Does the Sony PRS600 Touch Edition eReader Have What it Takes to Challenge the Kindle 2?

Sony’s new Touch Edition eReader is arguably the largest cutting-edge challenger to Amazon’s Kindle

The following is primarily based on my impressions after using the Sony PRS600 eReader for a few weeks.


First of all, permit’s list some of the specifications of Sony’s new contact screen eReader:

6″ contact screen; 600 x 800 pixels; eight gray scales
Freehand word taking and annotating, highlighting; use protected stylus or virtual keyboard

512 MB reminiscence onboard will hold as much as 350 ebooks
Accepts Memory Stick Pro Duo or SD card

Single font adjustable to 5 sizes

Battery lasts for up to two weeks or 7,500 web page turns

Built-in dictionary

Available in silver, black or crimson

Formats supported: PDF, Adobe Digital Editions, epub, mp3, Microsoft Word documents, BBeB

The PRS 600 comes with a neoprene carry bag. You might probably want to get a terrific cover although, as the protected sporting bag does now not provide a great deal safer. You also get a USB cable to hook up with your pc and a quick start manual. If you want an AC adaptor you may need to buy that one by one. You can possibly do without although as eInk based totally eReaders like this one has very good battery lifestyles. A full rate does take about four hours, all through which period the eReader must be related to your power on computer’s USB port.


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Sony additionally introduced a few new functions to go with their new eReaders. For one thing, Sony eBook Store software program is now Mac well matched. In addition, Sony eBook readers can be supporting Adobe Digital Editions, which means that you should buy ebooks from resources apart from the Sony eBook Store. Ebooks within the Sony eBook Store will also be presented in Adobe Digital Editions in order that proprietors of different eBook readers should purchase ebooks from Sony if they’re also compatible with ADE. Finally, you may be able to borrow ebooks from public libraries that use Overdrive as their supplier for virtual media.

Being able to test out ebooks out of your local library and read them to your eReader seems like a surely excellent feature, however, on the cutting-edge time, it is incredibly limited. Most libraries handiest have a few titles to choose from. The Los Angeles Public Library system as an example only has a touch extra than two hundred titles presently, and that is a large library device. Libraries even have a finite quantity of “copies” of each identify so most ebooks will have a ready listing to get on earlier than you may test one out.

The Sony PRS seven hundred, which the Sony Touch Edition replaces, turned into notorious for its awful glare which made studying outdoors or in vibrant light tough. This is a common problem with touch screens, as is decreased comparison. The PRS 600 isn’t always quite as awful as the PRS 700, however, there’s some glare. Contrast is likewise no longer as good as on maximum eReaders without touch displays. When analyzing outside I located the Touch Edition to be quite readable in both complete sun or full coloration. Where I had troubles became in partial color; it was hard to discover an attitude that did not display glare patterns on the display screen. Indoors I observed the worst glare while studying beside a table lamp, or when reading in mattress with an aspect table lamp.

Glare problems apart, the contact screen does make navigation simpler. Page turns are carried out by way of both the usage of a finger swipe at the contact screen or with the aid of the use of the buttons at the lowest of the eReader. The finger swipe takes a few getting used to. The Sony Touch is rather tough to use with one hand while reading in bed. Sony could have made this simpler by putting page turn buttons on the sides of the eReader rather than on the bottom.


The touchscreen also comes in handy for taking notes and highlighting. You can use the stylus to scribble in the margins if you like. You also can make annotations on PDF’s, but no longer while they may be zoomed. The default PDF viewer is normally too small to study as an entire web page is equipped onto the display, which on the PRS six hundred is a bit small for this reason. You can use the zoom-in characteristic on PDF’s and then pan the photo round using your finger at the touchscreen.

You also have the capacity to organize your ebooks together in “collections” of titles primarily based on creator, category, and so forth. You can best try this from the pc but, now not from the eReader itself.

On the entire, I actually have enjoyed the use of the Sony Touch Edition. There are, but, multiple areas in which I assume it falls rather short when as compared to the Kindle 2.

First of all is the not so small matter of content material. If you cast off the Google public area ebooks from the Sony eBook Store you may be left with about 1/three of the number of titles that the Kindle store has. Yes, you should buy ebooks from other online eBook stores, but frequently they seem to have quite a whole lot the same titles at comparable prices. When I have in comparison eBook prices the Kindle shop nearly always is much less high priced for a given identity.

Then of direction, there is Kindle’s wireless connection. Of route buying ebooks wirelessly could be very handy, but the wireless connection additionally makes the Kindle 2 plenty greater versatile. If you need to analyze something you’re reading you may access Wikipedia or search at the net. The Kindle browser is a piece clunky, but if you want to access the internet or test your electronic mail, it is there for you. For me, this is a miles greater precious function than the contact display. Sony has additionally announced the Daily Edition eReader, which must be out by the give up of 2009 and have to include a wi-fi connection. However, Sony’s wireless will simplest assist you to hook up with the Sony eBook Store; no internet and no wireless connections to other eBook shops. At least this is the information that has been launched about the Daily Edition to this point.


In conclusion, I do just like the Sony. I located the glare to every now and then be distracting, however not so terrible as to be a deal breaker. You can also feel differently although, so it is probably an amazing idea to have a palms-on look when you have a Sony Style keep near you. I assume Kindle’s wi-fi connectivity is a much extra compelling characteristic to have than Sony’s contact screen although. And unless you mainly want to study present-day bestsellers (which are basically $nine.99 anywhere) or Google’s public area offerings, you could discover that you may have less studying fabric to pick out from with Sony’s eReaders than with a Kindle 2, and it’ll probably price you more.