Final Fantasy XIV Game Starting Out Guide 1

Final Fantasy XIV Game Starting Out Guide

Do you observe you are now prepared and have what it takes to play the Final Fantasy XIV? There are a lot of things that you’ll want to get done and making ready yourself for the wonderful adventure. This article offers gamers in locating their way in the adventurous global of Final Fantasy XIV. Please use this manual, and I guarantee you that this will take you to the exquisite international with lots of exhilaration and fun.

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First, you got to run the benchmark. You will want to visit the Final Fantasy 14 Benchmark website online for you that allows you to study and get the idea at the authentic benchmark for this recreation. You do not want to get discouraged. We had been able to find the maximum excessive-tech computer systems which are scoring around 4000. The vital aspect here is that you will be capable of getting a score of 1900. Just around that range, you’ll clearly enjoy Final Fantasy XIV sport. After installing the game and downloading the updates on the game, you want to ensure that the configuration is all top and make the vital changes at the one-of-a-kind options on pictures of your pc. Computer systems capable of rating 1900 – 2500 ought to view the game on the bottom settings. Meanwhile, the computers that got a rating of 3000 and above need to be capable of play on default settings. It is likewise critical to test with the variety of options available to see which one is great for your pc. It will clearly end in knowing what you are the most and having the game run easily. If you need similar information about the benchmark, do not hesitate to go to the Final Fantasy 14 Benchmark Site.

Installing and about Races

Now you can run the benchmark, and your computer can rating nicely. Now, you’re equipped to start gambling the game. As noted in advance, there may be various updates that you’ll want to download now and again. FFXIV updates are on a peer to see the network. These updates may additionally take some time. We’ve observed that when your computer is hardwired to the community, downloads would usually take 2 hours. Still, I become by no means capable of finishing the downloading of updates thru wi-fi. This is the time wherein you’ll need to think actually hard as to what you actually need to be in the game, be it a spell caster, tank, a damage dealer, or a complete help person. When you get to have a final decision, this could also affect your revel in gambling the Final Fantasy XIV sport.


After downloading the updates, it’s far now time to select your race. Each race has distinctive strengths and weaknesses. It will be all up to you to decide what kind of elegance you would like to choose. Whether to specify equipment upon simply one positive elegance or in case you select a race, this is all approximately common and may do the type of responsibilities.

  • Here are the specific styles of races that you can select from:
  • Elezen – proper in up-near damages
  • Your – not so correct and now not so horrific on whatever
  • Lalafell – correct in magic
  • Migo’te – Good damage
  • Roe Jadyn – this indicates having a Meat Shield in which can take a big amount of damage

Each kind of race has its very own versions as nicely. Please preserve this in your thoughts to be capable of determining what you actually need to do in the sport of Final Fantasy 14.

Next is, you may want to consider your person’s birthday and Guardian signal. These two have an impact on the character which you have chosen. Yet, it’s miles too early for us to recognize and inform what the Guardian certainly is for. I even have chosen the Conjurer as my character, and I will attend the fire spells. I desire that I even have chosen the best Guardian signal of the fireplace to improve my harm charge with my Fire spells. It is simply too early a good way to see that this is a great desire but hoping for proper consequences in casting my fireplace spells to my enemies from here on.

Beginning Final Fantasy XIV and the System for Battle

After choosing your person and race, you are genuinely geared up to get began in the sport.

Just for the sake of having a manual, allow’s start with Limsa Lominsa as our town. In the game, your first location is a ship that is bound for Limsa Lominsa City. While on the voyage, a ship is under strain, and you may need to combat in opposition to monsters to be attacking the ship. This is largely instructional for novices in the sport and could sincerely assist you in mastering approximately the FFXIV, especially with the conflicting machine.

If you already have skilled playing the FFXIII, you’ll notice some of the struggling device factors are quite alike in FFXIV. One of the essential things which you should learn first is the usage of Stamina Gauge. Most of the Massively Multiplayer Online or MMO’s skills and attacks are based on a rolled cube. FFXIV might honestly make you sense that you are in control of your very own individual and the abilities which you have enabled. Before, you genuinely must wait until your character’s animation is performed earlier than you could employ a distinct ability. Now, you could make use of the capacity so long as your stamina is sufficient. Another tip is to use the TAB key so that you’ll be able to regenerate the skills quickly at the same time as attacking. For sure, you will be having so much a laugh whilst you’re on warfare, and you’ll watch your comrade getting knocked out the usage of this tip.

Another tip is you can disengage your person by pressing the F key. This will regenerate your fitness while you aren’t in combat. While you are strolling around, press the F key, and the weapon could be taken out.

