50 Tips for eBay Sellers

The basis of this article is to offer some pointers for eBay sellers whether you’re a pro eBayer or a newbie, I wish you may discover these hints useful.


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The key to eBay is Best Match. Best Match is where eBay through its use of algorithms shows your list primarily based on what the buyer is attempting to find. The extra applicable your listing is to their seek the better your list will populate in the effects. Seems smooth enough… Match your listing to what buyers are searching for. Well, now not precisely, eBay will manage the outcomes based on higher shoppers with higher listings populating first.

What Influences Best Match

1) The precise algorithm is unknown and mystery but to three insiders. However this algorithm is usually converting but we can decide some of the elements which effect Best Match.

A vendor’s tune report on eBay, Competitive Pricing, Postage & Packaging charges all have an impact on the Best Match consequences.

Previous Successful Sales

2) eBay loves sellers with a a hit tune file. If an item has bought formerly and obtained great feedback, that is usually a hallmark of destiny achievement. So superb remarks influences excessive population in search consequences.

Free Shipping

3) eBay loves free shipping and so do their customers. Obviously the fees of the transport are wrapped into the sale rate of your listing. Free transport seems to persuade the hunt effects as properly.eBay

Defect Rate

4) A dealers illness price will drastically have an effect on where their listings populate inside the Best Match search results. Obviously, Top Rated Sellers get preference in this vicinity that is why customer service is essential when managing buyers.

Listing Quality

five) Having many snap shots of your item appears to steer the relevance of your listing. However, many sellers argue that the usage of many search engine optimization techniques internal your listing can affect population. For example, mentioning applicable phrases more than one instances throughout the list.

Item Specifics

6) Item specifics are the checked containers related to attributes of the product you’re promoting that is on the promoting form or on your listing device. Helping eBay categorize your listings with this function will permit your listing to populate better in relevant searches.

Auction or Buy Now

7) Buy Now and Auctions are handled in another way inside the search results. Auctions will sky rocket via the quest effects as their cease times grow to be nearer. Auctions are a high-quality way to check pricing techniques and new list titles.

Patience is a virtue

eight) In the start it may take pretty sometime to build your reputation and populate better in search effects. Do no longer run out of staying power and use Auctions to construct your online recognition.

Building Feedback

nine) To quickly construct feedback attention on promoting cheaper popular objects that require little coaching. Screen Protectors are an ideal object to sell for mobile phone accessories.


10) eBay has a machine of monitoring overall performance of every supplier. Even a 2% disorder fee will be catastrophic for a supplier. Sellers are suggested to take customer service and excellent manage very seriously.

What impacts Defect Rate?Sellers

11) Defects are carried out on your account in some of approaches

a) Getting a rating of 1 celebrity for transport time

b) Item description getting a rating of 3 stars or less

c) Negative or Neutral comments

d) Non receipt of the item through the customer

e) Return Request because object did no longer match your description

f) Seller cancelled transactions

g) Buyers searching out an object for delivery

Monitoring Defects

12) Check your seller dashboard in the My eBay section frequently. Here you will discover a unique Defect Report a good way to give you statistics on a transaction via transaction foundation.

Challenging Defects

thirteen) You can enchantment defects. In the event you sense a defect is unwarranted, you may file an enchantment. If an enchantment is a success this could help you keep an above average rating. This can be time consuming however may be a important manner while an eBayer first starts offevolved.

Are all Defects handled the equal?

14) eBay makes no difference among the sort of defects you receive. Each one consists of the equal wight because the others. This is wherein promoting less expensive, excessive frequency gadgets in conjunction with higher priced items help to dilute your disorder rates. Selling best excessive cost every now and then ordered items can be dangerous in case you obtain simplest 1 illness.

Refund consumers via eBay not PayPal

15) Not refunding a consumer can cause a illness. EBay does no longer screen refunds through PayPal, so make sure you always refund a buyer via eBay and not PayPal even if it is less complicated.

2016 Defect Rate Changes

sixteen) In February, eBay might be converting the rules by way of which they assess illness charges. EBay guarantees that the new procedure will be easier and less complicated for dealers to preserve their top recognition.

Focus on customer service

17) Since disorder fees can be the life blood of your commercial enterprise, make a conscious attempt to make every purchaser happy.

Quality Control

18) Make sure that if you are pleasurable your very own merchandise which you installation nice manage factors throughout the procedure to make sure your consumers receive exactly what they’ve purchased. Double checking the work earlier than it leaves your facility may cost a little a bit extra, however will ensure one hundred% satisfaction out of your shoppers.

EBay Picture Standards

19) Make certain you are using clean, zoomable photos and use the eBay standards on length without borders.

Item Specifics

20) Make sure you check mark every applicable time period in the Item Specifics segment at the eBay promote shape.

