UPDATE: WhatsApp to help Blackberry till December 2017 1

UPDATE: WhatsApp to help Blackberry till December 2017

On the nineteenth of July 2017, after faithfully sticking with BlackBerry for 4 years, Titilola realized that WhatsApp messages aren’t turning in on her BlackBerry Z10 phone. Like Titilola, other customers coming across WhatsApp may have sooner or later delisted the phone maker as one of its supporting structures.

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In February last year, WhatsApp made a legit statement thru its blog that it was finishing support for BlackBerry and other indexed cellular systems using the quit of June 2017. There was a quick scare period in January whilst users couldn’t get admission to WhatsApp 6 months in advance than the unique date; this later seemed to be a technical glitch.


Yesterday, WhatsApp finally stopped running on many smartphones going for walks the BlackBerry smartphones after a 19-day grace period from the original timeline. Users got error messages while attempting to ship messages at the instantaneous messaging platform.

With over 1 billion monthly users on WhatsApp, this movement can be the very last nail in the coffin for smartphones running on the BlackBerry working device. However, the brand new variety of BlackBerry smartphones — DTEK50, DTEK6O, Priv, KEYone, and Aurora — running on the Android operating system will still be supported.

However, in line with a replacement at the original weblog post, help on smartphones jogging the BlackBerry OS has been prolonged until the 31st of December 2017. If your WhatsApp is displaying errors messages, take the subsequent steps;

Thai safety researcher Worawit Wang has put together an make the most based totally on ETERNALSYNERGY to target newer variations of the Windows working machine.

ETERNALSYNERGY is one of the NSA exploits leaked by the Shadow Brokers hacking organization in April this yr. According to a Microsoft technical analysis, the take advantage of the can allows an attacker to execute code on Windows machines with SMB offerings uncovered to external connections.

They do the most work up to Windows 8. According to Microsoft, the strategies used within the unique ETERNALSYNERGY make the most do not work on more modern structures because of numerous kernel security upgrades.

Under the hood, ETERNALSYNERGY leverages a vulnerability in version 1 of the SMB document sharing protocol. The vulnerability is tracked as CVE-2017-0143.

New take advantage of is exceptional but uses the identical vulnerability
Wang says he makes the most objectives equal vulnerability; however, he uses a distinct exploitation technique. His technique “ought to in no way crash a target,” the expert says. “Chance ought to be nearly 0%,” Wang provides.

During the WannaCry ransomware outbreak, the ETERNALBLUE make the most mainly infected Windows 7 machines as it crashed on XP computers. Dependable take advantage of is as critical as exploits that work on more than one OS variations.

An attacker ought to combine those three exploits to nearly all Windows variations from XP up to Windows Server 2016, except Windows 10. That’s approximately seventy-five% of all the Windows computer systems available these days.

The e-book of Wang’s exploit is yet every other sign of alarm that customers should patch their structures with MS17-010 earlier than a person else weaponizes SMB vulnerabilities or extends NSA exploits for brand spanking new assaults.

The exploit code is to be had for download from Wang’s GitHub or ExploitDB. Sheila A. Berta‏, a safety researcher for Telefonica’s Eleven Paths protection unit, has posted a step-by way of-step guide on the way to use Wang’s make the most.


In June, safety researchers additionally extended the ETERNALBLUE to target Windows 10, and it is very in all likelihood that other NSA exploits could be elevated to greater OS variations.

ETERNAL BLUE and ETERNALROMANCE were extensively utilized for the self-spreading computer virus thing in the NotPetya ransomware outbreak. Additional records on ETERNALROMANCE may be found right here and right here.