Useful Windows eight Tips for Beginners 1

Useful Windows eight Tips for Beginners

Have you upgraded to Windows eight out of your old OS version? In this type of case, you’re certain to get intimidated using the look and feel of this new Microsoft OS.

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Want to Open an App/Program?

Factor your cursor at the bottom-left corner of the display and click on the Start icon that appears. This will take you to the Start display screen. You also can press the Windows key in Microsoft Windows 8.1.

The new OS has an entirely new feel to it, which becomes unseen until the launch of this Windows model. However, the brand new start display screen and the mouse gestures may be tough to use for first-time users. Also, the Start menu’s absence has left customers thinking of a way to begin working on the OS. But, the use of the Win8 model can make for a first-rate enjoy, in case you realize the way to use it. The image password, the inbuilt apps, and other features a most effective addition to the personal experience.

Here is a manual to take you through all the essential hints to begin the use of Win8.

How to Use the Start Menu

If there may be no Start menu at all, so how does one begin operating? In this Windows model, the Start menu is changed with the aid of the Start display screen. There is an entire startup display screen that includes all the key features and viewing of folders. To open the Start Screen, you may strive the steps given underneath:

➥ Press the Windows emblem on the keyboard.
➥ Move the cursor to the lower-left corner of the display folding screens, and click on on the Start icon that looks.
➥ Swipe from the right fringe of the display screen, and the begin menu will appear (in case you are a touchscreen consumer).

How to Use the Search Option

The absence of a Start menu manner the absence of the Search box as nicely. If that is the case, how can everybody look for an item on the gadget? Windows 8 has supplied a smart interface for the usage of the Search option.

➥ Type what you’re seeking out, and it will appear on the display screen. However, you want to select whether you need to look in apps, settings, drives, etc.
➥ You can also preserve the Windows key+F mixture to release the search box.

How to Shut Down

This is every other query that arises while we know that there is no Start button. Shutting down the device can be a bit irritating for each person who is used to clicking on the Start button and deciding on the Shut Down option.

➥ Use Windows key+F4 to close down the gadget right away.
➥ Move to the lower-proper nook of the display, and inside the menu that appears, click on Settings. Click on the Power button and pick the Shut Down option from there.

How to Create Shortcuts

If you’re going through the trouble to discover essential functions every time you need to use them, how will you make shortcuts for the equal? You can pin those shortcuts to the Start Screen and use them while not having to head approximately the lengthy and tedious system to find the features.

➥ You can visit the laptop, right-click on over there, and choose the Create a brand new shortcut option. If you want to create a shortcut for the ShutDown alternative, type shutdown /s /t 0 and hit input. Name the shortcut, and also pick out an icon for it. Your shortcut is created.

➥ Open the folder in which this system you desire to create a shortcut is living. Now, proper click on that application and click on Create Shortcut. You can call the shortcut and also choose an icon for it. Your shortcut is created.

Now that you have created the shortcuts, the next step might be to pin them to the Metro apps to be there on the Start Screen.

➥ Press the Windows button, and inside the search container, the kind the call of the shortcut. In our case, type shutdown. The shortcut along with the icon will appear. On the bottom proper corner, you may see two alternatives; Advanced and Pin. Choose the Pin option to pin the shortcut to the Start Screen. Now, pass the tile around, wherever you want it to be.

How to Manage TilesScreen

There are so many tiles on the home display. Some of them are used regularly, while some are not. In such cases, it’s far beneficial to manage the tiles in one of these fashion that the commonly used ones appear inside the first display itself.

➥ If you don’t want to apply a specific tile, you may drag and drop it at the Start Screen anywhere you wish to, like on the second display screen that appears after swiping.
➥ You can also unpin this system from the Start Screen. Tap the icon, and you may see an unpin alternative acting. Press that option, and your application can be removed from the display screen.
➥ You also can uninstall the tile absolutely. You can tap the icon, and inside the options that seem, press the uninstall alternative.
➥ Similarly, you may faucet the icon, and in the alternatives that appear, press on the Smaller option that appears. This will make the tiles smaller in size compared to the others.

You can also make the tiles agencies so that all the most commonly used ones may be in a single filegroup. For this,

➥ You can drag the tiles to the right edge of the Start Screen. These tiles will automatically arrange themselves in a collection.
➥ Call the tiles, pinch the display screen or press Ctrl and scroll the wheel to zoom in.
➥ Now, please right-click on the organization and call it.
➥ This group will appear as a character icon on the house display screen. This way, you can manage the tiles and make the beginning screen more organized.

How to Get the Start Button Back

Yes, you read it efficaciously. Even even though Microsoft ditched the Start button, you could still get it back.

➥ Right-click on the Taskbar, and click on Toolbars.
➥ Select the New toolbar choice, and within the window that opens, browse to the Windows folder.
➥ Enable the Show hidden documents choice.
➥ Now, you’ll be able to see the Start Menu.
➥ Click on it and hit the Select Folder choice to add the Start Menu to the taskbar.

How to Close an App

In Windows eight, the apps will run in the background, and in case you aren’t using it for a long-term, the app could be automatically terminated. However, the computer may additionally slow down due to the pointless apps that are walking. So, it’s far better to shut them. But once more, the absence of a record menu means that there is no decrease, maximize, and close alternatives! Here’s how you can move about it.

➥ Press Alt+F4 to close the program.
➥ Alternately, you may press the Windows key+Tab to reveal all of the open apps. Choose the app you wish to shut and click on Close.
➥ You can move the mouse to the top of the app and click on and drag it to the Start Screen. Once you let cross the window, the app will near.
➥ You can also move the mouse to the top-left corner of the screen, and a window will seem, wherein you can see all the apps which can be open. Right, click on the app you wish to shut and choose the Close option.

How to Set a Picture Password

The modern-day security feature this is delivered within the Windows eight model is the image password. Now, you oughtn’t too kind lengthy password terms to open the lock display screen. Set your favorite photograph as the lock display screen photo and draw shapes on it to release the screen.

➥ Move the cursor to the pinnacle-left corner and pick out More PC settings within the window that appears.
➥ Now, select Users and input your Windows password.
➥ Select the Choose Picture alternative and browse to pick the image of your desire.
➥ After taking a observe the preview, you could click on the Use this Picture option.
➥ You want to attract three gestures and affirm them.
➥ Once you are sure approximately the settings, click on the Finish choice.

In case you forgot the gestures you drew as your password, Windows will switch again to the alphanumeric password mode after five failed tries in a row.

How to Snap Two Windows

The Aero Snap characteristic that became to be had within the Windows 7 model has been disabled in this OS version. So, it would help if you snapped them manually.

➥ You can open the window, visit the left aspect, and drag the window directly to the Start Screen.
➥ Similarly, drag the alternative window at the Start Screen.
➥ The home windows will automatically resize and can be snapped. If you use the touchscreen, use your hands to do that, else use your mouse.


The new and progressed Windows 8 is easy to grasp if you understand the tips to use it. However, you can face problems with the most not unusual functions due to the present-day consumer interface. Try to play around with the Start Screen and navigate thru the various alternatives inside the Charms menu. Flow the cursor to the lowest right corner of the Start Screen or press Windows key+C. You can be capable of seeing the 5 alternatives – Search, Share, Start, Devices, and Settings. All your crucial applications, driver documents, etc., may be observed in one of these five alternatives. So, consider the Charms menu! I hope this guide helped you to get started with your OS.