Why So Many Recruiting Software Packages? 1

Why So Many Recruiting Software Packages?

I truly do not know. I am now not a legit tracker of a software program, so I am uncertain if recruiting software programs is an anomaly or a trend for software in trendy. Like cellular cellphone choices, recruitment software program options have long gone from best a handful within the overdue eighty’s to hundreds, possibly nicely over a thousand now, so how do you choose? I get stressed attempting to shop for a brand new cell phone, which isn’t a life or loss of life decision for me. But for small, third-birthday party recruiting businesses, deciding on a recruiting software program can be a life or death choice for that commercial enterprise.


Ok, right here is my excellent guess as to why there are such a lot of recruiting software program (additionally referred to as applicant tracking or staffing software program) applications to choose from. I think the production of recruiting software mirrors the industry. Anyone can end up a recruiter and start a recruiting company – select up the phone and begin calling agencies, ask if they have any unfilled positions that they could be inclined to pay a fee to fill and get them to agree which you’re the one to fill the one’s positions for them. Voila! The birth of a brand new recruiting firm. Like new recruiting firms, the recruiting software apple doesn’t fall a ways from the tree. A new recruiting software gadget pops up every short while or to be able to support them as soon as-I-was-a-used-car-salesman-but-now-I-am-a-recruiter and their unique idea of what a recruiting software program bundle need to do.

But, like lightning bugs, these recruiters and recruiting software program packages to shine for a few hours or days after which are long gone forever. I assume it is ideal for the surviving recruiting software program developers to maintain us on our toes. These little lightning insects contribute to the gene pool with some right ideas. They even contribute what I think are awful thoughts, but some recruiting organizations suppose are brilliant improvements. So we have a litmus test occurring before our very eyes as recruiting firms the usage of horrific-idea software packages try and cause them to paintings. Will they continue to exist and turn a bad idea into an excellent idea? I like to hang around and watch.

As mounted recruiting software program companies, we have been confronted with a double-edged sword when new recruiting software hits the marketplace. We can never loosen up because we are usually, compared to the contemporary whiz-bang, out of the container ideas; however, we are also getting peeks at a few virtually superb thoughts to boost and develop our existing merchandise. And if we’re now not paying interest, our customers make sure we are.

The installed recruiting enterprise purchaser base in no way hesitates to let applicant tracking software program builders recognize what’s out there because they get bombarded with it on a daily foundation. Recruiting software peddlers are like credit card groups. You get approximately 10 offers by way of mail and five smartphone calls each day from credit score card agencies, and the recruiting software enterprise is not away at the back of. Our consumer base is being provided with new applicant tracking or recruiting software structures on a daily foundation. And the owners of those recruiting or staffing companies are not best being driven insane with the direct marketing; they have a horde of double retailers internal their very own employer.


For example, let’s take a company with five recruiters that hire a new, ‘experienced’ recruiter. He would not like the present recruiting software gadget they’re using and prefers the use of product X because that’s what he used before, and he thinks it is cool. The poison starts operating its way into the cozy little recruiting firm, and shortly, all the recruiters are greater centered on the tool than on doing their task. The hotshot recruiter moves on because he had now not made any money in six months and leaves at the back of a path of destruction.

The firm is left in disarray because they were taken off stride and swept up within the narcotic-like winds of the latest recruiting and staffing software program merchandise. These new merchandise shine like diamonds at the seashore and rancid the recruiters pass, abandoning their jobs for the promise of riches that lie there ready within the sands. Alas, the brilliant objects are the simplest shards of glass, and your commercial enterprise is left bleeding and seeking to get better.

It’s no wonder the confusion over what to buy is so good sized. What do business owners and recruiters do whilst looking for a recruiting software program in this life or die jungle? We have several articles on our BlackDog Recruiting software program internet site to help with the procedure. However, a piece was written by using Carl Kutsmode last 12 months in a dialogue institution still stands proudly in my mind.

1) First – Be sure to evaluate your modern recruiting manner and practices first to pick out what is running well vs. Regions that want development BEFORE you buy groceries or decide on any system.

2) Once you understand your modern-day gaps — decide and make all the changes you could manage to pay for to make before putting in the brand new system as it’s for a long way greater fee effective to implement new technology on desirable process and practices than to retrofit on awful techniques.

3) After technique upgrades are made, make a list of gaps, closing that wants to be addressed, and prioritize them. The focus in your pinnacle 10 -15 MUST HAVE device talents and capabilities while reviewing dealer alternatives.

Four) When companies do a demo — ask them to tailor the demo to the ones pinnacle 10 matters that are important to address so that you can truly compare how everyone will functionally cope with your wishes. If viable — insist on a stay demo — not a PowerPoint evaluation of talents.

5) Once you narrow your dealer selections in your top or 3 providers — then don’t forget prices. Until this point, do not make the fee an issue in narrowing your choice. More frequently than not, I locate that my clients get rid of carriers only on the fee, and they emerge as spending 10X greater looking to get a decrease value dealer answers custom-designed to satisfy their wishes.

6) When negotiating the very last deal, make certain to examine apples to apples. Some companies consist of user schooling up the front and ongoing in addition to a sure range of custom-designed reviews so their total charge can be better than some other vendor that has a base price for the system and expenses a la carte for the whole lot else — which in the end can be greater steeply-priced.

7) In negotiations — great to negotiate in Q4 — as near year-end as feasible. All businesses want to make their year-end numbers appearance correct so that you can now and again get the high-quality deals at this time. Suppose shopping for different instances of the 12 months — attempt to near the deal close to the end of 1 / 4 for similar negotiating power. Always negotiate along with your finalists and deliver the quality normal cost to your price range –which may not always be the bottom rate.


Eight) Be positive you get to meet or have entered into your implementation team venture lead. That is the individual that can affect your timeline and overall costs the maximum if they mess up.

Nine) When rolling out to the business / cease users — make certain to have a change management plan that consists of the right expectation placing that the machine might not be ideal out of the container. Also, provide a discussion board for 24X7 consumer comments and weekly Q&A training sessions for the primary ninety days if possible. This will decrease frustrations and boost up person adoption.”

Kenneth Peck is the president of BlackDog Recruiting Software Inc., Which presents staffing software program to expert recruiting companies. BlackDog’s flagship product, Gopher for Recruiters, is designed especially for the govt search enterprise. Gopher has become the leading recruitment device of choice for recruiters wanting to dramatically increase productiveness thru effective applicant and resume monitoring and allows immediate access to the important candidate and client statistics.