Get Rid of Black Mold: Dos and Don'ts 1

Get Rid of Black Mold: Dos and Don’ts

We often overlook damp walls and eaten up furniture because we exempt the extra burden of getting rid of that stuff apart from carrying out other business. But have you thought about how harmful these things could be? What physical and health problems it can cause to you and your family?

The black mold hidden in your home can be highly unhealthy and can cause various skin allergies, itching, and respiratory problems. Therefore, inhaling these spores suspended in the air can spare no chance of sending you to the hospital.

So getting rid of the mold from every nook and corner should be the top priority of everyone. One of the possible ways of doing so is by calling mold removal experts. That will save you a lot of trouble taking the task in your hand and utilizing your precious time.

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But what are the dos and don’ts of removing the black mold? Are we doing it the right way or making it even worse? Look further to discover.

What to do?

Before you start scraping it off, find the root cause so that it doesn’t grow back. It usually requires high moisture content and oxygen to expand on any surface. Here are some ways of what should be done to remove it.

1) Fix the moisture source: Molds grow on damp surfaces that means your home has water leaks at specific areas contributing to their growth. Find out the leaky areas that could be either your bathroom, downspouts, roof, or chimney. Get them repaired and replaced according to the breakage.

2) Make the area dry and clean: Dry clean the affected area by opening windows, using dryers or dehumidifiers to eliminate the excess moisture. Please don’t jump to the next step until you are sure it’s dry.

3) Hire Professionals for the work: Hire a professional mold removal company who can complete the job in no time and provide you with a guarantee. They will guide you with a preventive measure to stop mold growth in the future.

What not to do?

Certain things make the problem worst. Have a look-

1) Not calling for help: Taking the things in your hands can worsen the problem. Many people hold off on calling professionals until they have made a mess out of it. Mold, if left untreated, can eat away every wall of the room, including furniture.

2) Use a fan to ventilate: Turning the fan on to dry up mold affected damp places can allow the spores to spread and be a huge mistake that must be avoided at all cost.

3) Using improper techniques: It is never a good idea to try a DIY black mold removal solution that you might have seen online. Most DIY solutions take care of the symptoms and not the root cause of the problem. Remember not to use bleach on mold affected spots because it grows the spores even faster and avoids watching such videos where bleach is used.