3 Tips to Hire the Best Home Inspector before Buying your Home

A home inspection is an evaluation of the home conducted by qualified inspectors. Majority of people consider it as an important step and one of the best strategies before buying a home. Purchasing or selling a home is likely the largest single financial transaction for average income class people, so a proper inspection becomes an indispensable and mandate process to prevent expensive repairs and replacements later in the future. As the value of the home is greatly influenced by its condition, the buyers will always be happy to pay a higher price for a home which is in its best condition.

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Hiring a professional home inspector has become more substantial than ever before. A home inspection can take your budget to a little higher edge, so resorting to a right kind of inspection is necessary. Your real estate agents may recommend you a list of home inspectors to choose from, but they may tend to miss obvious defects to enable more sales to go through. So, it is always a smart idea to consult and interview more inspectors and choose a wise option. Let us discuss some tips to help you in choosing the best home inspector-

Qualified and Experienced Professionals

A qualified home inspector analyzes all visible and accessible areas of your property to identify any health or safety problems or other conditions that need further specialized attention. Basically, he uncovers a home’s hidden maintenance problems and substandard structural issues, if any. An expert inspector usually carries out thorough examination of the roof, walls, windows, insulation, doors, basement, electrical & plumbing systems, and also report any evidence of fungus, mold spores, termites etc.

Make sure that the inspectors are affiliated and certified with a professional inspection organization and there are no complaints registered against them with the state licensing board.

Previous Portfolio and Job Success Rate

Before hiring any home inspector, make sure to do some research on the company. You can get information about home inspection services by simply asking your friends, co-workers, or relatives that have bought or sold homes lately. Contact them and ask them about their experience. Also, home inspectors have a well-established web presence these days, making it easier to check their authenticity and affiliations with trade associations. You can even search online and find reviews of prospective home inspection companies or individual professionals and check their job success rate.

After shortlisting few home inspectors, contact them and request for their work portfolio done in the past. Choose your option wisely after getting a fair idea of what all services they can offer you.

Calculate the Cost and ROI of Services

Home inspection cost may vary from above average to high. Whatever amount you spend, just keep in mind that it should be in proportion to the investment made as an inspector who is looking at a home priced above the median for the area has to spend more time and hence charges more for examining the extra square footage.

Moreover, make sure the inspector you hire carries errors and omissions insurance to keep you protected and fail-safe. You should also enquire if any guarantee clause is covered in the package of the services being offered to you.

A home inspection is one of the jobs that are best left to professionals. Hiring professional and certified home inspectors give us the sense of security that the job will be done by experts narrowing down the scope of any error. Considering how much an inspection can save you from potential disasters in the future, it is money well spent.