Mobile Home Park Due Diligence 1

Mobile Home Park Due Diligence

When you positioned a cell domestic park underneath the contract, you may definitely want to have a stipulation in the agreement to permit you to verify what the vendor has said to date and evaluate the general feasibility of the purchase. Due Diligence will examine the physical, economic, demographic, and marketplace feasibility of the assignment. This time period is typically between 30 and 60 days. In carrying out your due diligence, you’re looking to discover something that poses ability trouble and that you are capable of alternate or repair. These typically cope with the park’s cleanliness (junk & trash piled up), mismanagement, loss of rule enforcement, collections, and costs that can be decreased.

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But extra importantly, you are seeking out the one’s problems that you could not be able to restorative or a good way to be very pricey to fix. These styles of troubles typically deal with the scale of the masses, recognition, issues in nearby markets, floodplains, drainage issues, terrible configuration of masses, water, sewer, electric, and fuel line issues.

In engaging in your due diligence, you may call on experts in surveying, accounting, marketing, financing, plumbing, electrical, and felony.

Ask the Seller to provide you with the following (if relevant):

1. City, County, and State Permits and Licenses

2. Sewer Plant Records and Readings

3. Water Well Tests and Compliance Records

four. Existing Surveys or Environmental Reports

five. Water and different Utility Meter Reading Records and Formulas

6. Property tax payments for the final 2-3 years

7. Copy of present-day insurance policy and binder displaying charges and coverages

8. Current staffing list such as role, wages, job descriptions

9. Any drawings and maps of the park and infrastructure and length of masses

10. Any Contracts so one can be transferred to the customer at remaining (laundry, trash, smartphone)

11. Signed Rules and Leases for every resident

12. Bank Statements

13. 2-three years Tax Returns

14. 2-3 years Profit and Loss

15. Certificates of Occupancy

16. List of Capital Expenditures for the closing three years

17. Listing of any present-day park infrastructure troubles(water, sewer, gas, electric)

18. Rent Roll with specific homesite wide variety, call of resident, pass-in date, monthly hire, modern stability, additional costs, range of occupants, and quick records of the resident (precise resident / bad resident, unique circumstances, and many others)

19. Names and get in touch with numbers of all contractors used in the previous few years – plumbers, electricians, propane, gas, roto rooters


As you receive these statistics from the Seller, you may want to assess them with the other facts you acquire from outside sources.

52 basic areas to cover inside the Due Diligence period now not always in any order:

1. Park Location Issues: Is it close sufficient to purchasing, employment, schools, transportation. Will ability residents be able to locate the park?

2. Flood Plain: Is the park placed in a flood undeniable? If so, then became the final time it has flooded? If the park does flood, are the homes high enough to stay undamaged? Do the house owners have flood insurance?

3. In maximum instances, buying a park in a 100 yr or 500 12 months flood zone will not come again to chunk you. However, you need to recognize the dangers worried definitely. Most of the time, your renters will have to carry flood insurance, and your lender would require the same to your homes and application connections.

Four. Noise Problems: Loud outdoor noise can frequently be a deterrent for dwelling in a sure cell domestic park. Being located near highways or busy streets and close by trains can be very traumatic to citizens.

Five. Find out if the park is required to be licensed and, in that case, that it has the required license. You will want to check that the park is operating in compliance with the license. If a park has 50 gadgets but is certified for the simplest 25, you may have ability issues. The license can be issued by the State, County, or Local authorities. Often it’s miles issued by the State Board of Health. Some cities have legal guidelines that state that if a positive percent of the homes in a park with “grandfathered” zoning are destroyed, then that plenty will no longer be allowed to be rented once more. This can take place by the fireplace, tornado, hurricane, etc. Check the nearby codes.

6. Review any park inspection reports performed by the State Board of Health or other City/County inspectors. In some states, especially those where licenses are required, the kingdom does an annual inspection and produces a record with notices of any violations. It is good to see those violations and make sure that they have got been corrected.

