Marijuana for Health: 7 Things You Should Know  1

Marijuana for Health: 7 Things You Should Know 

After being considered an illegal drug in most countries and states, today, Marijuana or Cannabis is being re-evaluated on legal and cultural grounds.

More than three-thirds of states in the USA are already using medical marijuana in their healthcare systems. Others that haven’t adopted medical marijuana are already considering bills to use the drug.

Well, most anti-drug activists will tell you that taking a puff of cannabis in some joints will turn you into a psychopath, but little is mentioned about the medical benefits of this drug. Today, you can actually buy cannabis seeds right in the comfort of your home and enjoy its myriad benefits. Here are some benefits of marijuana you should beware of.

20 Health benefits of cannabis

1. Managing chronic pain 

There are many OTC painkillers in the market, but most of them may not match cannabis. Marijuana is a well-known pain reliever for chronic conditions brought by migraine, arthritis, and endometriosis. It helps to relieve pain by altering pain perception pathways in your brain. When in pain, you can take a dose of cannabinoids (CBD) and find relief.

Cannabinoids are chemicals found in marijuana that are useful in killing pain and other related symptoms you may develop from chronic infections. Note that CBD only helps you relieve pain when you take it in the required dosage.

2. Kills cancer cells 

Cancer is a deadly disease, and there is ongoing research to find a lasting remedy to the disease. Some recent studies have linked medical marijuana to fighting cancer.

Laboratory studies on rodents have shown that medical marijuana can shrink cancer cells and reduce cancer therapy’s side effects. Most cancer patients experience many side effects of cancer treatment like loss of air and reduced appetite for food.

By taking medical marijuana, these side effects can reduce significantly. You can find where to buy marijuana seeds if you are diagnosed with cancer and find relief from its side effects as you undergo regular chemotherapy.

3. An alternative to alcohol

If you’d ask around a table the most addictive and harmful drug between alcohol and marijuana, most people will go for the former. It’s not easy to stop consuming alcohol once you become an addict. However, taking medical marijuana can be a perfect alternative for alcohol, especially after some studies showing that it is 114 times safer than most commonly abused drugs.

study published in Scientific Reports’s journal confirms that medical marijuana is less hazardous than tobacco, heroin, and ecstasy. If you are battling alcoholism, you can resort to marijuana to curb the withdrawal symptoms and recover faster.

In Columbia University’s research, it is established that patients injected with dronabinol recover faster from alcohol and other drugs’ withdrawal symptoms. Dronabinol contains THC, an active ingredient found in cannabis.

4. Can improve productivity in athletes 

Athletes go through a lot on and off the track. After most athletes admitting that they’ve been using marijuana to recover faster from injuries and increase productivity, George Megroz conducted a study to confirm this. In his study, he confirmed that running on a treadmill after taking marijuana helped him perform better and record less sore knee even after a thorough squat session.

When you take medical marijuana, you can go through high-intensity training more comfortably. Of course, you’ll experience a lot of pain after the exercise, but marijuana can help you recover and feel better in just a day.

5. Reduced inflammation 

Taking cannabis can help reduce inflammation if what we read in theory books is anything to go by. There are ongoing studies to attest to the effects of CBD on inflammation and pain relief.

Notably, in theory, marijuana has been shown to help relieve inflammations from rheumatoid arthritis, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, and Crohn’s disease. Medical marijuana is becoming popular today because of its anti-inflammatory effects. However, because it is still illegal in most states and countries, most healthcare providers would not recommend it for pain relief.

6. Help you battle ADHD

When you are battling ADD and ADHD, it is not easy to focus on a task. You lose focus most of the time, and your concentration is interrupted. Individuals with concentration issues can find a remedy in medical marijuana.

CBD and other related drugs have shown some promise in helping ADHD patients find relief and continue their daily activities normally. Most doctors would also recommend cannabis as a safer alternative for Ritalin and Adderall.

Marijuana can also help you find relief from Alzheimer’s disease, which is caused by cognitive degeneration. This is because cannabis contains Endocannabinoid that suppresses brain inflammations and reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s disease.

7. Treats sleep disorder 

If you are having trouble with sleep, you can find some relief by taking cannabis. Insomnia, stress, anxiety, and depression are some causes of sleep difficulty in adults. Medical marijuana can help to improve sleep disorders.

When stressed, a puff of marijuana can help you feel ‘high’ and relieve you of anxiety, which can deprive sleep. Most people use cannabis for meditation and relaxation of the brain before going to bed. By reducing pain from marijuana usage, you can have better sleep.

Final Thoughts 

There are many benefits of marijuana, such as losing weight, pain relief, and treating anxiety. Some benefits are beyond the scope of this article.

Because of the myriad benefits of cannabis and other related products, most companies like Homegrown Cannabis Co are now out to help you get quality CBD products for better health. You can buy cannabis products if they are approved in your state and enjoy the many health benefits of marijuana.

More research on the benefits of marijuana is still ongoing as states look forward to legalizing it. When you want to start taking medical marijuana, you should reach out to your doctor. Your doctor will help you choose the right marijuana medication for your ailment and acquire a legal marijuana card if you live in a state where it’s illegal to use the drug.