Analysis of Life Stage with the aid of Stage

Kohlberg’s tiers of moral reasoning show a developmental development toward more difficulty for usual rights and summary moral concepts, although males and females improvement differs. Women development closer to a broader sense of obligation and compassion, while men progress in the direction of greater devotion to summary standards based on same rights.

An evaluation of my Life existence according to Erikson’s eight stages of development


Erikson’s interpretation of improvement has fared better than Freud’s, possibly due to the fact Erikson’s thoughts, even though arising from Freudian idea, are extra complete, modern-day, and follow to a much broader range of behavior. Most of the assets of Erikson’s theory are, like Freud’s grounded in his very own experiences, the recollections of his sufferers in therapy, and his insights from literature, film, and historic situations.Life Stage

Erikson’s theory views personality formation as a lifelong system. Success at one stage (say, a little one gaining consider) prepares us for meeting the subsequent venture.
“One trouble with this model is that no longer every body confronts those demanding situations in the genuine order supplied by using Erikson.” Nor is it clear that failure to fulfill a project at one stage of lifestyles manner that a person is doomed to fail afterward. A broader question would be in a dialogue of Piaget’s thoughts, is whether human beings in other cultures and at other times in history could outline a hit life in the same terms as Erikson.
Erikson’s version allows us to make sense of socialization and points out how the circle of relatives, faculty, and different settings shape us.

Like the paintings of Piaget, Kohlberg’s model explains ethical development in terms of awesome stages. Whether this model applies to people in all societies in the United States reputedly never attain the publish conventional stage of moral reasoning, although exactly why remains an open question.

Building on Piaget’s theories and studies, Kohlberg studied the improvement of moral reasoning through providing kids, youngsters, and adults with a hard and fast of hypothetical stories that pose ethical dilemmas. The testimonies had been carefully designed to allow Kohlberg to observe how kids conceived and reasoned about dilemmas that involved, amongst different things, the war between belongings rights and human need, and the cost of human existence.young

The maximum famous of these memories entails Heinz, a bad person whose spouse is the death of cancer. A nearby pharmacist has these days evolved the best drug that may therapy the sickness but is charging heaps of bucks for it, ways more than Heinz pays and ten instances what the drug costs to make:

“Heinz went to everyone he knew to borrow the money, however he ought to only get collectively about 1/2 of what it fee. He advised the druggist that his wife changed into dying and requested him to sell it cheaper or permit him to pay later. Bu the druggist stated “no.” The husband got determined and broke into the man’s save to thieve the drug for his wife. Should the husband have executed that? Why?”

Examining the responses to such dilemmas, Kohlberg located 3 tiers of ethical reasoning: conventional, traditional, and post traditional-with levels at each stage. According to Kohlberg, how human beings purpose morally, in place of what precise moral conclusions they attain, determines their stage of ethical improvement.

As I begin to research my life degree by level in keeping with Erikson’s developmental concept, several existence experiences I have encountered are made clean as to the reasoning every stage came about at some stage in my lifestyles.

Stage 1 Infancy: the mission of believing (as opposed to mistrust).-At the beginning level in my existence, I turned into born on July 6, 1966, weighing someplace in the place of 7-8lbs at delivery. I began taking walks at eight months of age, consistent with my mom. I might say I started out the consider stage with my mother, who supplied me with food, warmth, and the comfort of physical closeness. My mom became a single determine when she gave beginning to me, which supplied her with a lot of one on one time with me. My maternal grandmother turned into a major affect in my developing belief with my caregivers as properly, she could babysit me even as my mother went to paintings, useless to say I spent lots of time together with her.

Stage 2 Toddlerhood: the task of autonomy (versus doubt and disgrace).—Excessive restrict or grievance at this second level may also lead alternatively to self-doubts, while demands beyond the kid’s capacity, as into too-early or too-sever demands for bathroom education, can discourage efforts to persevere in studying new tasks. At this level in lifestyles, I turned into the 2-yr-old who insisted that a specific ritual is accompanied exactly or demands the right to do some thing without assistance is acting out of a need to affirm autonomy and adequacy. The message I continuously communicated was: “Don’t treat me like a baby-unless I ask to be!”

Stage three Preschool: the mission of initiative (as opposed to guilt).-Being as although my mother spent a lot of time with me, I became knowledgeable in Preschool a long time with my mom and the old well-known “Sesame Street” show. I began getting to know how a person ought to initiate both highbrow and motor sports.

Stage four Pre-youth: the challenge of industriousness (as opposed to inferiority).-Some youngsters in this degree, become spectators as opposed to performers or experience sufficient failure to offer them a sense of inferiority, leaving them handicapped for assembly the needs of the next lifestyles levels. I can bear in mind this stage in my existence, wherein I was enrolled in Baton elegance, I wanted to be just like the women on tv and be capable of throw and trap a baton from the sky. I can also remember at some point of this level while my mom turned into very worried in volunteer organizations, which include, The March of Dimes, The Leukemia Foundation, The Sickle Cell Foundation, Breast Cancer Awareness. During this time, my mom could take me along with her doing fundraisers, for these exceptional groups. I can recall the bake income, the stroll-a-thons, the door to door campaigning.

