Is Space Expanding Or Is Our Universe Expanding In Space? 1

Is Space Expanding Or Is Our Universe Expanding In Space?

In pretty much any introductory textbook on astronomy or primer on cosmology, you are bound to read that the Universe is expanding (genuine enough) because space itself is increasing.


. Like dots painted on a balloon being blown up, the flotsam and jetsam of the Universe are spreading apart, by some means ‘glued’ to that expanding area. How any astronomer or cosmologist can write such claptrap with a straight face is quite past me.

My basic premise right here is if space itself is increasing, the area itself is a factor. Common experience tells you that area is not an issue. You cannot see it, hear it, touch it, sense it, or taste it. If you believe you studied area is an aspect, nicely clutch keep of a number of it and try and stretch or make bigger it (however do it in non-public or others will doubt your sanity). Whether you communicate about three-D space (extent) or the four-dimensional area-time (time being the fourth dimension), it’s miles simply the empty level, IMHO, where the drama of real things is performed out.

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No longer-things (like area, time and dimensions* in trendy) can be subdivided indefinitely to my manner of thinking. They are non-stop. No count number the duration, vicinity, or extent. Whatever you have got can be divided in half of and in 1/2 over and over and once more, and you continue to have a duration, location, or quantity. Things have an integrated restriction as to how long that factor in a query can be divided down earlier than you hit fundamental bedrock. Sooner or later, you hit and input the electron’s area, those quarks, neutrinos, photons, gluons, gravitons, and different pressure and depend on particles that can not be divided down any farther. These are things.



So if space itself is increasing, nicely, that’s nonsense because…

There’s space among your ears. However, that does not suggest you are getting a swelled head!

You pass through current space when going from home to the workplace, to the supermarket, or going to an overseas metropolis on business or vacation. When commuting to the workplace, the gap between domestic and workplace doesn’t increase daily.

The Moon orbits the Earth thru present space. The Moon is getting farther away from the Earth on day by day basis. Even there may be loads of space between the Earth and the Moon, and the Moon is getting similarly away from the Earth, it is not because an area is expanding, however because of tidal forces.

The Earth/Moon pair orbits the Sun through a present area. There’s a number of the interplanetary area among the Earth/Moon device and the Sun; however, the Earth/Moon to Sun distance hasn’t modified in thousands of millennia.

The Sun (and solar machine) orbits around the middle of the Milky Way Galaxy even though existing space. There’s lots of interstellar space between the Sun and the galactic middle; however, the Sun is not getting any extra remote from that middle.

So far, so proper: even astronomers and cosmologists will accept as true with that assessment. But all of a sudden, with a snap of their arms, as soon as out in the intergalactic area, things move apart, or as alternative galaxies (of which our Milky Way is considered one of billions and billions) flow aside from other galaxies as though being carried piggyback on an increasing intergalactic space (which however is the same space as interplanetary and interstellar space).

Actually, there is an exception of every galaxy shifting far from each other galaxy – clusters of galaxies that are cheek-by using-jowl are sure collectively via their mutual gravity. Sometimes, this sort of cluster galaxies can approach every different. A living proof has our personal Milky Way Galaxy and the Andromeda Galaxy on a collision course. Still, relaxation clean, the intersection may not occur for every other five billion years – give or take one million.

But wait, isn’t always every galaxy in the observable universe bound or attracted by way of gravity to each other galaxy? I imply the pressure of gravity does not expand outwards and then, at some point, fall off a cliff or get shut down and stale.

If space is expanding, then the area is an element with houses. What are the properties of a thing that expands?

Most common are 2-D structures. You placed greater air in your tires; it’s the rubber that expands; at the same time as blowing up a balloon, nicely it is that membrane-like surface that stretches; you have got stretching fabric (just like the elastic on your underclothes). The oft-used cosmology textbook analogy is portrayed dots (representing the galaxies) on an increasing balloon (representing increasing area). As the balloon expands, the ‘galactic’ dots also get apart. But the analogy fails due to the fact the balloon’s expanding floor is something. Besides, all 2-D analogies are not worth the paper they’re written on due to the fact 1) the actual Universe in 3-D and a pair of) there are three-D analogies to be had.

So there are pretty common 3-D analogies. An entire rock will extend, now not just the surface, sitting out within the hot sun; a growing cake or soufflé or baking raisin bread are common examples within the kitchen. The analogy oft given is baking raisin bread, where the raisins are the galaxies, and the increasing bread is similar to space. Therefore the ‘galactic’ raisins get also and also aside as the bread expands. But this analogy fails too due to the fact the raisin bread is something.

Now whilst something expands, it gets thinner or extra dilutes. As you preserve putting on weight, the elastic on your undies stretch thinner and thinner. In the case of the raisin loaf, if you begin with a 500 gram mass of dough in a container of say 300 cubic centimeters, what you grow to be with is 500 grams in, say, a quantity of 500 cubic centimeters. The identical quantity of stuff, to a larger extent, means that the stuff has been diluted.

If an area is something, and space itself is expanding or stretching, then the area must be getting thinner and/, or greater dilute through the years. If but, this area-as-a-something remains steady through the years, even though it’s increasing, you they’re getting an unfastened lunch – something from nothing. That extra area is being synthetic by way of forces unknown out of not anything at all. Claptrap!


Anyone who’s all people who know a bit about gravity and General Relativity is aware of that area-time is flexible. Mass ‘tells’ space-time how to flex; how area-time flexes ‘tells’ mass a way to flow. However, that still implies that area-time is a component, a bodily medium that may be manipulated.