Setting up and Fighting

Talking about actions in the game of FFXIV, it absolutely gives you the ability for you in setting movements to the number keys. Make positive that you have strategies in mind in setting up the keys. For instance, if you are using a Conjurer, you will need to make certain which you have Cure Spell installation just in case things go incorrect. If you’re using the “Meat Shield, “make sure that you solid boosts, which will boost your protection system. This would rely to the extent that your person is in upon on upon, you will have a positive wide variety of moves that are on hand to you on on on on on on on. Whenever your man or woman tiers up, try and visit the “Action and Traits” menu simply via pressing the Home key and equip your characters with new abilities and spells for it to analyze.


Before you place out and attack all of the mobs on web site, it’s miles very vital so that you can take into account that you do have the capability in prevailing the encounter. Whenever you have targeted a monster, you may see a colored protect on the way to seem inside the target field next to the mob’s call. One general rule is that if you are going to peer a yellow or red target signal, this is a sign of you no longer having any probabilities of survival towards the monster. However, if you see an inexperienced or a blue emblem, you may pass in advance and fight. These colors do alternate. However, they will rely upon the wide variety of people in your birthday party, rank, and degree.

Leveling Up

In FFXIV, the experience gadget is pretty special compared to the other MMORPG MSN free games. There are sincerely 2 levels that you need to be involved in. First is the physical stage. The bodily stage may be leveled up every time and via something which you do in the sport. Whether you do fishing, mining, or even battling with an enemy, you may be capable of earn points on your bodily level. As this will increase, you’ll be given attribute factors and element factors. There are loads of ways for you to use those points; however, constantly recall to use this wisely and best to benefit your man or woman. For example, if you are using a Tank, you will want to use those factors in your Vitality stats. If your man or woman has a tremendous damage dealer, you’ll want to deliver Strength points so that you can add extra damage factors. Meanwhile, the element points are tough. It would be best if you apprehended as to whilst and a way to use them. To the quality of my understanding, they may be supplemental capabilities and protection factors/stats.

While you’re attracting an enemy for a positive task, you will really gain points with the intention to boom the rank of that sure process. As your rank increases, you may be aware that you have new talents that can be on hand to you that was now not available before. However, you may discover that your capabilities are constrained to the motion factors you have earned. It no longer implies which you have earned a new ability could also mean that you may use it right away. Each ability is equal to a certain quantity of action factors. You will simplest be capable of using a particular amount of talents due to the action points’ constraints as nicely. So you may need to ensure which you are using the motion points wisely whenever you earn a rank. You may even discover abilities that might be actually now not that useful, and you could discard them so that you may be able to use the skills that can be more effective with sufficient action factors for it.

Your first Quests

So, the very question that comes into thoughts would be, “What have to I do now?”.

Now, you already know how to use your factors accurately, the capability of the leveling device, deciding on your race, etc. You have gained loads of statistics, and actually, you are now ready to play the sport. There is simply no other problem, although. The Final Fantasy XIV is considered to be a massive sport, and you may, in reality, lose your way around the shooting games. You ought to not fear in case you still do no longer understand the way around the sport, seeing that we can show the way around. All you need to do is study.

After getting off the boat, you’ll need to go to Captain Hob and communicate to him. He will then escort you to where the Drowning Wench is. This is likewise known as the Adventurer’s Guild in Limsa Lominsa. Then, you will want to talk to Baderon, and he’ll then propose so one can go camping with Bearded Rock outside the town limits. You want to head to the primary level of the town. You can take the steps to the elevator. Then, head east, after which follow the bridge till you’ll get out of the city measures. Just head closer to the north, and you will find the Crystal of Aetheryte. These are the crystals that are a mainstay at some stage in our adventure in the sport of FFIXV. You might be capable of getting quests and study a totally prolonged educational manual approximately this recreation. I could advise so one can take time to read through the educational textual content because this can definitely assist you with your journey. These crystals have the capacity to replenish your person’s HP and MP. Aetheryte Crystals is likewise capable of providing your character the capacity to deliver out your Guardian’s desire to help you grow the amount of enjoying factors that you’ll get hold of with the quests you’ll whole.

After interacting with those crystals, you will need to go lower back to the Adventurer’s Guild in Limsa Lominsa. Speak again with Baderon, and he can be giving you advice on your next challenge. You could be suggested to go to the Cooking Guild, which is determined North on the metropolis’s 2nd stage. You will then be become a fish, a potential that you have earned battling at the boat. Baderon additionally has given another suggestion as a way to head directly to the Musketeers Guild. This is found on the 1st stage inside the western part. If you experience like you’re lost, or you don’t know where to go, press the M key to open the Map and provide you with a visible on where you’re currently and where you are heading to. After finishing the obligations given to you, go back to the Adventurer’s Guild and begin receiving Level Quests. I would love to suggest with a purpose to do the level quests tutorial. This will virtually come up with more information on the struggle gadget, fishing, botany, and mining. The Disciples of the land in a manner to earn Gil in the early part of your journey. The quests are fundamental and smooth for you to complete and will quickly come up with a terrific increase in your coins glide.

