Maneuvering through the world of marijuana can be challenging, especially with all the regulations surrounding weed in the United States. Trying to understand the different laws associated with marijuana strains, hemp, CBD oils, THC, edibles, terpenes, etc., is more confusing. To get medical marijuana is not as simple as just getting your prescription and going to a pharmaceutical drug’s store. There are state regulations involved, such as physician’s recommendation, medical cannabis card, and then finding a reliable weed dispensary from which to source the product. There are hundreds of marijuana dispensaries out there, depending on its legality in that state. How do you know which to trust for safe and effective products? Below are the things to look out for to find a legitimate and reliable weed dispensary.


It should be licensed.

A licensed weed dispensary means it is more reliable since you can always go back to inquire about anything. It guarantees you that the products are safe and quality and have been clinically tested based on the regulations required by the state. A licensed weed dispensary also means that you can trust the product labels, find out the CBD or THC levels contained and other extracts added to the product. Note that CBD and THC are the primary compounds that make up medical marijuana. And doctors usually recommend them in varying amounts depending on your health condition since it is used to relieve different medical conditions. With an accurate label, you can determine if you are using the right amount of CBD as per the doctor’s prescription.

Enquire about full testing

Marijuana is associated with many health benefits as well as side effects. To ensure you are getting the health benefits of marijuana, check for the product’s full testing by enquiring from the weed dispensary. Testing requirements differ from state to state, so you have to understand your state’s requirements first. You can ask your dispensary attendant to show you their certificate of analysis from a certified lab to prove the product is free from pesticides, fungicides, metals, and other toxins that could degrade your health.

When looking at the quality and safety of the medical marijuana you get, you are pretty much at the mercy of your state’s regulation efforts since they are responsible for licensing Weed Stores if their weed meets the quality tests. However, it is your obligation to ensure the cannabis products you buy are thoroughly tested for quality.

Understand what you want beforehand

If the use of medical and recreational marijuana is legal in your state, it means there are hundreds of weed stores where you can source the product. Buying medical marijuana is not like walking into a store and picking what you want. It requires due diligence research on your part as well. And you can’t begin comparing labels once you are at the store since there will be others waiting to be served behind you. If you know and understand what product you want, check out the dispensary’s products on their website first before you head there. You will know if what you want is available, its price, and learn more about the dispensary to determine whether you can trust them.

The bottom line

To find a reliable weed dispensary, start by checking out their website. It should look professional, adhere to the state’s regulations, have essential information about their marijuana products, strains, and have a professional medical team behind it.