Internet Marketing - The Amazing Ron Paul 1

Internet Marketing – The Amazing Ron Paul

Without the doubt, Ron Paul’s achievement on the Internet is nothing brief of exceptional. His group’s technique has been floor breaking in the manner they have carried out Internet Marketing techniques, no longer most effective to attain potential supporters but to attract an enormous number of participants.


Although not presently one of the frontrunners, Ron Paul is now being referred to as an “Internet Phenomenon” by many political strategists.


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While the Internet Marketing techniques being used by Ron Paul’s crew aren’t necessarily particular, the determination his team has proven in attaining ability supporters online has been superb. By deploying a completely competitive Internet Marketing marketing campaign, Ron Paul’s group has attracted a flood of contributors and a huge variety of avid supporters.

In a totally brief time frame, Ron Paul’s team has evolved a giant Internet presence. In fact, all of us who’s been online in the beyond six months has without a doubt visible a couple of references to Ron Paul on the information or social media sites.

If you don’t forget the uncooked numbers, Ron Paul’s Internet Marketing strategy leaves his competition in the dirt – and it is a massive cause he’s nevertheless inside the race:

Consider the statistics …

· Last month, Ron Paul’s website had well over a MILLION traffic, more than all other Republican candidates mixed!

· In one day, Ron Paul’s group raised over $6 Million bucks at the internet.

· They raised about $20 Million Dollars within the 4th zone of 2007 by myself.

· On YouTube, there are 109,000 movies presently available approximately him.

· And in the beyond month there had been over 89,000 blog posts about him, according to Google.

The backside line … Ron Paul’s recognition on Internet Marketing is changing the face of political campaign techniques.

Ron Paul is not the best candidate using the Internet … On the alternative side of the aisle, Barack Obama’s crew has deployed a completely properly designed Internet Marketing approach – over 728,00 site visitors last month – and has been very effective in accomplishing potential supporters and participants in his personal proper.

An Objective View

My analysis of Ron Paul’s net fulfillment is purely driven by using interest; I haven’t any political association or opinion of Ron Paul’s political platform.

What intrigues me approximately Ron Paul’s Internet approach is not only the reaction he’s obtained (over a Million traffic last month), it is the range of individuals he’s attracted and the dedicated constituency he is constructed on the Internet. With a prime part of his communications being conveyed thru the Internet, Ron Paul’s marketing campaign group has validated past any doubt that Internet Marketing is a formidable tool in constructing aa hit political campaign method.

Perhaps the Ron Paul marketing campaign selected to focus extra on Internet strategies and less on other media definitely because of price range constraints. Whatever the reason, their decision to use the Internet as an integral a part of their campaign strategy is surely a huge cause he is still inside the race.

This isn’t the primary time we’ve visible a candidate installation an Internet Marketing approach as part of a political marketing campaign method – but it may be the first foremost marketing campaign that has used the Internet as a primary part of their marketing campaign approach.

So, what does this say about destiny political campaigns and the techniques on the way to be advanced to exploit the significant potential of the Internet?

Political campaign groups may be very creative in growing advertising techniques and I haven’t any doubt we can study an incredible deal regarding Internet Marketing by watching the successful political campaigns.

If ‘necessity is the mother of invention’, then the Internet Marketing strategies being advanced by using political marketing campaign teams like Ron Paul’s will absolute confidence be leveraged by using other agencies to help construct their personal visibility and achievement.

Ron Paul’s Internet Strategy

So, what does Ron Paul’s team do in a different way?

The quick answer lies not in what his crew does, as tons as it does with how his crew ‘works’ their method.

First, the Internet Marketing strategy Ron Paul’s crew has applied makes a specialty of some very fundamental Search Engine Marketing techniques:

· Website optimization,

· Compelling content material,

· Intuitive website navigation,

· Social Media,

· Press Releases,

· Videos,

· Blogging,

· RSS feeds

· Email Marketing, Newsletters, & Breaking News


Pretty uncomplicated, proper? No real surprises here with the exception that Ron Paul’s group does now not definitely use PPC techniques to any great quantity.

The real distinction lies in the manner Ron Paul’s group implements their approaches, in particular, while as compared to different Presidential contenders’ techniques.

The frame of the website incorporates very compelling content that is easy to find and leads you to limitless amounts of thrilling statistics regarding Ron Paul.

Maybe the maximum apparent difference is Ron Paul’s website online is constantly being updated and changed; the crew adds new records daily and continually works to enhance their Search Engine visibility using nicely attended blogs, Press Releases, and Social Media.

Web Site Optimization

Overall, the Ron Paul team has deployed a very stable internet site in a short period of time. Not that each a part of the website online is ideal, but the suitable factors far outweigh the bad. In reality, with only some slight changes, the Ron Paul internet site may want to serve as a remarkable model for other political applicants.

