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Land Management Software – The Future Is Bright


The first land control software programs have become available in the past due 1970’s. These structures have been constructed on IBM mainframes or the AS400 platform. Throughout the years, these systems died off and gave manner to PC based totally software that utilized structures like Clipper and dBase. These PC based totally systems had been brilliant due to the fact they did not require a massive investment in hardware and allowed smaller companies to utilize land management software.


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As PC land control software endured to evolve, the exceptional and opposition of products extended. Systems built in Microsoft Visual Basic have become established and stole lots of the market proportion from older structures. Because of the massive penetration of Visual Basic into custom software development, many users were used to the standard VB appearance-and-sense that became utilized in custom Visual Basic initiatives.

As the Internet revolution started out, land control software program began to evolve with it. The Oil and Gas Industry are gradual adopters of the latest generation, but by using the early 2000’s, net-primarily based packages were on the market. These early systems had been built by Oil and Gas professionals who noticed the need for the software, but they have been no longer software program improvement professionals. Because of that, lots of these early web-based software applications had been now not as polished as a professional software program corporation might create.

As net era became followed inside the Oil and Gas industry, greater net-based totally competitors emerged. These new structures had been constructed through professional software program organizations who located emphasis on ease of use, workflow, and consumer revel in. They additionally located a focus at the conversation component of land control and how the Internet may be utilized to deliver real-time updates from the field offices returned to headquarters.

At this juncture in time (circa 2011) we see land management software turning into greater clever and providing extra complicated capabilities and focusing extra on selection making gear for executives. Online mapping, once a luxurious, is now a requirement in a web-based totally machine. Many systems are also incorporating complicated parsing exercises to take criminal descriptions, each region calls and metes and bounds, and generate polygons at once from those. Also, the GIS structures are trying to address the mapping of 3-D separation of tracts and leases caused by vertical Pugh Clauses, a completely tough endeavor.

The Oil and Gas Industry appears to be moving far from smaller area agents towards large “mega-broker” companies. Because of this, the land control software program is having to conform. Adding in complex customizable workflow functionality permits these corporations to configure the software program to suit their approaches. With as many as five or six distinctive worker roles (e.G. Landman, title agent, leasing agent, land tech, lease analyst, assignment supervisor) touching each tract or rent, it’s critical to know whilst a handoff is going on and what project needs to be finished subsequent.

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The future for the land control software program is brilliant. The industry has recovered from the Great Recession and large leasing projects are back underneath manner and these tasks will retain to need a state-of-the-art software program to preserve them beneath manage. The wide variety of available software program applications has grown in range and the extended opposition has induced speedy development in lots of systems, that is fantastic news for absolutely everyone looking for land management software program.