7. If you are thinking about hiring the present-day control, you may want to have friends or friends make some calls to the property and spot how the management handles the calls. Also, if you visit the supervisor’s home, and it isn’t saved up precisely, and that they have a hard and fast of policies for themselves, it can be an indication which you have to look for other control.

8. After you’ve got the park beneath settlement and usually after you have got the owner’s permission, it’s miles virtually a terrific idea to interview some of the contemporary park citizens. They are typically full of statistics in terms of locating out how the park is actually working. You will frequently hear about water troubles, sewer issues, and some other not unusual problems using talking to the residents.

Nine. Another accurate source of facts will be the nearby cell home sellers. They usually recognize approximately most of the parks. They might give you records at the park’s popularity, whether they have got in the past and will in the destiny refer the park to ability citizens, and so forth. You can also find out if they have change-ins or different moderately priced houses for sale.

10. If feasible, you’ll need to visit the park at diverse times of the day, morning, noon, after darkish, as you will be capable of seeing the park as it’s miles. It is also beneficial to peer the park all through the week and on the weekends. This will come up with a better indication of parking, occupancy, lighting fixtures, in addition to noise degree.

11. The neighborhood Chamber of Commerce is likewise a wealth of information. They can provide you with information on populace trends, new and cutting-edge employers, capability plant shutdowns, in addition to the overall market situations of a place.

12. Local Real Estate Brokers also can provide a wealth of facts at the area and marketplace and real property outlooks.

13. Good college districts are often a fantastic area for personal parks. These districts are often in rich regions of the metropolis, and less affluent humans are regularly seeking out inexpensive housing in those regions to permit their youngsters to be in these excellent school districts.

14. Contact the Property Tax Office: to test tax fees and whether taxes are current. Learn what their assessment tactics are so you can estimate how plenty you may be paying in taxes in case you purchase the park.

15. Verify the hire rolls in addition to copies of receipts to confirm that the amount genuinely amassed is being pondered successfully. Often, park owners forget to tell you that they provide a few human reductions (seniors, buddies, relatives, etc.).

16. For coverage, purposes make certain to verify the puppy restrictions and the enforcement of such. Most coverage vendors do not allow risky breeds of puppies or maybe puppies over 20 – 30 pounds.


17. Water Lines: what are they manufactured from? Are there signs and symptoms of water leaks? Is the water strain proper? You will often have some regions of the park wherein the water pressure is a lot decrease than the relaxation.

You can review bills from the utility businesses from the equal month over a pair of years to find any fundamental problems/leaks.

18. Sewer Lines: normally, you may have older sewer strains: clay pipe and skinny walled plastic pipes. Clay pipes will permit massive tree roots to start growing internally on the way to begin causing backups. Also, clay & skinny walled sewer pipes may tend to fall apart and then plug up. You may be capable of having a camera take a look at the pipes, also, to have them professionally blown out with high pace water jets as periodic preservation.

19. With electric service, you may need to check whether the electricity is above ground or below ground. If above, you’ll normally be liable for the primary electric powered poles, so take a look at the electric poles to see if they’re rotting close to floor degree. These can be quite pricey to update. Another potential electric powered trouble is that most of the houses now require 100 to 200 amp provider. Many of the older parks have an electric provider with a 30-50 amps carrier. This will usually require an improvement to generally price $500-$800 in parts and exertions to improve.

20. Gas service. If you’re accountable for the fuel meters and features, you may want to have the machine pressure examined as a small fuel leak can cause your service to close down until it’s far located and repaired. It is also a great concept to accomplish a routine foundation to keep away from potential issues.

21. Fire Hydrants located close by. A query your insurance enterprise is certain to invite.

22. Trees: You’ll often see a park full of lovely large bushes and could appear real best. However, that timber will, without a doubt, cost you down the road. You want to maintain them trimmed, put off old and lifeless timber, clean up the leaves every 12 months, as well as auger sewer strains that emerge as filled with tree roots.

