Dusting Your Computer - Keeping it Cool 1

Dusting Your Computer – Keeping it Cool

My mom always instructed me to dirt, but I by no means did, normally because I was lazy, but also because I could not locate any tangible benefit to dusting. I just failed to see how I’d advantage from my room or my things being less dusty. Now I’ve gotten a bit older, and I eventually observed a motive to dust – a cooler going for walks computer. I’m going to offer a few backgrounds by myself system and occasions first, then run exams earlier than and after dusting, and explain how and what I used to dust.


I’ve had the laptop in question for a bit over two years, a twin AMD Athlon MP notebook that, while no longer the pinnacle of the line, continues to be plenty speedy sufficient for what I do. The laptop is walking at well-known speeds and specs and has continually been very strong, no longer one hundred%. When the system was about a 12 months antique, I had been getting through with the occasional, more or less, as soon as a weekly lock up. At that factor, I, in the end, spent the time to try to diagnose the problem.

To be flawlessly clean, I’m speaking about a lock-up, in which the whole thing stops responding, the display screen freezes, and I must reboot, now not simply a utility crash, which I can normally blame on Microsoft. My initial notion turned into that the laptop becomes overheating, in particular, the CPUs. I turned into a bit hesitant even though I changed into jogging AMD retail processors at popular specifications with AMD retail heatsinks and lovers, and I figured that should have been a high-quality setup. But I’ve had CPUs overheat before once I changed into certain that became the problem, and this just felt adore it now. I did a few studies online, and it appeared just like the AMD cooling solutions had been really underwhelming performers, so I broke down and acquired new heatsinks and fans. These still were not top of the road, but they reduced my CPU temperatures immediately by way of about 20%.

I’d say my computer changed into sincerely extra strong after the discount in temperature in unscientific testing. I estimate the weekly lockup has become a monthly or maybe each other month-to-month lockup. This clearly isn’t always best for a machine that definitely should be ninety-nine. Ninety-nine % solid, but it became a huge improvement, and I allow the problem to cross for a while. I will word that as many of you may anticipate, this computer is always on, twenty-four hours a day, seven days every week.

Anyway, now it is every other 12 months later, and my pc is an increasing number of risky once more. I’m not going to exit and get higher heatsinks and fans again, as I’m positive the development could be much less than before. My subsequent even though changed into about how dusty the complete gadget is. I recognize I need to have dusted it as soon as in the remaining two years, but I by no means got round to it. I’d say I live in an average environment in phrases of dustiness, not especially better or worse, and I simply in no way thought it would make a completely massive difference in my CPU temperature. As you will see, I turned into absolutely incorrect – which, by the way, may make my mom proper.


Almost all customers have to really don’t forget both exams’ outcomes, probably giving extra weight to the one which maximum closely suits your regular computing. Even if you run enterprise packages predominantly, you’ll nearly without a doubt on occasion do something that falls underneath this content advent test, modifying pictures or an occasional domestic film, as an example. So remember all the exams, do not simply consciousness on one graph.

Should you dust your laptop? Yes, why now not? It cannot hurt. But certainly, there are tangible advantages to cleaning your computer, even though it appears stable right now.

Computers and electronics in standard don’t like warmth. Dust blocks enthusiasts on your case, which usually cool your CPU, video card, and motherboard components. Dust also blocks enthusiasts and their airflow into and from your case. Cool air desires to be delivered right into a case, after which the host air dispelled. If the airways are blocked, system temperature can upward thrust speedily. However, if your pc is stable, the CPU is running too warm, you chop down on its lifespan, potentially quick.

More crucial to many humans, though, can be the result of that first heat associated laptop locks up. Even if it’s in no way been trouble earlier than, in case your laptop crashes at the wrong time, it can be catastrophic. Usually, mine locks up once I’m far from it, or in a single day, and I flip it again on and restart Firefox and haven’t lost anything crucial. But the remaining week, it locked up with unsaved graphs for my last article, and Excel chose no to vehicle shop. I spent the hour it took to redo them, considering approaches to eliminate these lockups.

Of route, decreasing warmth is likewise continually a concern for folks who overclock their CPU. For those who do not recognize, overclocking runs a CPU at a higher frequency than it turned into offered to run it. For instance, you could take your Intel Pentium 4, which is jogging at a “clock” charge of 2 GHz, and try to run it at 2.1 GHz, 2.Five GHz, faster speeds, or everywhere in among. I actually have a vintage dual CPU system that changed into purported to run at 366 MHz. Instead, I ran the chips at 500 MHz every, which turned into a large overall performance gain. Overclocking is honestly an awesome manner to get more “free” performance out of a system, as long as you can preserve stability. Usually, the single largest element for success is lowering warmness as tons as feasible.

Another factor to observe is that at the same time, as it’s miles very essential to maintain CPU heat to a minimal, difficult drive, video playing cards, and different components all need to be saved cool as properly. In reality, I don’t actually recognize for sure that my CPUs are the modern-day trouble. I assume they’re, but my subsequent guess (if I’m correct that it’s a heat hassle) would be my video card, on account that I’ve checked, and it runs actually warm.

For the idle readings, the pc turned into freshly booted into Windows. To get the pc jogging at full load, I ran two times Prime95, a math software to max out a CPU (2 copies running, one every for two CPUs), and copied 2 GB of Music hard force to another folder at the identical drive. The entire system took approximately half an hour.

Without something to compare them to, those numbers, for the most part, are not extraordinarily thrilling. My only reaction turned into that sixty-three tiers Celsius appears quite warm, and the idle CPU temperatures are not too amazing both. Remember, each CPU type has an exceptional endorsed temperature range. Sixty-three stages can be too hot for mine but will be both suitable or possibly way too hot on your very own. Regardless, you optimistically will be aware of a relative discount in temperature after dusting.


As I stated, I’ve in no way dusted a laptop before, but I got here up with what ended up being an inexpensive plan. I offered compressed air and a small brush from staples for $7 general and used a rag I actually have here. I made sure to unplug my computer, grounded myself to discharge static energy using touching something metal aside from my computer, opened up the case, and changed into equipped to go.

As lengthy as you make sure your pc is unplugged, do not get anything moist and are mild at the same time as you’ve got it opened, you sincerely should not harm anything. For the most part, the internal of your computer is sensitive, but it isn’t brittle. The superb exception is your CPU. If you have been to disconnect it and pull it out of the motherboard, you’ll disclose pins on the bottom, which are, in truth, extraordinarily sensitive.