Harnessing the Colour Properties of Essential Oils 1

Harnessing the Colour Properties of Essential Oils

Colour can play a function in assisting us in healing. Every coloration belongs to a selected wavelength of mild and, as such, will possess extraordinary residences. We can utilize the homes of a shade by either carrying the color in our garments or as a headband, eating the coloration (suppose one of a kind colored foods), using crystals of a particular coloration, or bathing ourselves in colored mild. In an equal manner, we also can select essential oils for their healing homes primarily based on their coloration.

Colour: RED


Red is the coloration with the longest wavelength. It is at the warmth stop of the spectrum and represents hearth. Red is a powerful energizer and stimulant. It is associated with masculine energy and is an image of lifestyles, electricity, and vitality. It is likewise the dominant coloration of the base chakra. As such, it’s far associated with the reproductive organs and fertility. Red is used in which power is lacking. It can raise body temperature and enhance circulation.

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Red Essential Oils:


This oil relates immediately to the bottom chakra on which it has a sturdy energizing effect. It is used to boom bodily strength and power. At a therapeutic stage, it has a rejuvenating effect on the frame. It warms the coronary heart and stream and eases preferred aches and pains.


This oil has an intense earthy aroma and is strongly related to the base chakra. It presents a strengthening and grounding effect. Patchouli allows to the floor and integrate power and hold us in touch with our physical selves. It is likewise related to sex, money, and bodily electricity. It is used as an anti-depressant at a therapeutic stage in which there are tension and pressure associated illnesses.


Again this oil is used as a precious earthing and grounding agent. It is beneficial for every person who needs to be introduced into nearer touch with the earth to floor and center their energies. At a well-known stage, it is balancing to the complete chakra machine but, in particular, relates to the basis of chakra. It is likewise associated with money and protection. It’s far used to tranquilize and calm at a therapeutic stage in which there’s tension and fearful anxiety.




Orange is an aggregate of red and yellow and consequently has factors of both bodily energy and intellect. It is the dominant coloration of the sacral chakra and is symbolic of the female energy of introduction, and is associated with the adrenal glands.

Orange is the coloration of pleasure and energy and is consequently accurate for treating depression. It also has an anti-spasmodic impact, which aids in treating muscle cramps and spasms.

Orange is also related to the splenic chakra (via which prana is absorbed) and is an amazing color of tiredness and exhaustion.

Gold is the shade of understanding and is indicative of higher spirituality.

Orange / Gold Essential Oils:


Cedarwood enables us to expand and preserve a feeling of balance and control in our lives. It has a sturdy life-giving first-class, which allows it to relieve anxiety and quell anger, inflammation, or fear. It “bucks up” the ego when we are feeling alienated or de-stabilized. It also can beautify spirituality and improve our reference to the divine. To a therapeutic degree, it is used for muscular lawsuits – arthritis, rheumatism, muscle spasm, and so forth.; mental proceedings, including lethargy, anxious debilitation, poor attention, exhaustion, anger, and pressure-related lawsuits; urinary tract infections. In trendy, it’s miles used to strengthen and support.


In its diffused use, Jasmine is related to love, peace, spirituality, and sexuality. Jasmine is a concept to develop the creative senses and relates to a man or woman’s creativity. It is also associated with the spiritualization of sexual power. It tends to stifle issues about the next day and to bring one into the existing. At a healing stage, it’s far used in particular for psychosomatic troubles. It is ideal as a relaxant and an anti-depressant. It also can be useful for female conditions of Pre-Menstrual syndrome and Post-Natal despair. Jasmine is likewise beneficial for treating muscular rheumatism.

Rose (Rosa Damascena)

Rose has an affinity with the sacral chakra in its effect upon creativity, intercourse, and thought. It is a mild aphrodisiac and helps creativity in all of the arts. Like Jasmine, it’s also related to the spiritualization of sexual energy and relationships. Rose is used for lawsuits associated with the woman’s reproductive device, as a cleaning agent, and as an anti-depressant at a healing level. It is handy for stress-associated conditions and psychological illnesses.

Colour: YELLOW


Yellow is the dominant color of the solar plexus chakra. This energy center controls the digestive gadget and purifies the frame thru it’s doing away with the liver and intestines’ movement.