Falling branches are regularly one of the most probable coverage claims.

23. Roads: are the roads in desirable repair, do they want to be resurfaced, are they wide sufficient, are there pace bumps, etc.? Roads that aren’t maintained are frequently one of the biggest proceedings you will get from your citizens.

24. Drainage Problems: It is beneficial to recognize how a mobile home park drains after heavy or sustained rains. Even if the park isn’t in a flood sector, it may have a terrible problem with status water and puddles. Getting rid of the excess water can be expensive and tough.

25. Sewer Plants: whilst a mobile domestic park has an actual sewer device, lagoon, or is on septics, this is some other vicinity in that you ought actually to discover as much as viable. You want to know how the device operates, whether it’s miles meeting the EPA hints, what it charges for running, what enhancements have been made, whether it’s far strolling at complete capacity, do you want to have a certified operator, what number of hookups it’s miles licensed for, etc.?

26. Lift Stations: are they adequate, do they have got warning lights, are there backup pumps?

27. Walk belongings during the day and at night time. You will find many troubles along with smells, canine barking, events, hidden trash & junk, water leaks, sewage puddles, old electrical bins

28. Water Wells: what kind of gadget, how deep are the wells, water strain, any previous violations or troubles, backup structures, what does it cost to perform, if the owner is the Licensed operator are there operators within the vicinity which are to be had and reasonable to function, are you able to ship your manager to lessons to achieve the operators permit/license. How many spaces is it certified for?

29. Who pays what? Utilities, Cable, Mowing, etc.: find all the hidden fees that the owner looks after cost-effectively (does he haul the trash to the sell-off?). If the trash is not being hauled off, what are the residents doing with it?

30. History of Rent Increases: have the rents been improved on an everyday foundation?

31. Count the lots – a few may be mixed, and many parks have bizarre numbering schemes.

32. Late Fees: take a look at the bank deposits and evaluate with the lease roll. When are the rents coming in, are overdue prices being charged?

33. Security Deposits: get an authorized listing of Security Deposits from the owner. If, later on, a person claims to have a deposit that isn’t always on that list, you have got it in writing from the owner.

34. Check the rentals: is there any ordinary language in the rentals? Are they month to month? Is there long time leases with a purpose to make it tough to elevate rents or submeter water?

35. Hazardous Materials: do not even bear in mind shopping for a park without having a Phase 1 environment take a look at completed. If there are any underground garage tanks, above-ground storage tanks, chemical drums, buried waste, lagoons, stained soil, gas pumps, auto repair shops, electrical transformers, asbestos in constructing, etc., you may be prone to America Gov’t for millions in cleanup fees.

36. When looking at a park, make sure you look at something that doesn’t appear right. Are there easements that do not make the experience, are there oil wells at the property, etc.?

37. It is also beneficial to acquire a current or latest survey of the park. It would help if you were sure you are buying what you think you are shopping for. Are a number of your cell homes over the property line. Are there fences or sheds over the asset’s traces? With a brand new owner, the adjoining landowners may also use this time to effect some of those troubles. Check the criminal description with the survey and together with your contract and warranty deed.


38. Seller says the belongings may be multiplied. Make sure the modern zoning will allow the proposed enlargement. Also, make sure that it’s miles viable: Where can you faucet into the water, sewer, and different utilities? Do the current water wells and sewer plants have the functionality to service extra houses? What are the effect charges? What are the probable fees for extending?

39. Lot Sizes: one in every of the biggest issues with older cell home parks is that they have been built for 10-14′ x 50-60′ houses. As most of the more recent homes are sixteen’ x 80′ and up, this may emerge as real trouble when changing houses or filling vacant masses. Also, a few cities/counties are requiring homes to be of a certain age. Thus, moving an older 12′ x 50′ home into your park may not be an alternative.

Forty. Vacant websites. There are 50 websites and 10 vacant. Are those 10 websites equipped and able to take new homes? Are the water and sewer lines marked? Is there gasoline and electric power? Does the electricity want to be upgraded before accepting a new home? What are the setback necessities? What age of houses may be moved into the park? Are the masses in such an arrangement wherein a home can surely be located into each lot without moving other houses around?