Make use of Titles

21) Be certain to make use of all eighty characters in object name section. Cram in as plenty applicable information as viable. If your object is attractive remote places you can need to apply some of the phrases which is probably relevant in that marketplaceMatch

Bullet Points

22) Be certain to use bullet points for extra rationalization on your object specifics section.

Answer emails hastily

23) Make certain you answer all emails as quick as viable. Buyers respect brief responses whilst sealing with sellers.

Use Many Pictures

24) Use the eBay device to add images for an item so a customer knows precisely what they’re purchasing. EBay permits you to feature 12 pics for free. Make certain you are taking gain of that characteristic.

NO HTML on your list

25) Do now not use fancy HTML inner your list. HTML code does now not view well on most of the cell devices. With Mobile sales increasing each year, why danger your listing not viewing well on a mobile device.

Use ONLY Relevant Text in Your Titles

26) Stick to words which can be applicable for your object inside the Title segment

NO Clutter

27) Make positive go back instructions and postage statistics are placed in the appropriate sections of your listing. The name phase is not any region to become aware of postage expenses or anything that has a separate section for it.

Make use of Catalogues and Product Identifiers

28)The gadget isn’t always best however employ product identifiers and catalogue information to help consumers locate your list.

Mobile Device Checks

29) Make sure you check your listings on a mobile device. You do now not need to overlook out on this a part of the market that’s growing each 12 months.

Be Unique

30) Do no longer simply replica and paste titles from others dealers presenting the equal product. Use unique titles to make your list stick out from the gang.


31) First forestall for maximum new buyers might be the USPS. Once you graduate to a hundred packages fulfilled per day this is while you start purchasing around. Consolidators can help lessen postage quotes tremendously.

Courier vs Mail

32) For heavier objects it could be more price powerful to ship programs thru a courier carrier instead of the USPS. Normally programs weighing over 5 kilos could be less luxurious through courier than mail.


33) Make certain you handiest use services that provide tracking from label creation to delivery.

Branded Packaging

34) Make positive you operate containers and packaging that contain your enterprise information and internet site URL. Make positive to consist of inserts for any cut price packages for repeat shoppers.


35) Make certain you implement an excellent returns system. A horrific returns technique can create a unhappy purchaser.

Who Pays for the Return

36) That relies upon on the state of affairs. If the client modified their mind… Then they ought to bear the cost. If the purchaser received a broken item, no longer running, or no longer described properly then the seller must pay for the return.

Manage your returns process

37) Make certain you get the products again, double test the condition of the products and list it once more. Setting up a good returns machine could save you lots of greenbacks in the destiny.

Package your objects securely

38) Please recognise that during the mailing method your packages might be dumped onto tables, tossed into sacks and be dealt with pretty vigorously. Sending out test shipments in numerous packaging will ensure that you choose the proper packaging a good way to optimize safety vs price.

Double Check Postage Based on Packaged Item

39) Some people simply weigh the products and calculate postage earlier than its been packaged for their listings. Make sure you element in all the fees of postage, packaging and handling earlier than list your object.

Selling Limits

40) All new eBay dealers can be given a seller limit when starting. Ask eBay to boom your limit proper away after which continuously request an boom every 30 days.

International Shipping

forty one) Make sure you provide International transport on all of your merchandise for the 28 countries that get shipping confirmation the use of USPS First Class Package International.

Do not offer transport to international locations without Delivery Confirmation

42) Whenever you deliver to a rustic which does now not provide delivery affirmation you run the danger of a purchaser fraudulently claiming non transport. Do so at your personal threat.

PayPal Discount

forty three) You can get discounts to your PayPal expenses. Make certain you ask them for a PayPal Merchant Account.

Keep a watch on opposition

forty four) Although price is important, customers will buy your objects more regularly if the buying revel in is tremendous. So do now not get hung up on price on my own.


forty five) Make positive you are taking benefit of a loose downloadable tool called Turbolister. This permits you to make modifications to all your listings from one location. This will are available in handy while you extend your inventory to include extra objects for sale.

Selling Manager Pro

46) Make sure you improve your promoting manager to the promoting supervisor seasoned package. This will allow you to automate tasks like electronic mail and remarks to prevent time.


forty seven) Make certain you get your exact competitor data from a dependable source like terrapeak. This device gives you information on what you may need to buy and a way to charge your gadgets.

Stay Focused

forty eight) Stay centered for your more worthwhile listings. In the start handling numerous strains of products may be overwhelming. So live centered on profitable lines and usually be looking for new ones.

Volume doesn’t continually mean Profits

forty nine) Be privy to the reality that every so often shipping less packages according to day of a better margin item is higher than shipping heaps of low margin objects.

Testing Testing

50) Make positive you check all components of your listings earlier than making adjustments or beginning. You want to make sure that the absolutely apprehend all price elements before going live.