What Do I Do: WordPress or HTML?

Two Paths

There are basically popular approaches to take when making a decision to build an internet site. You can go along with a static HTML website or a Content Management System (CMS) including WordPress or Joomla. If you are new to building and handling websites, then you might surprise what the huge difference is among these processes. They both make websites, but there’s an international of distinction on how you get to the quit end result. Read on to discover the distinction between them, and which one is, in reality, the exception for you.


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HTML – CSS – JavaScript

A static HTML website is one which you build with HTML and CSS. The reason it’s known as a static website is that nothing can alternate about the internet site or as a minimum not unless you pass returned and change the code. Up until latest years, this turned into really the best way to make an internet site. There isn’t any dynamic content material, nor is there any real consumer interaction. The only element you get is what you input into the HTML. What does that suggest? Simply position, when you are achieved with the design and installation the internet site it’s going to handiest do what you requested it to. You can make stunning sites that allow the users to examine the content material, buy products, get admission to loose gives, sign on for newsletters and build your list. Just approximately whatever you desire you can do with a static HTML internet site.

Though it’s referred to as an HTML website, there are certainly numerous special coding languages typically used to construct an HTML internet site. HTML gives the shape or the core, but CSS is used to set the look and feel for the visuals and to make look quite too. You can set the dimensions, colors, fonts, backgrounds… And so forth. JavaScript can be used to add computer graphics to the website or even a bit dynamic interaction with the person. As you can believe though if you pick out to move this course to create your website you’ll want to know at the least the basics of every one of the languages used.

A Content Management System (CMS) is a whole lot extra person pleasant in the feel which you do now not want to recognize any code with the intention to use it. CMS is extra of a “drag and drop” or “factor and click on” kind system. You log in to the “admin” portion of the internet site and make the modifications you choice and replace. The modifications you make to the advent or capability of your internet site take impact at once you save and update. One of the opposite first-rate matters about CMS is the style of topics available, however, we will communicate approximately that later.WordPress

Most CMS web sites are known as Blog websites, more often than not because of the fact they were at first used for running a blog and no longer a lot else. In recent years CMS has emerged as a lot greater and at the moment is one of the most extensively used programs for building a website today. Built using PHP, CMS websites have a database attached to save all the center and dynamic content. So once again, the most important differences among CMS and static HTML are dynamic content material (alternate it on the fly) and no coding required.

WordPress or Joomla?

This is actually a count of desire. Both are very good structures and for the most component, one is as easy to apply as the opposite. The biggest difference between them is that this: WordPress has been round because 2003 and is very popular. As an end result, they get a massive amount of support from different programmers with regards to Plugins (we’re going to communicate about this is a minute) and search engine optimization, and there are a kazillion themes to be had for WordPress too, as a result making it a very popular preference for each newbie and execs alike. Joomla has not been round as lengthy (2005) however has become very popular in its personal proper over the yeas. It is 2d only to WordPress and with over 30 million downloads and now with WordPress integration, it’s no slouch. Both allow users to leave feedback to posts and or pages, stream new content material from assets like social media or news websites and you can also quickly upload new posts in your blog while not having to fear about modifying your navigation bar (its automatic) or structuring your pages, way to integrated templates.

Pros and Cons

Static HTML: Pros – A static HTML internet site is simple to setup (specifically in case you realize code). You have entire control of the format, appearance, and feel. HTML web sites additionally generally tend to load quicker because they typically have fewer files and data to down load. As stated in advance, a large advantage of HTML is that you have overall control over the website’s look. You can trade the visuals of a WordPress or Joomla web site too, but you’re restrained by means of the quantity of picks or flexibility available with the topic or template you are the usage of. If you realize CSS, that’s a reasonably easy language, then you could without difficulty exchange the way your HTML website looks.

Static HTML: Cons – The cons of static HTML address its loss of interactivity and their complicated structure with large websites. An HTML page has really no interactivity, and it most effective consists of what you code. For example, if you code a Web web page with a piece of writing, then this is all you’ll get. There will be nothing else at the page besides for that article. There will be no person content, no dynamic content material that generates while you’re away and the internet site will continue to be static. On the opposite hand, in case you program it to include a database in order that customers can access data I wager in a sense you could name that a confined form of interactivity. The identical holds authentic with a buying cart. A consumer comes in your internet site purchase a product or service you offer; so inside the equal sense they could engage together with your website in a constrained form.

