Signs You Have Squirrels in Your Home

The squirrels running and jumping around in the neighborhood may look cute and harmless. But what if they invade in your house? Their presence in your home will destroy your peace of mind.

However, many times homeowners don’t realize that squirrels are there in their home and are hidden in the attic of their property. They can cause serious problems such as property damage by gnawing. They can also chew up your electrical wires with their sharp teeth. Moreover, it is difficult to get rid of them once they are inside. So, it’s important to learn the signs of squirrels in your home to prevent squirrel infestation.

Signs You Have a Squirrel in the House -

  1. You hear strange noises around the home – If you live inside your home attentively, then you will listen to squirrels even before witnessing them. This is especially true in winters when there are fewer squirrel problems outside. The most common type of noises that you will hear are scurrying, scampering, scratching and chewing. Generally, squirrels build their nests in the attics, so you will likely hear such noises from your ceiling.
  2. You notice damage around your home – If there are squirrels inside your home, then you can see the following damages in your home:
  • Chewed electrical wires
  • Air vent damage
  • Nests in your insulation
  • Tooth marks in walls and woods
  • Food material or wood chips scattered on the floor


If you happen to view any of the above-given damages, then probably squirrels are getting comfortable inside your home. Get your home inspected by the wildlife control professionals at the earliest.


  1. Your sense foul odor – The smell of squirrel’s urine can become potent inside your home. It will spread out in your entire home through walls and cooling/heating vents. Also, many times squirrels stuck inside and die, causing a more powerful and foul odor. If you sense repugnant smell in your home and can’t find the reason, then possibly squirrel in hidden in your attic or its dead body is there behind the walls.


  1. Squirrel droppings in your attic or garage – Squirrel droppings directly indicates the infestation issue inside your home. The most common areas where you can find droppings are garage, attic, and entry points around the house. However, it is not easy to identify squirrel’s droppings as they look similar to that of rats, racoons and bats. Hence, if you notice any dropping in the premises of your home, prefer calling squirrel removal specialists. They will thoroughly inspect the issue and find the culprit.


  1. You saw squirrel footprints – The footprints of squirrels can easily be identified. They are small with back paws having five toes and front paws having four toes. You can witness these prints of their feet in the mud in your yard or garden area. Moreover, you can also notice the impressions on your driveway. Immediately call your nearest wildlife control company in such a situation. They will help in preventing damage to your home and other belongings by carefully removing the squirrels.