Seven Reckless Mistakes to Avoid During Your Kitchen Renovations 1

Seven Reckless Mistakes to Avoid During Your Kitchen Renovations

It is exciting to embark on the journey of designing your dream kitchen. You can customize everything from A to Z and can enjoy increased efficiency, function, and value of your home. Unfortunately, there can be a few mistakes here and there to extend the period of your project and spike the expenditure more than what you planned for.

If you wonder what kind of blunder you as homeowners need to be wary of, then keep reading further. Here is a brief list of dangerous and reckless mistakes that people often commit during their kitchen renovations –

Kitchen Renovations

Bad Garbage Setup

You all know that kitchens are the major producers of trash in a home. There is food waste, metal cans, plastic containers, wrappers, etc. and throwing it out regularly is crucial to maintain cleanliness and sanitation. However, many kitchen designs don’t allocate sufficient space for separate trash cans to dump paper, glass, and recyclable plastics despite its huge importance.

Too Much Trendiness

While it is all cool to opt for kitchen designs relevant to the latest trends, it doesn’t make sense to go overboard with them in a way that looks odd the next season. The styles that go out of vogue so soon make it harder for your home to sell in the future and fetch the right price.

Inappropriate Lighting

Generally, every kitchen requires task lighting, accent lighting, and arrangements for overall illumination. The absence of any of these lights or installing them at the wrong places can pose difficulty in chopping, cooking, and cleaning chores and giving gloomy and boring kitchens.

Lack of Ventilation

This is one of the aspects that play a significant role during both kitchen and bathroom renovations, but many homeowners skip on that. They rely on cheap ventilation that traps all the odors inside and obstructs the good quality air from entering the home.

Limited Storage

A kitchen can’t have enough area for all the gadgets, tools, or utensils you want to store. But lacking the basic storage space for the items you use daily can get highly frustrating. Your meal preparation can become a nuisance, and you may never learn how to make most of the space in your kitchen.

Inaccurate Island Placement

Installation of kitchen islands has always been a popular demand during kitchen remodeling. However, even the best of the projects tumble down if the kitchen islands are not placed properly in the area. The efficient workflow between important areas is obstructed, and the layout looks cluttered.

Not Adhering to Budget Limits

Spending more than the pre-defined budget range is probably the biggest mistake many homeowners make. There is no limit to how extravagant you can get with your kitchen interior and appliances choices, but it is best to be realistic with your expectations. Also, keep your budget a little tight and extra funds aside for any unforeseen problems.