If you need to make adjustments for your web site like adding a brand new post (write a new article) or page you will want to create it first after which upload the HTML document it on your server and then change the navigation bar (menu) before it’s far seen to the user. This takes up quite a few time, particularly in case you upload one or greater pages a day. Another consideration is: if you do not have an awesome CSS structure in an area then changing elements of your website may be very cumbersome. For instance, you need to exchange the background coloration for all of your pages to your website. If you’ve got the background color programmed with CSS and have it called out within the HTML for all of the pages, then converting the color inside the CSS will exchange the coloration on all of the pages on your website. This is huge for an internet site that could have a hundred pages or extra, in any other case you’ll need to trade all one hundred pages individually. As you could see, static HTML websites are easy for the fellow who is familiar with the code necessities, however now not so for that individual little to no coding expertise. Finally, SEO! You will want to code all the search engine optimization into your static internet site yourself. Considering search engine optimization is an incredibly dynamic system, you’ll locate your self usually having to move lower back and tweak or alternate your web page to keep it modern-day.HTML

WordPress Pros – As said earlier – you may use WordPress or Joomla, however for evaluation sake we will only refer to WordPress hereafter. WordPress is frequently considered the fine manner to setup an internet site due to the fact it’s far very clean to do and easy for rookies to discern out. A WordPress blog does make the effort to setup however now not whilst you remember how long it took someone to jot down all the code required for an HTML web page. Besides, we are literally talking hours, no longer days or weeks, however, it’d no longer be out of the normal for an internet developer to spend days designing a brand new internet site the usage of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Installing a WordPress blog only takes a couple of minutes with most hosts, and adding a new topic takes even much less time and themes are what WordPress is all approximately.

Let’s take a minute to speak approximately subject matters. Themes or templates allow you to alternate the appearance or feel of your internet site actually in mins. If you need a specific area of interest web site as an example, a medical searching experience or a golfing theme there are masses to select from. Some are loose and others you may need to purchase, usually known as Premium subject matters. If you simply need a blog and a place for people to go away comments, then a unfastened subject matter will probably do the trick. However, if you need a greater professional or storefront look with perhaps a shopping cart or a records feed for an Amazon affiliate, then a top rate subject is the way to head. I opt for premium subject matters due to the fact they generally allow for greater flexibility and customization.

SEO is some other big plus for WordPress because quite a few its miles already constructed into this system. While you install WordPress on your server for the first time you immediately want to go the admin section and entire a setup system located within the settings> widespread settings region. In there you’ll fill in more than one fields which can be the beginnings of the SEO technique. Afterwards, every time you create a page or put up you are capable of upload to your search engine optimization and keep all of your content material cutting-edge and search engine pleasant. There are masses of desirable plugins you can use which can take your search engine marketing to astronomical degrees.

Speaking of plugins, there are lots of plugins that upload precise and thrilling consequences for your WordPress internet site. There are such a lot of picks of plugins that it will likely be impractical to try and point out them right here, but to offer you a taste: there are plugins for advertising, search engine optimization, article submission, unsolicited mail safety, including captchas, creating contact bureaucracy, email campaigns, and even ones so as to robotically backup your website consistent with a schedule you setup. The list of plugins goes on for all time.

WordPress Cons – One of the problems with WordPress can be too many plugins. I’ve visible websites that take too long to load and it turned into as a result of having a manner to many plugins hooked up at the web site. Only use what is necessary. Another component to consider is the themes. Some are genuinely better than others. Theme builders put a number of time and notion into the layout, however some builders are certainly contemplating the give up-user extra than others and recognize that we want plenty of customization freedom and greater importantly, not absolutely everyone have programming abilities so make it easy to recognize and use. All of them permit for some customization, however others will come up with more manage and the potential to make your website look the way you really want it’s. All I’m saying is to examine the reviews and do your homework before making an investment in a premium theme. Also, a well designed subject matter will appearance easy and load quickly. There are heaps of subject matters to pick from, so that you are positive to find something that you like.

Installing your WordPress Website

Installing a WordPress web site with maximum hosts takes just a few minutes. I discovered GoDaddy to be one of the satisfactory web host accessible. There is another accurate web hosting corporations and I’ve used numerous of them and might not hesitate to advocate them, but GoDaddy (in my opinion) has advanced customer service. I can not say sufficient about an employer that has a cellphone quantity you could name and an actual customer service man or woman (a real man or women) will solution and be there whenever you want them. However, it’s your desire as to which ever corporation you make a decision to apply and are greater comfy with.internet

Now again to installing! Just log in to your net host and observe their commands for putting in WordPress. Afterwards, you’ll need to upload and install your subject matter. Once this is complete and you received conformation from the server that the website is lively, all this is left is to start including content and customizing your new website and make it appear the manner you desire.

Final mind

There are principal methods to making an internet site. Static HTML is right for small sites and simple pages or if you’re an avid programmer even larger venture is OK too. WordPress is right for pages that you will continuously be updating or for brand spanking new ones brought on the fly and for the man whose programming abilities are minimal or non-existent. Both HTML or WordPress are proper tactics, but WordPress is frequently considered the greater perfect alternative because there’s so much you may do along with your website whilst as compared to an HTML and greater importance, no programming abilities required. However, just bear in mind your needs and you must be capable of figure out which one will paintings exceptional for you.

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