Dangerous Drug lawsuits- 5 Facts You Probably Never Knew 1

Dangerous Drug lawsuits- 5 Facts You Probably Never Knew

Most drug manufacturing companies market their drugs to boost sales and profits. Unfortunately, many never explain the adverse effects on patients. People from all over the globe use such drugs to manage different health conditions. But, some are later recalled by the FDA due to the severe side effects. And this results in defective drug lawsuits.

Dangerous Drug lawsuits

For instance, the Prilosec Zantac lawsuit involves different users alleging harm resulting from taking Prilosec and Prilosec OTC. There are also previous Prilosec cases against manufacturers and marketers.

The severe side effects linked to the use of the drug include;

  • Anemia
  • Diarrhea
  • Irregular heartbeat
  • Liver failure
  1. Keep using the drugs-Until the doctor prescribes another regimen.

When you experience side effects after taking certain drugs, you probably stop taking medicine. But, doing this can encourage pharmaceutical companies to refute your claim. Instead, keep taking the medication and plan a visit to the doctor’s office.

The doctor will examine your case and prescribe other alternative drugs to aid with your health condition. The health provider will also document any damages caused by the drug. You can use the evidence in a court of law against the pharmaceutical firm.

  1. Drug recalls are happening all the time.

The pharmaceutical sector is very active. New drugs come up each day to cater to the increasing demand and the many health conditions. However, recalls also happen now and then and are either by drug companies or the FDA. In most cases, drug firms issue voluntary recalls, which guards the company against future claims.

  1. Pharmacists may be liable.

In defective drug cases, the main fault is neglect. Although most people file a claim against the pharmaceutical company, pharmacists can also be held responsible. It’s their role to care for the patients when giving prescriptions. If the pharmacist didn’t educate you on the risks and the drug side effects, they might be at fault.

  1. It’s not easy to win a dangerous drug lawsuit without an attorney.

In some cases, plaintiffs seek class-action lawsuits against the drug company. This involves a group of affected persons with a similar case filing a court claim. If such a lawsuit succeeds, the compensation amount is divided among the class. Succeeding in such cases without a lawyer is close to impossible. An attorney will help you file a claim and fight for the rightful compensation for the damages.

  1. Dangerous drug lawsuits take long.

Dangerous drug cases take years, and class action lawsuits take even longer to resolve. In some cases, such lawsuits last two to three years. But most defective drug lawsuits last five years or longer. Moreover, some cases that get resolved may end up in a court of appeal. If filing a defective drug lawsuit, be patient, and prepare for a long haul.

The bottom line

Nowadays, the cases of drug recalls and lawsuits are on the rise. It’s then advisable to read all the drug warnings and side effects on prescription labels. Moreover, understand the use of the drug and adhere to the recommended dosage. If you follow all the instructions and still suffer severe effects, you may be viable for a dangerous drug lawsuit.