Should I Post to Multiple Blogs? 1

Should I Post to Multiple Blogs?

It is pretty a common scenario. After identifying to start a blog, especially about your favorite interest, one nighttime, you locate yourself with nothing about that challenge to write down. Still, there’s a particularly thrilling submit about a live performance you went to final night simply itching to be written. While you, in the beginning, wanted to jot down travelogues in your weblog, you find yourself now not going everywhere this month and experience like, well, maybe you may attempt your hand at scribbling down a few fictions as a substitute. Why ought your blog be constrained to just an unmarried side of your lifestyle? Why now not write about different things? Should you create a brand new weblog for each subject you want to write down about?

Multiple Blogs

The solution seems to be deceptively easy. It is spotless to create a brand new weblog, and, in case you are new to the complete blogging revel in, perhaps growing a weblog on a unique platform could be pretty an excellent idea. You could get to research greater approximately the entire process, determine which gear and skills are vital to you as a blogger, and, absolutely, most importantly, you will be keeping your unique subjects instantly and separate. But is developing a brand new blog the proper answer? It seems this ends up being a query of identity, branding, and, possibly just as importantly, your capacity to juggle multiple duties.


Time and time, once more, the net marketing experts will discuss the significance of organizing a brand, something uniquely identifiable about you, or what it is you deliver on your web web page or blog. There are quite loads that contribute to a brand; logos, layout factors, preference of colors, and so forth; however, it has little that means unless it’s miles followed by using the consistent content material. Everyone knows what to expect from a McDonald’s and might be perturbed if they someday became up at one to locate they had been promoting something else aside from fast meals.

This argument usually applies to the query about starting a 2nd or 0.33 weblog or even consolidating multiple present blogs into one. If your first weblog is hooked up and has recognition for serving up one specific sort of content, then posting exceptional or contradictory content on the same blog ought to light up some caution signs and symptoms. Some apparent sorts of content ought to be saved separately always. Corporate content needs to be saved breakaway political or private viewpoints, as an instance. If your site is already that massive and wishes to be considered a brand, then the choice is truly made for you. Your readers might be proof against changes to your content; your logo won’t tolerate exclusive situations remember, and as a result, a brand new venue would be wanted.



However, most human beings grossly overestimate how a good deal branding they have got invested into their website online thus far. The incredible majority of blogs are deserted in no time, after only a cute name, topic selection, and a handful of posts. The blogger discovers they’ve little or not anything to jot down approximately their chosen subject, or they do no longer genuinely have the time or the strength. The keenness is often for the writing; however, now not necessarily for the chosen difficulty; possibly the scope is not huge sufficient, possibly there absolutely is nowhere close to sufficient to jot down approximately that problem to keep normal or even semi-everyday posting. If this is the case, perhaps starting a brand new weblog isn’t always the solution; perhaps clearly, a touch renaming or remodel all that it takes? Returning, selecting subject matters, and possibly getting a higher URL are all matters that can be executed without splitting from the existing content. If your blog is new, there is not likely to be a whole lot to lose from making those varieties of modifications. There isn’t always enough brand at stake.

Perhaps the maximum telling component of whether an unmarried blog is sufficient is whether or now not the weblog class can be defined as non-public. An example might be nice right here. Suppose I started a blog approximately a few precise things in my life, for instance, my current move to the alternative facet of the united states. (Quite efficaciously, at this factor, you need to recognize there is perhaps only a constrained quantity of mileage that can be extracted from that one precise problem). Later, I realize that, properly, I could additionally pretty like to jot down approximately different passions in my lifestyles, along with movies, video games, or eating out at eating places; perhaps I would possibly like to talk about what I do for a dwelling, or what I studied at school. While those all appear to be distinct subjects, they’re, in truth, all extraordinary facets of myself. The situation of my current weblog turned into truly too particular. Writing about different factors of myself does not require more than one blog; in many methods, a single weblog is greater sincere, and content can certainly be delineated if wished through tags and categories. I could have a weblog whose situation is me, and whose tags or classes can mirror the variety of that top-level situation.


By the way, but the element to have the best effect on whether you start more than one blog is whether or not you have the potential to deal with the logistics. Everything is scaled up by the number of blogs you are jogging concurrently; furthermore, every aspect of this scaling works against you. It is higher to have one blog covering many topics that you often put up to in numerous blogs, each centered on precise topics that do not often acquire new posts. Any promoting efforts that you do with one blog ought to be replicated for others, and, possibly a touch perversely, everybody who does join the one-of-a-kind blogs with the same author will deliver any poor perceptions from one to the opposite. You will need to keep your self-organized, perhaps even disciplined; dedicate your self to at the least affordable editorial cut-off dates as to how often and whilst to publish; partition our computer and workspace for that reason; and, in quick, it might grow to be a bit too much like paintings – so regularly the kiss of death for any innovative endeavor.

It is certainly now not possible. There are masses of blogging celebrities accessible with high-profile websites and properly-installed brands that publish to a couple of websites. Still, in many of the one’s instances, this is the way they earn their dwelling. If your running blog efforts are small and private, you could perhaps not be able to invest that stage of time and electricity in your interest. For the superb majority of us who long to have a small blog that we maintain and nurture, one site is enough, and the work required to manage this is affordable. If you must blog or write as your career, you’ll virtually need to invest a greater attempt and perform some extreme time management.

Multiple Blogs

What subsequent?

If you’re wondering approximately starting a 2nd or third blog, diversifying into new content, or splitting your current weblog into multiple websites, it will pay to invite several questions before you proceed. Determine whether or not the break up is without a doubt necessary, which may be the case if you are running a blog from a corporate angle but is unlikely for non-public blogs. Both starting a new blog or redefining a current one will affect your current readership, quite probable negatively. Above all, appreciate that multiple blogs will increase your workload and your organizational necessities; it is not necessarily going to make lifestyles any less complicated. Even if deciding that preserving an unmarried weblog is the right manner to go, there is no excuse for being inactive. Spend a bit of time organizing your tags and categories, tweaking your templates, and in any other case arranging your present weblog, and you can discover a couple of blogs aren’t needed; one tidy, nicely-prepared blog is a long way premier.