Summer is approaching, and you may want to lose weight now. After all, who like to flaunt their summer-hot-bikini-body? However, losing weight only to look good is not the only reason to lose weight. Gaining weight has major health risks, while shedding those extra kilos can save you from such health risks. A lot of research has been conducted, and the researchers believe that obese individuals can decrease life expectancy by up to eight years! Now you see losing eight years of your life is humungous. So if you care about your life and health, you should definitely pay attention to your increasing weight. Here are a few reasons you should lose weight starting today!



Being overweight can cause a lot of harm to your vital and crucial organs such as the brain, kidneys, liver, lungs, and heart. If you lose weight, then you will make sure to keep these organs intact. The more you lose weight, the more you protect your heart as it decreases the risk of high blood pressure. Many residents of the USA have lost their lives to heart disease. Hence, it is of utmost importance to take care of it.


You already know that if you carry more than you can, then your muscles start to ache. Like they say, too much of anything is harmful; similarly if you carry extra fat, it will stress your joints and lead to wear and tear of the knee, foot, and hip. It is a proven fact that weight loss can reduce arthritis pain. So to avoid inflammation that may affect your joints, it is wise to lose weight.


Those who are overweight often suffer from chronic depression as it affects the hormones of the body. Inactivity doesn’t release the dopamine hormone, which is a happy hormone, and as a result, a person may suffer from depression. Furthermore, obesity causes Alzheimer’s later; it is linked to memory and concentration problems in general.


Various other health risks are associated with obesity and being overweight. Overweight individuals often face respiratory problems because increased weight leads to decreased lung capacity. People tend to suffer from asthma as well. Those people who have obese sometimes suffer from cologne and breast cancer. If you have type 2 diabetes, you can control a lot of it by just shedding some of your weight.

Your overall health can improve by just losing some weight. If you want to feel confident, look good and live a healthy life, it is wise to lose weight. Those of you who are now spending so much time just sitting in front of the television doing nothing should now go out, take a stroll or run to sweat your kilos off to become fit.

Lastly, there are various weight loss retreat programs that you can take to shed some pounds. Choose a program that focuses on leading a healthier lifestyle incorporating better nutrition and regular exercise into your busy lives.