Yellow is the shade of the intellect and thoughts. The yellow rays convey advantageous magnetic currents, which are inspiring and stimulating. They support the nerves and stimulate higher mentality and prompt the motor nerves in the physical body, thereby generating power in the muscle tissues. Therefore this color is used to treat partial or complete paralysis, diabetes, indigestion, fractured or broken bones, and arthritic situations. Yellow works with the pores and skin by using enhancing its texture and through restoration scars.


It is also the color of detachment, and if used in excess, a person can become indifferent to human beings and the surroundings.

Yellow Essential Oils:

Clary sage

Clary sage may be used as a healing oil for skin disorders – especially spots and boils; muscular stiffness, apprehensive tension – mainly racing thoughts and panic attacks; and any stress-associated ailments. It is also a relaxant, moderate euphoric, and aphrodisiac. Its diffused use relates to dreaming, especially to reinforce and inspire clear dreams. It is also correct for changeable moods and indecision.


Fennel can provide safety, particularly if it is rubbed over the solar plexus chakra. It unblocks the capacity for confident self-expression. It stimulates the flow of Qi in the stomach and intestines. As a therapeutic oil, it’s far used for the digestive system – colic, constipation, flatulence, nausea; for pores and skin care – bruises and dull, oily skin; for circulatory situations – edema, rheumatism, and cellulite.


Peppermint acts upon the ego, dispelling pride. It also helps to triumph over feelings of inferiority. It is also related to cleanliness, each bodily and intellectual. Peppermint is related to the conscious mind and will increase visual focus. It illustrates colorings greater vividly. It can keep terrible thoughts at bay. Used therapeutically, it’s miles particularly right for mental stimulation, for aiding attention while the thoughts are tired, and for the relief of moderate complications. It may help the digestive device for nausea, morning sickness, indigestion, and many others. It can also be beneficial for itchy skin.


Petitgrain pertains to the aware, highbrow thoughts and should be used when intellectual clarity is required. It can be used to sharpen the notion techniques and clear mental cobwebs. At a therapeutic level, it could be mentally uplifting; it relieves tension and lethargy. It can also be useful for fighting insomnia and fearful headaches.


Properties: Imbalance, Toxicity

Lime Green Essential oils


Cypress oil is useful at transition instances, which includes career modifications, shifting domestic, bereavement, finishing near relationships, or changing one’s religion. It distills remorse and instills optimism, and permits suppressed obstructive feelings to emerge to focus. It can put off the worry or subject of what others may think of one’s movements. It could be used at a healing stage as follows: for circulatory problems – it enlivens and regulates the drift of blood and helps to control nosebleeds, hemorrhages, wounds, varicose veins, immoderate menstrual bleeding, and so on. It is very beneficial wherein there is an extra fluid consisting of heavy perspiration, edema, incontinence, lymphatic congestion. It can provide stability to oily and over-hydrated pores and skin in pores and skin care and might assist with zits and pores and skin rashes. It is useful in treating cellulite, each deep and superficial.


Grapefruit’s subtle homes relate to freeing and optimism. It is useful for ditherers, and wherein there is resistance to change. It smoothes tensions, frustrations, irritability, and moodiness. Therapeutically it’s far used to stimulate and refresh. It lifts lethargy and slight depression. It is a digestive stimulant and aids constipation. It also can be beneficial for an overheated liver and a gradual lymphatic machine.


Juniper is a detoxifier of both the subtle and bodily frame. It is especially accurate at clearing any terrible strength which has collected both approximately one’s man or woman or in a particular vicinity. It gets rid of poor mental and attitudes and is ideal for clearing the toxic mind. Therapeutically, it is used for nasal and bronchial infections or congestion, for stimulating lymph glide, decreasing inflammation, and local massage of injured muscular tissues.



To a subtle degree, Lemon is related to health, physical energy, and purification. It can be revitalizing to a slow device. It can be used for the purification of each self and domestic. Therapeutically it is right to use wherein there is congestion along with bronchial or sinus infections. It is a slight expectorant. It is likewise useful for rheumatic conditions and lethargy.

Colour: GREEN


Green is the dominant shade of the coronary heart chakra and has the energy to harmonize the body’s wonderful and negative energies. It has a harmonizing effect on thoughts, frame, and spirit.