41. Are the present-day units tied down? Many older parks have units in there and have never been installed nicely, including being tied down in keeping with code, if even in any respect. I even have experienced this twice in the past. One time a twister hit one of my parks (clearly 2 parks next to each other). All in all, we misplaced over 40 houses out of 100, and the homes that had been definitely tied down and established successfully were a lot much less damaged than the ones that had been now not. We had some excessive winds in one in all my parks, and a pair of the houses blew over as they have been now not tied down. Forty-two. Street Lights: power thru at night. Who is responsible for the road lighting? Who will exchange the bulbs? If a light goes out, who will restore it?

Forty-three. If in any respect possible, get a plat map. If one isn’t always available, ask the proprietor to attract one to the nice of his understanding and locate any cleanouts, shutoffs, and so on. This is critical to have in case of line breaks and different emergencies in the destiny. The supplier might not be around to help.

Forty-four. Does the park have adequate equipment to operate? If the contemporary owner has a pickup, tractor, mower, ensure to barter for this as it will are availably accessible within the destiny, and you do not need to have to begin shopping for all of this the month you’re taking over. It is a good concept to list all of the supplies and equipment currently getting used to function the park and feature it protected in the acquisition.

45. Market Survey: Find out what different parks are charging and what it consists of, discover their vacancies, move-in incentives, reputations, etc.

Compare the charges of renting unmarried family residences(SFR’s), Apartments, Duplexes with the fee of purchasing a domestic cell and paying a lot lease.

What does an SFR of comparable size sell for within the location? What are the payments on buying an SFR and buying an MH, and paying a lot of rent?

Also, discover what other park restrictions can be for the age and varieties of houses. It may be that your park will fill the niche of having the most effective newer homes or older houses.

Forty-six. Visit the making plans branch to peer if any new parks can be built and the vicinity of any vacant land zoned for cell domestic parks improvement.

47. If you are going to buy the park and, in the procedure, purchase houses to lease or sell, you may need to vicinity a few teaser ads inside the nearby newspapers to see what type of response you get. If you don’t get any calls, it can indicate the marketplace and the feasibility of filling the park up.

48. Find out the eviction legal guidelines. What is concerned with the procedure: time frame, paperwork required, etc. Also, check with different park owners/managers within the vicinity to see what their experience is.

Forty-nine. Zoning: can homes be placed everywhere inside the county, which creates huge competition. What age should a domestic be moved right into a county, and what are the other regulations on homes being moved in, bought, etc.

50. Also, if a town has prolonged or goes to increase utilities in your vicinity, are you required to hook on, and if so, at what cost?

Fifty-one. Please contact the local businesses as they can be an exquisite source of statistics: police, planning, engineering, application, and building departments.

52. Removing deserted homes – consider making the seller pay for this – at least find out what it’ll fee and what alternatives you need to put off the abandoned houses.

Fifty-three. If the park you’re buying has rental gadgets or lease-to-personal units, make every effort to test these out. You will not handiest see how the devices are being sorted with the citizens’ aid; you may also get an illustration of the way the cutting-edge owner runs his commercial enterprise. If you locate holes or smooth spots within the floor or partitions, horrific carpeting jobs, and such, this will be a demonstration that the owner is not the simplest doing brief fixes at the houses but additionally within the park protection as well.

The more thorough you are in the due diligence section, the better you may recognize the assets in addition to the ability problems that can arise, particularly to the belongings. You will also be a great deal extra relaxed taking up the belongings, and maximum probably have plumbers, electricians, and other contractors on board to resource you inside the destiny.

When doing all your due diligence, there are a few matters that you cannot exchange, and the chance will be too excessive to proceed. Other things can also be too pricey. Other regions of the due diligence may find out smaller troubles that you should alternate with the right management and operations and might cause quick fairness increases.