Why is EMI Shielding Important For Electrical Devices? 1

Why is EMI Shielding Important For Electrical Devices?

In the contemporary era, with advancements in technology, electronic devices’ manufacture and usage are increasing. And with the rapid increase in electronic equipment, electromagnetic interference is also proliferating. Whatever the size of your electronic device is, electromagnetic interference cannot be avoided.

The electric devices produce harmful EMI, RFI, and electronic noise that can affect sensitive components and cause data loss and permanent system failure. Common sources of interference present in your home are radios, television, lighting, and motors. Thankfully, to prevent this harmful interference, EMI shielding came into existence. EMI shielding controls the electrical and magnetic energy released from one device when interacting with another.

Shielding Important

What leads to Electromagnetic Interference?

Basically, it is a disturbance that is the result of changes in current and voltages. The three main sources that cause electromagnetic interference are as follows –

  1. Natural EMI – Different natural events occurring in space and on our earth can produce EMI. As this EMI is generated naturally, it is called natural EMI. It occurs due to weather changes, thunderstorms, snowstorms, solar radiation, and cosmic noises.

Natural EMI effect older electrical appliances were more as they are not shielded. Modern appliances are mildly affected by the natural event EMI. So, if you have old appliances in your home, then consider upgrading them.

  1. Man-Made EMI – All electrical devices release EMI that is human-made EMI. When multiple EMI signals come in contact with a device, they obstruct its operations. You can find this dangerous EMI level in devices such as phones, generators, radio, and igniters.
  2. Internal EMI – In this kind of EMI, the electromagnetic interference released by the device can lead to its own disruption.

Examples of EMI 

  • When mobile phones are used in the airplane, their signals interfere with the plane’s sensitive equipment. That’s why the plane team asks you to turn off your cell phone during take-offs and landings.
  • When you hear static on a phone call, it is because of EMI. This EMI could be caused by some low-flying airplane, or it could be some other disturbance.

Importance of EMI Shielding 

Do you know we are surrounded by numerous invisible signals all the time? Yes, and these signals come from different sources that can cause major interference. EMI signals affect other devices in the surrounding in a negative way. It can hinder the performance of the equipment and can even lead to permanent damage. To protect all your electronic devices, EMI shielding is extremely crucial.

Many electronic manufacturers have already partnered with shielding manufacturers to produce quality devices not affected by EMI. So, it is highly recommended only to buy the electronic equipment that is EMI shielded.

Applications Areas of 3G Shielding 

  1. Telecommunications
  2. Automotive
  3. Aerospace
  4. Defense

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