In May, researchers found that numerous HP laptops contained an audio driving force with a keylogger-type characteristic. Now, it seems there is yet any other keylogger embedded in a bit of HP software.

Although it wasn’t broadly suggested till these days, a Nov. 7 HP security bulletin discovered that a Synaptics touchpad driver has the ability to be used as a keylogger, main to a “local loss of confidentiality.”

Fortunately, in line with researcher Michael Ming, who observed the vulnerability even as searching at an HP pc’s keyboard-backlight settings, this logging is disabled by default. A hacker seeking to allow it might need to alter a Registry value, which can be executed only with User Account Control (UAC) get entry to.

Confirmed HP: “A party might need administrative privileges on the way to take benefit of the vulnerability.” The company’s bulletin also noted that “neither Synaptics nor HP has got right of entry to customer records due to this problem.”


I also wrote approximately HP’s fast movement upon getting to know the problem: “So, I messaged HP approximately the locating. They spoke back terrifically [sic] speedy, showed the presence of the keylogger (which surely became a debug trace), and launched a replace that removes the trace.”

Are you impacted?

To see in case your computer contains this unique driving force, check the fashions indexed on the HP Security Bulletin web page.

Thankfully, there is already an up to date driving force available that gets rid of the vulnerability. If you find your pc on the list, click on the corresponding hyperlink alongside it to download the new driver.

IT departments frequently use a keylogger to help troubleshoot community problems. Still, hackers will ever use them to seize touchy statistics, including words and credit score-card numbers.

As constantly, you should maintain your working machine up to date with the present-day protection patches, at the same time as at the equal time looking for patches out of your PC producer. At press time, HP had now not answered a request for remark concerning this trouble.