Survey Tips For First Time Home Buyers

If you are investing in a house for the first time, chances are that you might not know too much about land surveying and why it is such an imperative step to be taken.

Enumerated below are some of the reasons why you would require the assistance of a professional land surveyor.

Take Property Boundaries Into Consideration

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When you are sharing a boundary with your neighbor, you would have to make sure that you have clearly demarcated boundary lines so that you are well aware of which part of the land is yours and which part is theirs. The conducting of construction jobs such as building a fence, adding of a swimming pool, or even extending a part of your house for making rooms would entail that you have a clear idea about your property boundaries. Therefore, it is always a good idea to keep track of these demarcations.

Mend Your Relations

A boundary survey has proven to be one of the veritable ways to establish whether or not a driveway, deck, shed or fence is trespassing upon the frontiers of your residential premises. Oftentimes, it is seen that the neighbors of the clients have a misconception regarding these frontiers and they might take into consideration faulty measurements that would lead to encroachment or trespassing. This would inevitably open up a space for legal disputes which would not only result in unnecessary expenses but also sour the relationship between the two neighbors. Keeping this in mind, it is always recommended that you obtain a boundary survey while securing the services of a reputable and professional serving company. In this manner, you would be assured of their quality services and they would be able to guide you through any potential disputes.

What Are Your Property Regulations?

With each passing day, there might be new regulations and guidelines that might be put in place by your neighborhood’s community which could have the potential of acting as an impediment for any potential construction job that you might have envisioned. Common examples would be to restrict constructions on a floodplain area, like a plan to extend the space available for a room. These building permits are issued by local authorities and you would need the services of a professional land surveyor to make sure that you are adhering to these community guidelines and that you would not have to spend any money in the future in demolishing and reconstructing a part of your residence.

The Right-Of-Ways

There might be a case in which if you write format the uses of somebody else’s property for a limited scope. This right of way would help you to comprehend the capacity to put forward a construction plan that would be inclusive of space from your neighbor’s property itself. One of the most regular examples cited in this domain is that of drainage easements which help in the prevention of the blockage of freely flowing water which could further act as an impediment to the construction of a fence all the planning of a garden layout.
These limitations can be reviewed by a professional land surveyor. It would also ensure that you have taken the preemptive measures for protecting yourself against any future legal disputes.

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