Stage 5 Adolescence: the assignment of gaining identity (versus confusion).-In our society, maximum young young people live at domestic, are financially and emotionally dependent on their parents, and comply with a structured time table revolving round college and prepared organization sports frequently supervised by using adults. During this degree, family ties come to be much less severe as more time is spent out of doors the home. During this level of my life, I changed into very worried in activities along with the band, I actually enjoyed this time, due to the fact I were given to travel plenty, see places I had by no means been before. I additionally gained a trophy in a National Competition for 2d area in a Business Tournament, for Shorthand @ 90wpm. This become superb for me, because of the reality I had in no way won something before in my existence, and our school became in competition with colleges from everywhere. I also found out a way to play the clarinet, drums, xylophone, cymbals, and the tuba while being inside the band. I became even involved with the volleyball team, and played softball for enjoyment.Life

Stage 6 Young Adulthood: the challenge of intimacy (as opposed to isolation)—In this stage, the young man or woman can now see matters from another’s point of view and behave differently in exceptional situations in accordance to what’s seen as socially appropriate. This becomes a playing level, due to being capable of attending Sweetheart Balls, Junior and Senior Prom. I became additionally energetic in the excessive school sorority for ladies; I became able to tour to Chicago, to fulfill other teenagers from all across the world. During this level become also once I flew on a plane for the first time in my lifestyles. I additionally don’t forget my Aunt and Uncle from New York sending for me to spend the summer season with them in Queens, New York. The summer I spent in New York changed into a tremendous journey for me, I discovered lots of things, that I might not have been uncovered to being from a small city in Alabama. My Aunt and my Uncle traveled plenty, so I became fortunate sufficient so one can cross on a ride with them throughout twelve states in an automobile experience. This becomes a life-changing occasion for me, I had by no means traveled so much in my lifestyles. I changed into additionally blessed with lovely daughters at this level, and changed into able to see existence in a whole different perspective. Having kids will genuinely make you see lifestyles and the sector in an extraordinary mild, you started out to get priorities so as extra than ever. Began to think about the future and welfare of your kids, rather than specializing in self at all times.

Stage 7 Middle adulthood: the project of creating a distinction (versus self-absorption)-“The level in which work is most crucial.” The assignment of center age is to contribute to the lives of others inside the own family, at paintings, and in the larger world. Failing at this, humans stagnate, trapped in their personal confined issues. During this stage, I started an enterprise of helping others, a Drug and Alcohol Treatment Facility. With quite a few hard paintings and plenty of prayers, the business took off the floor like a “missile.” Working within the discipline of addiction constantly has its American downs, however, it’s miles a worthwhile business, because of being able to see modifications in human beings proper earlier than your very eyes. I also completed college, received a Bachelors Degree, and went directly to several different schools, wherein I received a Master’s in addition to a Doctorate in Psychology, from online schools. During this degree I have been capable of the tour, take my youngsters visiting locations we’ve all been in a position proportion memories together. I additionally made the choice to re-enter university and are searching for a Master’s Degree at Capella, to are searching for Licensure as a Counselor and Registered Play Therapist.

Stage 8 Old age: Late Adulthood: the task of integrity (as opposed to depression)-Near the end of their lives, Erikson explains, humans wish to look again on what they have got done with an experience of integrity and delight. For the ones who have been self-absorbed, vintage age brings simplest a sense of depression over ignored opportunities. I actually have not yet made it to this stage, however prayerfully I will have accomplished most of the people of my goals, goals by the point I make it to this degree.

Kohlberg’s degrees of development are biased in opposition to females. The excellent-recognized expression of this function has come from Carol Gilligan. According to Gilligan, women, and ladies tend to peer moral dilemmas otherwise than boys and guys do. In well known, the feature male approach seems to be “Do not intervene with the rights of others;” the lady approach, however, appears to be “Be concerned with the needs of others.” Females deliver extra attention to the context of ethical picks, focusing on the human relationships worried. Gilligan contends that ladies are reluctant to decide right and incorrect in absolute terms because they socialized to be nurturing, being concerned, and nonjudgmental.

While they are growing extra subtle skills of ethical judgment, kids also are becoming greater aware of the social conventions of the larger society. They are figuring out, in other phrases, that society is ruled now not most effective through moral values regarding honesty, obeying the regulation, and altruism, however additionally by customs concerning modes of dress, suitable approaches of eating, and suitable conduct in public locations. This is proven in a series of research by means of Elliot Turiel, who discovered that college-age youngsters now not only recognize social conventions and ethical values but also can distinguish between them.