Online Word Processor Comparison

A lot of instances after I begin writing a blog put up I only get a component way through it when I get facet tracked. Or, I even have a concept for a publisher that I do not want to neglect however I’m no longer in the mood to write down the whole lot. I’ve been the use of a Word Doc to maintain my notes and thoughts in, but it has commenced getting lengthy and it is a pain to maintain a contemporary copy among work (If my boss is studying this I most effective blog on my breaks) and my residence. Sure there are quite a few options to treat that. I could e-mail it to myself or use a USB force, but then I should do not forget to take that greater step at the cease. I also attempted the usage of Blogger’s New Post choice and just saving my partial posts as drafts, however, I saved by chance posting half completed ones so that choice is out. I decided the use of a web word processor might be my quality alternative. If we could me work on my partial posts from home or work while not having to keep the song of where the latest replica of every one is for the reason that maximum recent copy is usually stored online. I looked at Zoho’s Writer, Google Docs, ThinkFree, and AjaxWrite since they seem like the maximum not unusual ones. I should specify that I tried all of those in Firefox and no longer Internet Explorer due to the fact that is my favored browser. So, in case you use Internet Explorer you may have an exclusive enjoy.

Zoho Writer

To begin with, it has a totally high-quality interface. They have a couple rows of buttons and drop down alternatives throughout the top toolbar. Along the left aspect, the bar is a list of my documents. There are options for templates, sharing doctors, publishing to blogs, and exporting. They allow you to customize the interface to appearance the way you choose it. All of these extra alternatives are fine, however, that without a doubt makes this my desired online word processor is the simplicity of all of. There are heaps of alternatives, however, they do not hit you over the pinnacle with all of them (couge*google*cough). The options are there in case you want them, however, it nonetheless has an easy streamlined interface. The more I use Zoho Writer the extra I find matters I like approximately it. For example, a variety of the same old Word keyboard shortcuts paintings. Without even considering it I simply ctrl+S to store and it stored my record. It has contextual options that display up on the right aspect of the toolbar relying on what you have highlighted. The entire component is very nicely designed and laid out. Documents open in tabs and it’s for a very quick to reply to instructions like saving or developing a brand new record. In my revel in it is faster to load and reply to my instructions than the alternative online word processors. Zoho Writer is in Beta nevertheless, however, I become looking through their boards and they have a totally active crew running on peoples questions and issues there.

Google Docs

It has the same old Google interface that I’m used to seeing in Gmail. They give lots of alternatives for collaboration and publishing. I’m now not a massive fan of the interface for truly enhancing files, however, it works well enough. I assume the difficulty, for me, is that I’m used to the usage of Word so the shortage of a decent toolbar takes a few getting uses to. Also, you can most effective have one record open at a time. Opening a record from the main begin web page opens a new window with that file in it. As a long way as I can inform there is not an easy way to have more than one documents open in tabs like a number of there different online word processors. The different aspect that insects me is that lots of the distinct options do not just pop up on the principle edit screen but alternatively open a completely unique interface for that choice. For instance, after I open the Revision option it opens a brand new interface particular to simplest the revisions that have been made. Then, whilst performed inside the revisions segment I should cross lower back to the enhancing element. Why these are not in just one simple interface I don’t know.


It hundreds pretty speedy, however, it does open in a new window. Documents are opened in tabs so it is simple to interchange among open doctors. It has an easy toolbar and interface that is easy and quality. However, I speedy ran into a hassle when I tried to keep my first file. I couldn’t get it to save as any of the 5 supported formats. It sports me blunders whenever. So, I quit attempting it right there because what excellent is it to jot down up a report if I can’t save it.


ThinkFree might be the closest to an internet identical to Microsoft Word. It does open a brand new window for documents which I don’t like, but at the beginning glance, it seems remarkably like Word. The menus and toolbars are nearly identical. I additionally like that you could very effortlessly make folders to group your documents in. Due to the complexity of the interface, it does take nearly a minute to open a document and have the total interface load. Since I’m simply looking for something short and clean to jot down my mind and thoughts ThinkFree is simply not pretty right for me. It does have quite a few capabilities and I’m looking forward to the upgrades the make as it comes out of beta.

So. That simply way it’s miles all the way down to Google Docs and Zoho Writer. Google Docs will likely ultimately come to be the same old online word processor due to the fact they may be a heavyweight in the enterprise, however, they sincerely could use the help of a terrific clothier. Even although I’m a Gmail person their interface takes to the plenty effort to use. It is due to the interface that I will be doing my writing with Zoho Writer. It may be very nicely laid out and runs very smoothly. The handiest trouble I bumped into with Zoho Writer is that you can’t make folders for grouping documents (or if you could I cannot determine out a way to do it). However, it is still in Beta so I despatched in a request for this to be added. Still, Zoho Writer is the first-rate choice for what I need.