What is WordPress and Why It's So Popular? 1

What is WordPress and Why It’s So Popular?

The formal definition given Web Posting Pro via Wikipedia says “…WordPress is an open supply CMS, often used as a blog publishing software powered by PHP and MySQL…”.

This is a bit cryptic definition, catered to Web-savvy human beings, but what WordPress has to suggest for the rest of people? Let me, in short, explain each of those phrases.

Open Source means the source code of a product is freely distributed and given to check using absolutely everyone. Generally speaking, it would not be important to suggest the cease product itself is sent freely as well, however with the WordPress platform, it’s far the case.


CMS stands for “Content Management System” or “Content Management Software.” There are lots of different CMS structures. Drupal, Joomla, Expression Engine are few examples. Each of these systems has its own strengths and weaknesses, and each has its own network of fans and supporters. There are each open- and closed-source, free and paid, run on diverse running systems, and written in numerous programming languages.

The “blog” phrase is a shortcut derived from “internet log,” which means a private internet magazine. Blogs are the exact kind of CMS. They do one aspect and do it properly. Blogs enabled hundreds of thousands of human beings, even with no technical heritage, to effortlessly submit their very own non-public records, referred to as posts, percentage them, and ship feedback on posts written via others. Blogs in well known have to turn out to be wildly popular around 2004. The explosive growth of blogs and social web sites has emerged as an actual Internet phenomenon, which usually became described with the aid of new words “blogosphere” and “Web 2.0”.

PHP is one of the maximum famous programming languages for the Web, and MySQL is one of the maximum popular database management devices. They each often used collectively in modern Web missions. Linux, a popular open supply operating system, and Apache, a famous net server engine, are two other additives of so-referred to LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP). Sometimes the ‘P’ phrase is examined as ‘Perl’ or ‘Python.’ They are different famous programming languages for the Web, utilized in effect with Linux, Apache, and MySQL.

But, permit’s go back to WordPress discussion. One issue is to know that WordPress comes in flavors in phrases of website hosting. They are referred to as WordPress.Com and WordPress.Org correspondingly. WordPress.Com is a company and a website that runs more than one WordPress blog. Basically, each one may have its personal WordPress weblog free of charge. But generally, WordPress.Org is meant using default.

WordPress.Org is an organization or community and downloadable, freely to be had, self-hosted blogging software. The individual that is set to apply it needs to download it from the wordpress.Org website and install it on its own hosting account. In maximum instances idea, there are computerized scripts that will help you with a fresh WordPress setup.

But what makes WordPress so unique? Quite some matters. First of all – simplicity and clear-cut method. It’s simple to understand, apply and administrate. WordPress is likewise quite simple to be extended beyond its popular abilities. The structure of WordPress permits including so-called plugins and subject matters. The reason for plugins is to enhance the middle functionality, whilst themes are used to customize the look and sense of style.

Many of these plugins and issues are to be had to install right from the administrative interface of WordPress. Just write in the search box what you are interested in, then appear up via plugin descriptions, or follow a subject preview, select what suits your flavor, and press the “Install” button.


My favorite plugins include “Akismet”(established via default, needs an API key for activation), “Google Analytics,” and “All In One SEO Pack.” Those assist you in combating remark junk mail, integrating Google’s site visitors tracing system, and tweak search engine marketing alternatives of your blog.

Numerous and various topics assist you in providing your site simply any look you can consider. It may be as fancy as a teen’s personal journal or as solid as a company internet visit card. Got a fashion designer’s portfolio or want to run your own online mag? Look for a “portfolio” or “magazine” topic!