Should you have an aptitude test for Architect Recruitment? 1

Should you have an aptitude test for Architect Recruitment?

Every person has a personal character. But have you ever thought about the character of the professionals? Of course, every business role demands a different character. Whether you go in architecture, IT, accounts, human resources, or any other area, you would find individuals with core profession-oriented characteristics.

Architect Recruitment

The characteristics of architects are really distinct and important. You cannot take anyone as an architect in your organization. You have to assess the caliber and potential before you make the recruitment. It is not alone about where the candidate was, what his qualification has been, or what his resume says; it is more about what he can do at the moment. What is his caliber and potential in the present time? If you want to be sure about the architect’s caliber, you have to assess him. Recruitment teams have started using tests like the architect aptitude test to measure the candidates’ potential and overall characteristics.

Roll up your sleeves

It is something that every candidate aspiring to be an architect should have. He should have the readiness to do things and find out the way outs. It is something that addresses an important characteristic of being an architect. Being the kind of person who figures things out is crucial to the field of architecture. The capability to put a project together in the head, discovering the problems, and hunt out the solutions is what differentiates a good and capable architect from a random one. The architect should have the skills that make him look like one. The solutions and thoughts should be knowledge base, aptitude, and drive to find out built solutions. Finding out a solution to a style or formation is what really makes a person architecture. So, once you have an aptitude test, you can easily measure the candidates’ skills and traits. If the person has this trait of ‘rolling up sleeves,’ it would be a positive point.

It is not that simple that it might sound. A good architect can implement things in reality—certainly, such a simple and main characteristic inclines to get lost in the vague world of design.  With the propagation of theoretical architecture, the appreciation of sitting down and finding out how something gets together is like slipping between the cracks. The point is to get deeply into the documents and then give the same amount of attention and concentration to the tangible realities. Here an aptitude test might give you an idea about how deep a candidate can solve a problem.

Decision making

There are times when everybody has to step forward and make a decision. These architects are no exceptions. They also have to make decisions in times of emergency. If there is a situation when two fabrics are there, and one has to be applied immediately, the architect must make the decision right away. They cannot simply shirk the decision. If the person in the architect’s position is not used to making decisions, it would be a big loss for the organization or the firm. The point is to make sure that the candidates you have employed have decision-making germs. They should not always look for others to instruct them in their actions.

Communication skills

A great architect has excellent written and verbal communication skills. They should have the caliber to hold effective discussions with clients to ensure that each party has adequately communicated their wishes and desires for the project at hand. Of course, you can examine the basic communication skills of the candidates through the aptitude test.

Look for Listening skills.

A good architect should have good listening skills to completely grasp what is there that the client is after and efficiently understand the requirements of builders and other clients or bodies involved in carrying out an architect’s design. What is the point of picking a person as an architect who does not have good communication skills? It would be really disappointing, right?

Technical touch up

Good architects can successfully integrate electrical, mechanical, and structural elements into the proposed designs and account for specific building materials’ distinct needs. They taste different areas to make the perfect blends for a specific project or thing. Since you would carry out an aptitude test in the recruitment program, you can assess this factor’s basics. The test might have some questions or situations that target the technical side of the candidate.


Of course, you would not deny the fact that teamwork is important in the world of architecture. Many architects work on huge projects, and they work together. It is not that different individuals working on the same projects are going in different directions. These candidates who might be the future architects in your organization should work in a team environment. Various designs are the work of more than a single architect. The whole design-build process, as well, is teamwork between architects, designers, engineers, and builders. So, you have to find out if the candidate you are planning to hire has teamwork germs or not. What if you pick a candidate who is really sound at architect but is too self-obsessed? It would be really harmful for the organization. He might not be able to mix up with the team members or other people during the tasks or projects. Once there would be an aptitude test, there might be questions therein that would target the candidate’s thought process and get the employer the best viewpoints.


So, to have an aptitude test for the recruitment of architects is a sensible move. You would end up making a better, more sound and effective recruitment.