Green is the coloration of balance, Concord, and sympathy. It also has antiseptic homes, which lend it to use in case of contamination. It additionally has the capacity to detoxify.

Green Essential oils

Rose (Rosa Centifolia)

Rose is the ideally suited oil of the coronary heart chakra. It brings restoration to the coronary heart chakra and enables it to open once more when grief has triggered it to close down. It heals emotional wounds. Rose strengthens the heart power, enabling love power to radiate out. It is likewise nourishing and cleaning to the heart. Therapeutically Rose is used to dealing with stress-associated conditions and psychological illnesses, having a strong impact on thoughts and emotions. It can also clear warmness and inflammation and is often used to treat poisonous and infectious situations.


This is an especially precious oil where the Heart chakra is tormented by grief. The uplifting, calming and joyous impact of Bergamot can help recover and establish up the coronary heart chakra. When the coronary heart is already open, Bergamot can help a character to radiate pleasure and recuperation to others. Therapeutically Bergamot is used to treat slight despair and tension because of its uplifting residences. It is likewise useful for pores and skin problems, in particular, if they’re related to pressure. Bergamot is an urge for food regulator and is mainly used to affect appetite because of emotional strain.


This oil has a strengthening impact and could be very useful to the faint-hearted or for folks that find it difficult to revel in love or explicit it.


This oil is associated with happiness and protection. It is used for buying on top of things of one’s existence and permits us to reconnect with our feelings. It is used therapeutically as an anti-depressant – its relaxing but uplifting traits make it beneficial for all stresLikewise, itassolments. It is likewise callewhichil, and for this reason, it is used considerably for pores and skin care, girl hormonal problems, and diuretic and removal problems.

Colour: BLUE

Properties: Blue is the dominant color of the throat chakra. It symbolizes inspiration, devotion, peace, and tranquillity.

Blue has a calming and increasing efficiency. It is used to treat tension, worry, palpitations, and insomnia. It is also a notable coloration for healing and meditation.

Blue Essential Oils:

German Camomile

This oil can range from a deep inexperienced-blue (turquoise) to a deep inky blue (indigo) because of it for a long time. This oil is soothing, calming, and anti-inflammatory. It is specifically useful in which there are pain and irritation of the mucous membranes due to hayfever, colds, bronchial ailments, etc. It is a useful nasal and bronchial decongestant. Likewise, it is used as an agent for calming and soothing, particularly in irritable pores and skin situations. It’s subtle makes use of relating to selling sleep, internal peace, and supporting with meditation. It is related to the throat chakra and the expression of the inner voice, and bitter truth.

Roman Camomile

This oil is soothing, calming, and anti-inflammatory. It’s miles in particular beneficial in which there are soreness and infection of the mucous membranes because of hayfever, colds, bronchial illnesses, and so on. Roman camomile is useful for soothing irritable skin conditions, which include eczema. It may be handy for treating fearful conditions such as insomnia and worried anxiety. On a diffused stage, it facilitates one to allow the move of fixed expectancies and acknowledge one’s obstacles. It is associated with sleep, meditation, and peace and is strongly associated with the throat chakra.

Colour: INDIGO

Properties: The color is associated with the brow chakra. It is related to the mind, ears, and eyes. Indigo is a sturdy painkiller and has antiseptic residences.

Indigo Essential oils

German Chamomile

This oil can turn to a deep inky blue (indigo) as it a long time. It’s subtle makes use of relating to selling sleep, internal peace, and helping with meditation. It is also a strong anti-inflammatory.


Used therapeutically, this oil is brilliant for all issues of the girl reproductive machine because it seems to have a hormonal movement, possibly working upon the pituitary gland. It is utilized in the skin to take care of acne, burns, cuts, eczema, inflammations, and wounds. Yarrow can be effective against colds, fevers, influenza, and other immune device-related disorders. It also can be used for anxiety disorders, inclusive of insomnia and stress-related conditions. To a diffused degree, it’s far related to safety and supposedly has a capability to consolidate the charisma. Yarrow can also offer a “visionary” impact on an emotional level, encouraging the need to accept pain so one can heal and go beyond it.