Matter and power and related forces and pressure particles are facets of the equal coin associated with Einstein’s famous equation. So, that must be sufficient for any moves, reactions, interactions, etc. To be explainable without resorting to warped space-time. However, let’s look at the most widely known illustration of alleged warped area-time. The experimental commentary proved Einstein’s prediction that Mass certainly ‘tells’ space-time how to flex and the way space-time flexes ‘tells’ mass the way to flow. A case in point becomes the deflection of mild emitted photons by a celebrity whose light surpassed very near our Sun. That deflection meant that observers on Earth saw the superstar ever so slightly out of role whilst the Sun became within the line-of-sight place. (All this turned into observed for the duration of a solar eclipse; otherwise, the starlight would have been drowned out with the aid of the Sun’s mild.) The rationalization: starlight photons (mass or energy) want to head immediately. However, space-time became warped, and as a result, those photons got deflected from the direction and narrow. Well, it truly is one manner of looking at it.

On the opposite hand, the starlight’s light-wave photons are things; the Sun is an aspect; the Sun’s gravity is a thing. So gadgets, be counted and power, things existing in area and time that pass inside the Sun’s gravity, need to be affected, in this example deflected from their direct and slender direction. Why invoke warped area-time? It is probably a pleasing way of looking at things. However, airbrushing is not restrained to just the fashion industry!

Roll an iron ball beyond a magnet, and you will get a deflection from the straight and slim – like with the photon and the Sun. But roll a marble past the identical magnet, and the marble will maintain on immediately and authentic. So, the iron ball trajectory or the marble vs. The magnet (a part of the electromagnetic pressure) has not anything to do with warped area-time, although the movement passed off in area-time.

Take your basic trilogy of quarks (in a neutron or proton) who love every different so dearly that they can’t stand to be aside. If you pressure them apart, the robust nuclear force which generally keeps the quarks cheek-via-jowl will get stronger the farther aside you pull the trio of quarks apart – like a rubber band being stretched. When you release your maintain in this threesome, they snap lower back collectively. Their path deviates returned from what you dictated – nothing to do with warped area-time although the motion befell in space-time.

Or take the decay of an unstable atomic nucleus. The castoff debris hit different unstable nuclei cascading off greater bits and portions, which hit more volatile nuclei on edge, and so forth. You get a sequence reaction, even possibly a nuclear blast. That’s the susceptible nuclear pressure in motion. Again, it really is not, depending on warped space-time through the chain response, takes the region in area-time.

But allow’s again to the warping of space-time, which appears allegedly to be the providence of gravity and simply gravity.

But what form of flexing or area-time warping ought to account for most (now not all) galaxies going for walks far from maximum (now not all) other galaxies – actual observations of the expanding Universe. None that is apparent and leaps to thoughts apart from a form of endless Mexican sombrero kind shape where all huge clumps of remember (maximum galaxies) start at the top of the hat and roll off, to the north, south, east, and west, and all points of the compass in-between, all the way down to the – nicely the ‘down’ would not cease. But someway, you need to imagine that in 3-D for a reason, that floor of the ‘sombrero,’ in which all of the action is, is two-D.



Once you are given the idea that the area itself is expanding – the area itself growing extra area out of not anything – is total nonsense, then certain effects comply with. One is that the stuff of the Universe is increasing through the existing area instead of the stuff of the Universe being carried piggyback on the back of space. If the stuff of the Universe is increasing via existing space, the stuff of the Universe has constantly expanded through present space. Existing space turned into a gift during the Universe’s growth right back unto the beginning – that Big Bang event. If area existed at the time of the Big Bang occasion, then space existed earlier than the Big Bang event, as the Big Bang occasion wished area to bang into, much like any other explosive occasion you can think about, from a firecracker to an H-Bomb to a supernova has to occur in a current area. Therefore there was a life earlier than the Big Bang. There was a before the Big Bang, and something cosmology money owed for the Big Bang desires to take that into account.


Is there any real observational proof that proves that it’s far space expanding and not flotsam and jetsam moving apart thru present space? No. But I can think of a possible test or two that would finish the difficulty. If an area is increasing, then gadgets that might be drawing near every other (just like the Milky Way Galaxy and the Andromeda Galaxy) because of mutual gravity or because of intrinsic motion must be preventing in opposition to the grain and be approaching every other extra slowly than might otherwise be the case. Or, on the other hand, objects receding aside, like the Earth and the Moon (because of tidal forces), are going with the grain and need to be isolating greater unexpectedly than in any other case will be the case. I’ve yet to examine any account of this sort of measurement and observational confirmation that would best rise if the Milky Way/Andromeda pair or Earth/Moon pair’s velocities were certainly anomalous. The latter test, the growing Earth/Moon separation, ought to be an exceedingly clean experiment to do. We realize the Earth-Moon distance to severe precision due to the reflective mirrors lent on the lunar floor through the Apollo moonwalkers. It should be truthful whether the Moon is receding from the Earth faster than tidal forces can account for.


There’s a totally strong precept in technological know-how referred to as Occam’s Razor, which quite a lot states than when confronted with a pot-full of competing ideas or motives, betting the circle of relatives farm on the one which makes the least assumptions and appears the maximum truthful. In different phrases, “hold it simple, stupid!” Applying Occam’s Razor, there is a straightforward and commonsense solution to this claptrap. All items at any scale flow-through current space. Space is – it contains matters from the energy of the (not so perfect) vacuum, interplanetary/interstellar/intergalactic gas and dirt, to sun structures, to quasars, to the biggest of galactic clusters. Therefore, if now, then manner back when. The foundation of the Universe also occurred in a current area. The Big Bang event did not create an area for an area that isn’t a tangible element that may be created. Further, there’s no astronomical, observable check (aside from the opportunities I advised above and variations on the one’s topics) that may distinguish between increasing area and rely upon expanding thru the area.