5 Effective Tips to Ensure Safe Moving 1

5 Effective Tips to Ensure Safe Moving

With the excitement of moving to a new place, be prepared for the dangers that lie behind you. Moving is an exhausting task that can lead to serious injuries if you are not careful when combined with the lifting of bulky items and packing sharp objects. This is especially the case when you have taken the DIY move without calling for professional help.

Protecting yourself from unpredictable injuries is as important as protecting your valuable possessions from unwanted damage. Moving injuries happen in a fraction of seconds without any warning. People tend to hurt their back or suffer severe sprains when carrying heavy items or making sudden sharp turns. That is why it is important to implement strict safety measures during your house move.


Keep reading to gain a good understanding of the basic moving safety tips.

Clear Your Pathway

This may sound like a no-brainer but securing your pathway from your home to the waiting vehicle is actually really important. You have to make sure that any hazards on the way are cleared off and obstacles are removed.

If you are moving out of a crowded multi-story building apartment, it is better to use elevators and inform your neighbors so they can remain out of the way. Remember, the lesser the obstacles; the more will be the safety.

Pack Smartly

When you begin packing, distribute the heavy items appropriately. Designate medium size boxes to hold a specific number of items with a certain amount of weight. Please don’t exceed the weight limit, as it can easily cause an injury to your neck or back.

As a general rule, pack items weighing up to 50 pounds in one box. Also, try to lift the box before it is full to make sure it isn’t heavy for a single person to carry to the vehicle.

Be Careful with Sharp Items

Not taking enough caution when wrapping up sharp objects can lead to cuts and deep wounds while packing and unpacking. Kitchen knives, gardening tools, and similar items can poke out of boxes and need more protection.

It is best to pack these things in bubble wrap and roll them up in a dishtowel. Don’t forget to secure a tight rubber band over it for extra safety.

Use Appropriate Equipment

When it comes to lifting and hoisting, have the right kind of tools and equipment handy. Move large items such as appliances and furniture with the help of a two-wheel or four-wheel moving dolly.

Whether you purchase it or rent it, make sure it is high-quality and the straps are in good condition. This will have you rest assured that your heavy furniture is moved out with minimum effort and a zero risk of floor damage.

Ask for Help

Sometimes the moving job is easy and can be done yourself. However, when you see plenty of challenges and risks ahead of you, you can make the wisest decision to hire a reliable moving company.

These individuals are experts in their fields and have the right knowledge, equipment, and experience to carry out the job without any injury or damage.