Top 9 Reasons Why You Should Build Your Website On WordPress 1

Top 9 Reasons Why You Should Build Your Website On WordPress

Whether you are just getting your commercial enterprise started and you are still gaining knowledge of how to improve your online presence, or you’ve not had a domain for some time, and you are not glad about it, you can have heard of WordPress and is probably wondering what WordPress is. Simply put, WordPress is a publishing platform used for building websites and blogs. It permits for a fantastically customizable person interface. WordPress powers tens of millions of websites internationally. Many huge manufacturers use WordPress: CNN, PlayStation, New York Times Blogs, People Magazine, or even Ford- all of them use WordPress! Pretty spectacular list of users; if it’s suitable enough for the massive boys, it’s exactly sufficient in your website. Still, no longer satisfied?!? Here is my:

Top 9 Reasons Why You Should Build Your Website On WordPress

Reason 1: WordPress isn’t always going anywhere

As an open supply CMS (Content Management System), it has taken the arena via storm – as of August 2011, “14.7% of the pinnacle million websites inside the world” are powered with the aid of WordPress. WordPress is frequently praised for using internet designers, web builders, and customers alike for its ease-of-use. This is part of why it has ended up so famous and why its growth keeps on accelerating. I love stats, so right here are a few greater desirable ones: two years ago, WordPress became utilized by about 8.Five% of the top million websites in the global, so to leap from 8.Five% to fourteen.7% in 365 days alone speaks volumes for the way famous WordPress is turning into, and what kind of human beings love this platform! Here’s my favorite statistic:

As of August 2011, WordPress powers 22% of all new websites. – Rao, Leena (19 August 2011). ““WordPress Now Powers 22 Percent Of New Active Websites In The U.S.”. TechCrunch


Reason 2: WordPress is now not only for blogging.

A long-term ago, when someone said WordPress, anyone mechanically notion of blogging. While it is still the pleasant answer to running a blog, it has come in an extended manner. It has emerged as a totally comprehensive Content Management Suite used to energy many special forms of websites, such as enterprise websites, task boards, websites providing classified ads, and many others.

Reason 2: WordPress is price-effective…It is loose!

It could fee a variety of money to have a custom CMS advanced that could do the equal factor that WordPress does; so why not shop money with WordPress? There’s no want to reinvent the wheel, with WordPress being freely available and customizable. Like WordPress, the plugins are commonly loose as properly. These plugins are typically no longer most effective unfastened; however, open supply as properly. This method that like WordPress, you may edit them in case you need to.

Reason 3: WordPress is Flexible

An outstanding thing approximately WordPress is, as I referred to above, that it is absolutely open supply – this means that that the source code used to run WordPress is available to most people. This approach that all people on the planet can regulate the code if necessary and customize WordPress even further to be what they want. Often, this is not essential. However, it also manner that any plugins and issues (templates) created for the platform are also open source! Imagine a global-wide network operating together to add greater capabilities and functionality to WordPress – you’re no longer restrained to handiest being able to use specific employees or builders to produce customizations; because of this, it is a powerful CMS device equipped to do what you need it to, it’s flexible and clean to customize.

Reason four: WordPress is search engine marketing pleasant

Search engines consisting of Google love WordPress as it makes use of well-written code. If you’re seeking to get a head start with Search Engine Optimization, WordPress is the manner to move to your website and/or weblog. While I am on the topic, including sparkling applicable content material on your internet site is simple with WordPress, which is enormously endorsed as part of your online marketing approach since it tells serps that your site is alive and properly, thereby increasing your internet site’s rank and your probabilities of being located through natural searches.

Reason 6: WordPress Has Cheap Premium themes

Themes are what provide WordPress its layout; it is what connects the CMS to the stop user. WordPress could be very flexible and adaptable. While there are some pretty good loose subject matters, I even have determined that for $70 bucks, the best top rate issues are really worth each penny. Most want nearly no customization!


Reason 7: WordPress Makes it smooth to find an answer.

Plugins are essentially add-ons that may be effortlessly established inside the WordPress dashboard area to add capabilities that are not a part of the core code. If you want a specific function or functions that aren’t built-in, there are literally heaps of plugins available to beautify WordPress’ capability. In nearly every case, so there’s probably a solution already developed for any component you want – the possibilities are actually infinite!

Reason eight: The worldwide community supports WordPress.

Because WordPress is open-supply, there are actually masses of thousands of folks running to assist make it higher. You will locate that WordPress has a very actively supported global network of WordPress builders and customers! WordPress is up to date often, with new functionality, malicious program fixes, and protection fixes. Also, due to the fact, there is such a big network surrounding WordPress, any developer can work on a WordPress-based totally site to update it, make modifications, and so on. so that you will by no means be held ransom via anybody dressmaker or developer. YOU very own your website!

Reason nine: WordPress is simple to apply!


This is perhaps my preferred component of WordPress. You do not need to be a technical genius to learn how to use WordPress. I always inform my clients: if you realize how to use Microsoft Word (and let’s be sincere, who does not?) YOU WILL be able to, without difficulty, update the content for your WordPress website. You ought not to be a web designer to update your content material. That’s the magic of WordPress! Beyond enhancing content, WordPress gives a backend administrator interface it truly is visually clean to navigate and really effective. Everything is organized logically, so it is easy to locate what you are looking for, the climate it’s miles including/editing a page, Adding/modifying a post or article, importing snapshots, handling customers, etc. WordPress is the quality Content Management System to apply to construct your website!