Samsung 50-Inch 1080p DLP HDTV Review 1

Samsung 50-Inch 1080p DLP HDTV Review

Are you taking into consideration buying a Samsung 50-inch 1080p DLP HDTV?


This is a popular DLP HDTV model and is a bestseller in lots of exceptional shops. It has been around for just over 1/2-a-year, and the purchaser base and remarks have grown enough that we can now get a good sense of its professionals and cons. I’ve consolidated some of the consumer evaluations from around the net. The overall opinion is that the HDTV model is right and cheap, however not the best.

Here is a beneficial rule of thumb: If you need to shop for an HDTV, find out the watching distance in feet and multiply that by 5. That’s the scale of the display screen you want. For example, in case your looking distance is 10 toes, 10 instances, five is 50. So pick out a 50-inch TV.

Good Points

Even while Samsung 50-inch 1080p DLP HDTV first came into the market, it was one of the inexpensive 50-inch HDTVs. Now that the version is half-a-12 months old, it’s far even inexpensive in case you purchase it from online stores like Amazon. You are likely to look at approximately $500 of financial savings of the listing fee. You also save on positive taxes and shipping fees. Additionally, if you locate that the price has dropped between the time you obtain the TV and the time you obtained it, you could ask the store to refund the difference. Reputable organizations like Amazon surely honor such requests.

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Although electronics tend to grow to be out of date quickly, this HDTV turned into a leading facet whilst it got here out. It already had the 1080p resolution – many broadcasters are nevertheless catching as much as this modern-day standard. Even now, its generation is quite superior, and will probably remain so for the following couple of years.


Samsung 50-inch 1080p DLP HDTV uses a sophisticated technology called LED light engine. Its way for you is that the images are clear and distinctive, and the colors look herbal and actual. Movement and action are much better rendered than everyday LCD technology, and you won’t see blurring or loss of element. This HDTV also does nicely in vivid rooms with extensive daylight penetration.

The integrated 2-speaker surround sound is truly great. Do make certain the surround sound mode is turned on. HD announces obtained over a simple, reasonably-priced, indoor antenna appearance extraordinary. Other content (Regular DVDs, SD/HD publicizes, Nintendo Wii, DVD, Xbox 360, and so forth) also appear remarkable.

You probably already understand its dimensions: forty-five.2″(W) x 31.8″(H) x 13.4″(D) sixty one.Three Lbs. This 50-inch DLP HDTV is thinner than many of its competitors and is mild sufficient for 2 individuals to transport around.

There are plentiful connection inputs for HDMI, S-video, RGB issue, virtual, optical, and analog sound, and RCA jacks, and they may be placed at the proper side of the set for convenient get entry – this makes it easy to hook up. Unfortunately, this could be a difficulty if you area your TV in a cupboard.

Samsung 50-inch DLP HDTV is pretty person-friendly. The person guide is ideal and considerable (although now not written for beginners). The far off is intuitive, and the menu gadget is simple. Note that it can now not have as many functions as greater costly structures.

It’s pretty quiet since it uses LED mild assets in preference to the extraordinary bulb and shade wheel of maximum other DLPs. Since the LED engine is cooler and greater power-efficient than the bulb and color wheel, the Samsung 50-inch DLP HDTV also does not need an effective cooling fan. Overall, you get excellent energy savings – it’s far Energy Star rated. Another true factor is that the LED lasts longer than the bulb of regular DLPs (which want to be changed every 2 or 3 years).

Some of you might be worried about getting defective items through buying from online shops. Large and official agencies like Amazon normally have a 30-day guarantee length. When any issues crop up, they have an awesome reputation of honoring their commitments to update or refund the TV. If you aren’t certain approximately your online retailer, you could check their recognition with the Better Business Bureau.

Problems Encountered By Customers

Buying this DLP HDTV isn’t always best, though. Customers have suggested the three most important sorts of problems.

1) Delivery & Service Problems:

a) Some customers complain approximately not receiving their TVs. This is much more likely to appear with online shops with their extra complex delivery chain and shipping processes – both their orders have been no longer acquired with the aid of the seller offering the TV to the net retailer, or the shipping agent did now not receive the right shipping from the seller, and so forth. There are precautions you may take to limit troubles (see the section under).

