WordPress Vs Blogspot Which one is perfect for you ?

Suppose you will create your blog but don’t understand which platform you have to use for your blog: Blogspot or WordPress. Don’t worry. We are here to remove your confusion.

WordPress and Blogspot are both the most popular platforms on the internet for blogging. Both can provide to make the blog easy, and both have different pros and cons. In the article, we compare both the blogging platforms Blogspot vs. WordPress to understand which platform is good for you easily.

WordPress Vs BlogspotWhat Is Your Blog Platform?

Before comparing WordPress vs. Blogspot, we have first to understand which type of platform is good for our blog. Let take a look at some important points:

  • Easy to use: The platform which provides us to easy for use, like for creating the blog, add content in the blog, make changes in the blog, and helps to grow the audience on the blog.
  • Ductility: The platform helps us use more features of the platform when the audience grows in the blog, and you can also add more features to your blog.
  • Make money: Everyone wants to make money online by their blog, and if you one of them, then choose the platform that provides the many options for monetization.
  • Support: You need to choose a platform that helps you to create a blog, design it, give new features to the blog and if you have a doubt related to the blog or any other issue, so you can easily ask questions and get help from them as soon as possible.

Some more options also check when you go for creating the blog. For instance, creating and using the blog, design options for the blog, SEO optimization features for more traffic, and more options.

Let We Discuss The Content Of WordPress Vs. Blogspot

Now, the comparison will be too wide for describing it. Let ready to understand the difference between both by which you can understand finely.

1. Overview: WordPress Vs. Blogspot

As we said above that WordPress and Blogspot are the big platforms that provide us to create a blog easily. WordPress and Blogspot are both the most used platform for blogging. Let us know about both of them:

What is WordPress?

WordPress is an open-source platform software that provides you to download and use it for free. By this, you can easily create a website, blog, or online store.

What is Blogspot?

Blogspot is a free blogging service from Google. It is a free hosting service that lets you create a blog for free, which means you do not have to pay anything for using this.

2. Easy to use:

Blogspot—it is easy to use for creating a blog and make changes in the blog. You can choose your display name; create a blog title, blog address, and theme.

WordPress—You can easily create content text, add images, videos, and any other media to your WordPress blog. It is easy to use and add media or pages in the content of the blog.

3. Ownership:

Ownership is the main important thing while choosing the free blog site/ platform.

Blogspot- This is the blogging service provided by the tech giant Google. It is free, easy, and has many features that give your content a new and attractive look.

WordPress- give you the feature of choosing the time, which means you can decide how much time you want to use your blog on WordPress and when you use it for the blog site.

4. Design options:

Blogspot- Blogspot has very few designs for use, and thousands of blogs use them, the same basic design.

WordPress- In WordPress, there are many themes to use for free and premium, making it easy to use your blog’s theme.

5. Control and flexibility:

Blogspot- Blogger is designed as a simple tool. So anyone can use it easily.

WordPress: WordPress is open-source to use, which means you can easily add content or media to the blog.

6. Security:

Blogspot- When we talk about security, Google’s robust facility helps you. You don’t need to do a backup or restoring your blog data.

WordPress- WordPress is also secure, but sometimes it all depends on your backup and security.

7. Support:

– has minimal support for blogs because it has basic documentation and a user forum.

– WordPress has a powerful community support system for blogs.

8. Future:

Blogspot- Blogspot’s future depends on Google, which means they can shut it down whenever they want.

WordPress- is the open-source software, and it is the world’s most popular content management system.

9. Conclusion:

Blogspot Vs. WordPress—Which One Is Better?

Both WordPress and Blogspot are the most popular and widely use blog platforms. But you have to choose one from them. And it totally depends on you that means on your blog and usage of the feature and blog material.