One truly insignificant difference, however one that I in my opinion like about Ron Paul’s website, is that his group does no longer use an annoying Splash page as many other applicants do.


I recognize splash pages look accurate to the website proprietor, but they are nearly always a waste of time in view that the general public simply wants to get to what they came to the website to see – in this situation, information approximately Ron Paul!

The ‘home’ page Ron Paul’s group has designed may be very intuitive and smooth to navigate. They’ve positioned breaking news, volunteer sign up, Blog gets right of entry to, and a notable menu of choices that covers the entirety from Ron Paul’s position at the essential problems to videos and recordings of his primary appearances.

Looking at the muse of the internet site, Meta Title tags are the same for all pages. Concerning the Meta Descriptions, they may be also identical across all the pages of the website, so the Search Engines pick their own descriptions to show with the Ron Paul listing. Not endorsed, however, it likely reasons no actual harm in this example.

Looking deeper, the website should use a few first-class tuning, adding Alt tag descriptions that comprise extra key phrases might help; in addition to adding specific Meta Descriptions for each web page.

Links to the page are nearly non-existent and I would advise including a number of related, exceptional inbound links to the web page. It couldn’t hurt and might probably force even greater traffic to the website and/or Blog.

The website could also use a few extra keyword studies to help Ron Paul key in on the capacity electorate who aren’t acquainted with him and to present his message to greater of them.

The Ron Paul interactive films on a pinnacle of the ‘Issues’ page are a terrific addition. It appears to me if the greater element had been delivered concerning Ron Paul’s stance on the issues, it’d be an extra treasured contribution to the site.

Although there are some obvious opportunities for improvement; given the internet site’s presentation, the information available, and simplicity of use, I provide Ron Paul’s team excellent marks inside the SEO category.

Social Media Strategies

Ron Paul’s crew’s technique to social media advertising and marketing has made him a Republican powerhouse. His campaign group is aware social media and knows the way to use it.

From pictures and videos to networking, Ron Paul may be observed across the Internet.

Most candidates’ groups have begun to apply social media websites but most of them do not seem to be very lively on them. Ron Paul’s team excels

here due to the fact they’re very lively – they make non-stop updates on his social media profiles all hours of the day.

Increasingly, as new generations input the balloting ranks, social media is turning into a fundamental part of successful political campaigns. The modern technology of more youthful citizens has grown up the use of the Internet as their number one manner of the communique. It’s 2d nature for them to use the Internet to advantage and percentage statistics.

Currently, on MySpace, Ron Paul suggests over 273,000 friends, Facebook shows over 205,000, and YouTube has over 109,000 videos under his name.

On the Ron Paul Blog, hyperlinks to submit posts to Digg, StumbleUpon, Delicious, and others are available. Also helpful, is the RSS feed button this is displayed in the top part of the left column. Having an RSS feed signup on the weblog enables to promote the weblog even in addition to the social media shops.

When you examine the recognition of Ron Paul on the social media websites and evaluate the other applicants to him, he is, in reality, the use of the social networks more than different candidates to sell his grassroots efforts.

Blogging Strategies

Ron Paul has a very energetic Blog [http://people.Ronpaul2008.Com/campaign-updates]. His crew continually posts new information and breaking information all hours of the day. The Ron Paul crew is aware of they have got a totally active and captive target audience at the blog and they actively cater to them.

There’s an RSS button to without difficulty join weblog updates and hyperlinks to YouTube and other social media are scattered for the duration of the web page to promote Blog entries.

Overall, Ron Paul’s marketing campaign group has done an exquisite job growing and deploying a very powerful Internet Marketing approach.


Internet Marketing is quickly becoming a necessary a part of nearly each political marketing campaign.

Increasingly, the Internet is becoming an information and recruiting supply this is irreplaceable in essential political campaigns.

Pressed for campaign funds, each Mike Huckabee and Ron Paul have used the Internet as a completely cost powerful manner to get their message across to potential participants and voters.


Without their efforts on the Internet, it could be argued that only a few people could have ever heard of both candidates. While each applicant is underdogs, they in all likelihood might no longer even nonetheless be inside the race without their nicely orchestrated Internet Marketing campaigns.

How an awful lot of Ron Paul’s or Mike Huckabee’s success is because of their Internet Marketing efforts? There’s no question Internet viewers looking for records concerning these applicants have had no problem locating it on the Internet.

The real query is how many potential citizens will certainly be suffering from the Internet Marketing they arrive in touch with? Judging from over a Million traffic to Ron Paul’s website and the number of participants he is been able to inspire, there may be no question many potential electorates have been without delay tormented by the Internet Marketing approach his team has deployed.