B) Sometimes, you get an incompetent or lazy delivery man. He won’t be capable of finding the area you live in. Or he won’t need to supply your step. Or he may also drop your TV off at your doorstep and refuse to carry it in for you. On the alternative hand, there are also memories of deliverymen who move past the decision of obligation – they assist you in moving your vintage TV to its new vicinity. They carry your new Samsung 50-inch 1080p DLP HDTV in and install it for you. Then the even take away the packing crate for you. Sometimes they do it free of charge; on occasion, you have to pay them a couple of bucks extra.

C) There also are some lawsuits of terrible customer service from Samsung tv. It is standard of any massive agency’s provider – while you get an amazing Customer Representative, you get the desirable career. It helps if you get their call ahead of time before you begin telling them about your problems or asking them questions. If you get a jerk, you get awful service. Please don’t get mad, get their name, and enhance to their boss. If that doesn’t work, get a refund or alternative from your retailer.

2) Quality Control Problems affecting a few character TVs:


a) The dreaded “blue-halo” effect, which basically is a blue-ish vicinity of light that turns into seen in dark areas of high-contrast scenes, across the lower center of the screen. This appears to be due to a ring around the projector’s lens that ought to be black but is reflective silver on some TVs.

B) There is a “hot” or vibrant spot in the middle of the screen, and the middle is a touch brighter than the edges.

C) When the whole screen is one color, every so often, the 4 corners of the TV fade in brightness.

D) The image is skewed (left side decrease than the right); there may be a substantive green tint that is not correctable thru any of the personal settings.

E) Picture shuts off for mins or hours at a time – which can be a motherboard hassle.

F) Spots at the display – which can be an unfixable LED mild engine hassle.

If the trouble crops up properly inside the online store’s ensure period (typically 1 month), call Samsung tv customer support. They may send a technician in about 2 running days to restore the hassle. Otherwise, make true use of your retailers assure length to get an alternative. Reputable online retailers like Amazon are pretty suitable for honoring their guarantees without hassling their customers.

3) Problems with the version or DLP HDTV technology that affect all TVs:

a) SD pics thru digital cable (connected via HDMI) are occasionally a touch pixellated.

B) The small amount of curvature on horizontal traces proper at the top of the set (that’s a not unusual artifact with this form) is not normally important.

C) Minor incompatibility with 480p resolution settings and DirecTV (name your DirecTV customer service to get a few satellite technicians to determine this out)

d) Echo when you have both TV audio system & surround sound speakers on and the volume is excessive. Just mute the TV, or use 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound.

E) When viewing non-HD programming in four: three-mode, there are a fixed of double lines at the brink of the photo. This can be too distracting for a few human beings.

F) When gambling a letterbox or widescreen DVD, the 16:9 or Zoom settings are a little off. The center of the photograph on the top is almost three/4 inches lower than at the ends, creating a slight “U” shape or concave look. This also can be very distracting for a few humans.

G) Slight geometry troubles (significant bowing toward the pinnacle middle part of the display)

h) On non-stretch mode with SD (in which you have got a black bar down every aspect of the image), the photo’s edges are bowed in a touch bit.

I) Viewing attitude is limited, which sucks when you have a massively wide variety of human beings collected around it. Just make sure that you’re in the middle and might see the display. The viewing perspective is good to approximately a hundred and forty tiers, although it is excellent as much as ninety degrees. Still, this is meant to be the ordinary stage of performance for DLPs. Basically, the satisfactory seat is the couch in front of the TV, even though every person on the affection seat has just as true an image.

Precautions To Take

1) If you purchase from an internet retailer like Amazon, make certain the TV is offered without delay using Amazon. Amazon once in a while acts as a storefront for different businesses. This means which you are the opposite enterprise’s patron, now not Amazon’s. How are you able to tell? Look for this sentence on the 1st page after Amazon lists the “Price” of the TV – “Availability: In Stock. Ships from and sold with the aid of Amazon.Com.” Other online stores need to have something comparable.

2) Print the receipt. Although that is a commonplace sense, once in a while, we forget. Or something else takes place; as an example, your printer breaks down. If this occurs, take a screen capture and shop the picture to Microsoft Word.

Three) Remember: You are probably shopping online to take advantage of decrease costs and free delivery. Don’t assume a five-superstar carrier. Take the initiative to find out the contact of the actual supplier and delivery agent so that you can hold track of your order and shipping. Call the online store’s customer service if you have any doubts.