How to make a Gil

Right now, you may have few quests to do, and your person has leveled up quickly, and you begin to understand that your equipment is just too weak in your character’s stage. So, you may then ask what to do. The answer to that is to get a process, and I could endorse the cognizance of the primary task, Fishing. Fishing is for the affected person players who will not thoughts sitting down for some time at the identical spot. It will absolutely offer you several fishes if you want to sell in exchange for Gil to a Non – Player Character or we confer with as an NPC. If you don’t need to promote your fishes, you may use it to strive your Cooking capacity. This is much like our everyday lifestyle sports. Your character additionally wishes to eat. First, you will need to examine the art of catching fishes.

How to Fish

First, you will have to buy your own Fishing pole located on the city’s primary level, down south, specifically within the Fisherman’s Guild. Once you have got sold your first fishing pole, you may then want bait. After which, head out to the docks at the Fishing Guild’s right facet, get some lugworms. Equip your person with the fishing pole for your predominant weapon slot and your lugworms on your pack slot. It will take the time to be an expert in fishing and of direction, not to overlook the maximum essential trait, persistence. As your character ranges up, you may locate it simpler to catch the one of a kind types of fishes.

When you have cast your line into the ocean for the first time, you may then see a depth meter. This meter will let you know what sort of fishes you are possible to get. After clams, this is pretty expensive in selling it to the NPCs; you’ll then need to discover ways to fish at the lowest of the ocean. If you like to get fishes, strive to cast at the center of the depth meter, or in case you go for the Kelps, then you definitely cast at the top. Unlike the precise technology, you will, without a doubt, be able to catch exceptional types of things despite the intensity that you have cast.

Now that you have found out approximately the depth meter, you may then want to learn about the jig gadget. When casting your line and something bites you, you could use the option to a jig. This is more on the new and cold machine. You will want to check very closely at the textual content box to determine if you have become hot or cold.

If you get to look at terms like “you take inline,” you may want to position every other jig meter returned on the spot you have got chosen or close it. If you see the word, ” The fish is taking the line,” this means that you will need to transport the jig meter in every other position. As you start, you most effective might be able to jig once or twice. As you rank up, you’ll definitely be capable of a jig around 4 or five instances. The greater jigs that you could do, the extra fishes you may trap. You will then understand if you are at the hotspot because you may be able to see a little, lively flickering mild for your fish pole. This way, you simply do what you are presently doing, and you will be capable of fishing out first-class.

Based on my enjoyment, you will want to stop the jig meter in your first strive both using the key J or G. When I have used this, I can truly navigate, locate, and capture successfully.

Completing one-of-a-kind varieties of quests in the zombie’s games will also permit you to earn several money. However, I might recommend that you not rely a lot on these quests as your source of profits in the Toontown game. The income you’ll get from crafting, mining, and fishing is way better to examine what you will earn from finishing quests.

Changing Classes and Getting New Equipment

Now that you earned a few cash, it’s time to buy a few new gadgets on your person and in your coming quickly adventures. In Limsa Lominsa City, stores are mostly found in the primary degree. You can honestly take the elevator to go down to the first stage and then move left. Just stroll instantly till you see a couple of stores just like the East Hawker’s Alley or the West Hawker’s alley. You may be able to shop for weapons for any elegance here. One of the main features in FFXIV is the potential, which will alternate your jobs with simply one click. All you want to do is equip your person with the right kind of weapon for the right form of activity you need. It is easy as that. If your individual is a Conjurer and then want it to be a Gladiator, then purchase a sword, and you are now a Gladiator.

Always maintain this in thoughts that it does no longer mean you always need to exchange your activity just because you’re capable. For example, your person is a magic-user, and then you definitely need to have your person deal damage directly for your warring parties. It would help if you kept in mind that most of your attributes are in other states and no longer on energy. Not except, you haven’t used your attributes factors, and also, you want to position them on your energy. For changes like this, you would want to create a brand new person to use natural power.


In addition to seeing shops here, you’ll also be able to sell goods with different players, promoting their goods that they have earned from their adventures. I could recommend for you to buy from other fun games. You will virtually locate suitable objects from them that you’ll want. FFXIV has updated to also encompass auctions with a schedule for bidding. When it is time, this may be your first means of getting new gadgets like your guns and armor. For now, you may be very patient in getting the goods that you’ll want that are on the market.

Hopefully, at this time, you’ll be able to discover your manner around the sport of Final Fantasy XIV. I hope that this manual has given you a clearer image of what to do first and the following steps in the sport. The most crucial factor in playing this sport is that you are having amusing. It is your man or woman and your recreation. You are the captain of your personal delivery. Anything you want to do together with your person, or something process you would really like to take, so long as you’re taking part in, then go ahead and do it. Let matters occur consistent with your own will.