Best Open Source Platforms for eCommerce - What to Choose!? 1

Best Open Source Platforms for eCommerce – What to Choose!?

As extra customers flip to the computer and internet to shop, proper eCommerce platforms become paramount. As more corporations adopt a virtual shopfront for their products, they want for each person-pleasant, and customizable eCommerce structures are greater essential than ever.


If you’re making plans to release an eCommerce website or sell your products and services online, the primary issue to do is figure out an amazing eCommerce platform to build your internet site on. With a plethora of popularised and open supply options available, it turns tough to pick the high-quality feasible platform for an internet site that suits your business.

This article shall cowl the maximum famous eCommerce platforms- Magento, Open Cart, Zen Cart, and OsCommerce, examine their pros and cons, and help you select the first-rate to be had option, as per your needs. Let’s dive in!


Magento, a platform constructed using the Zent Framework, gives a bendy, effective and cost-effective solution for designing eCommerce Websites. Magento is to eCommerce, as WordPress is to blogging and content material control. The authentic website of Magento boasts a few exquisite clients along with Nike, Rovio, Oneida, and several other popular brands. It embodies all of the great functions essential for any eCommerce internet site, including catalog control, the purchasing cart, seeks, and other management features. Although Magento is valued powerful in preliminary funding phrases, the price of protection in a long time is pretty high compared to different structures. It gives a big capacity for customization. However, it calls for some technical know-how. Understanding CSS, MySQL, and PHP is wanted to make effective use of the software program.


OsCommerce, one of the oldest open supply eCommerce platforms available, has its very own percentage of benefits and boundaries. Being one of the oldest in the eCommerce domain, there are colossal benefits via the sizeable network produced over the past 12 years. Consisting of about 270000+ individuals, it is domestic to hundreds of professionals and developers that focus on the OsCommerce platform, thereby supplying you notable help in instances of need. Moreover, it carries a repository of over 7000 add-ons and numerous templates. OsCommerce is probably a veteran due to its years of enjoyment, but that makes it a piece dated compared to more recent options, which might be more electricity-packed and scalable.


Open Cart could be very effective. It turned into released in 2009 and is one of the most recent platforms amongst different famous selections. Despite being new, it has paved its manner to the market and has emerged as a height preference for eCommerce websites. The primary motive for that is its Order Management. You can sell a limitless wide variety of products, have unlimited classes and enforce numerous languages and currencies for the internet site. This presenting of multiple choices is what makes it the go-to via developers today. Open Cart is specifically useful while there’s a need to manipulate multiple shops through the one not unusual admin interface. Due to most of these functions, it gives an excessive ranking in SERPs. As in keeping with its internet site, Open Cart gives round 20+ Payment Gateways and 8+ Shipping Methods- an excellent function. However, with Open Cart, you must employ a web developer to ascertain a powerful use of the capabilities. As for the cons, the equal that comes with any new software program is legitimate right here. Since it is a highly newer platform, it has a smaller consumer base and confined documentation.



Zen Cart is your move-to platform if your focus is extra on purchaser management and advertising. The pleasant component about Zen Cart is the purchaser control functions it gives, which include discounts, promotional offers, present certificates, email order affirmation, and extra. However, in case you are not technologically sound, it’s going to be a piece of a conflict using Zen Cart. The software program itself is aimed in the direction of the advanced consumer base. If you don’t have any earlier experience with this platform, you shall discover that even the primary responsibilities such as installation, modifying templates, and greater are tedious and complicated. Thus, Zen Cart is a good alternative- if you are top at it. Even though the option is open supply and gives tremendous capabilities, you have to don’t forget this option handiest if you have employed a professional developer or recognize how to get across the software.

Study the Trends – A leaf through the Google Trends report of eCommerce structures can give a truthful idea approximately their reputation. OsCommerce has witnessed a decline in recognition because of 2011 and has no longer been able to make an effective comeback. No matter being a new participant in the sport, Open Cart has overpowered numerous previously installed giants in the eCommerce marketplace. It has been rising steadily ever given that its inception and has a bright future. Magento comes from the permitted eBay Store and has loved popularity ever, considering that due to the first-rate functions and customization. The extra popular the platform, the better it is. This is because extra famous systems have a bigger customer base, a larger developer base, and a large repository of topics, add-ons, and widgets.

Final Verdict

A look at all of the elements above will, without difficulty, show that there’s nobody-solution-suits-all about choosing the proper eCommerce platform in your website. We have decided upon two applicants that provide the most promising and versatile variety of capabilities and scalability. Our vote goes to Magento and Open Cart. We have labeled two one of a kind eventualities, wherein they, in my opinion, prove better over the opposite.

Scenario A: You own a big enterprise that goals selling of lots of products and has a huge customer base; you’re willing to rent an internet developer or professional to address the technicalities related to the platform; you’re looking forward to the huge amount of customization and vast network support. If the maximum of this is actual, then Magento is absolutely the first-rate preference.

Scenario B: You personal a small enterprise that targets promoting of some merchandise and doesn’t have a huge consumer base; you are not willing to spend money on hiring an internet developer and do not apprehend a whole lot of technical information using yourself; you decide upon a mild weight, easy to put in and ready to go software than one that is heavy and energy-packed. In this sort of scenario, Open Cart is your first-class bet.