What's Wrong - Pakistan's Higher Education System 1

What’s Wrong – Pakistan’s Higher Education System

Issues in Pakistan’s Education System: A Focus on Higher Education

Scientia Potentia Est, or “For additionally understanding itself is energy,” is a very popular Latin maxim that anyone may have heard or examined quite some instances for the duration of our faculty days. In the quick-paced, unexpectedly developing statistics age, it could not be any truer.

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The concept of information economy hovers across the usage of know-how and records as a productive asset. All the sectors, be it services related or production-related, depend on understanding and statistics for productivity; be it a groundbreaking piece of code for software or the schematics of a new prototype vehicle.

Knowledge is received through two methods; one revel in, the opposite is formal schooling and news universities. Experience can only include time; but, we still need to recognize our stories. That is where training comes in.

Education is a building block of existence as we realize it, without which, we would now not have the world we see now. It is broadly understood that a rustic without any disruptors in education infrastructure has everything it wishes to emerge as a successful, highly evolved nation. Over the next few paragraphs, we’ll try to see wherein Pakistan’s schooling machine stands, what demanding situations it faces, and what possible answers we might have.

The Current System:

Pakistan’s schooling system is split up into five levels. The first degree starting from grade one and going as much as grade 5, is Primary Schooling. This training varies from school to high school, with some personal colleges presenting remarkable training; however, at a very high price and public schools regularly being termed mediocre, we will talk about the troubles afterward via this article.

The 2d level, Middle Schooling, starts offevolved at grade six and keeps up to the eighth grade. Again, the curriculum and schooling criteria vary from faculty to school. However, the equal thought applies here as nicely. Public schools are commonly considered lackluster compared to some personal colleges, and the elitist faculties offer the first-rate education Forbes, at exorbitant fee systems.

The third degree includes grades 9 and ten and is known as High schooling. This level is accompanied by using Matriculation or Secondary School Certification (SSC) Exams. These exams are conducted on a provincial or district level. The nice of training varies from school to high school with a few faculties following the Cambridge machine of best high schools.

The fourth degree includes the eleventh and twelfth grades and is referred to as Intermediate Level Schooling. These two years of school education are supplied at several colleges and several schools and are followed via Higher Secondary School Certification (HSSC) or Intermediate Exams. Like the SSC Exams, those also are conducted at the provincial stage and the federal level.

Though these years are the foundation for students as they determine a course they take for their careers; students regularly alternate their career paths after their intermediate schooling and certification. There seems to be a growing want for pupil profession-path counseling.

The fifth degree consists of Undergraduate and Post-Graduate diploma applications. The Undergraduate or Bachelors degree programs range from a Bachelors’ in Arts to Bachelors’ in Law, covering several one of a kind packages. The period of those packages varies in keeping with the nature of the specialization or route, from two to four years. Numerous personal and public universities spread out throughout the USA that provides such bachelor’s diploma applications.

The Undergraduate or Bachelors’ packages are of two types; Pass and Honors. The Pass system contains twelve subjects, starting from compulsory Language, History, and Religion based guides, to non-compulsory publications covering particular regions with a length of two years. The Honors machine constitutes specialization guides similarly to pick out compulsory guides over 3 to 4 years.

The Post-Graduate diploma applications include Masters and PhDs in numerous topics, starting from philosophy and American high school education to business administration and engineering topics. The Master’s packages are around 2 years and encompass specialization courses in a delegated situation. The Ph.D. applications are also an extension of specialization and are for round 3 to five years.

With numerous public and private universities and degree awarding institutes imparting those programs, the exceptional of schooling varies profoundly, with select institutes given a choice over others. The cause for this kind of sizable difference inside the excellent of education is typically the curriculum used and the college of that institute. Once more, we will talk about extra element troubles a bit in a while through the story.

The Issues:

Though Pakistan has a completely excessive range of private and public sector colleges, education leaves a lot to be favored. Some non-public region faculties do provide great fine but have this high rate that the lower center earnings group can hardly have enough money. Additionally, most public area faculties lack sufficient teachers to cater to the excessive demands of this age group.

The most critical aspect of the sooner degrees of formal education is improving an inquisitive and lively mind. If a child is advocated to assume out of the field from such an early age, now not only could his learning enjoy be a lot greater effect, he might grow into a prodigious professional.

Additionally, another commonplace criticism of parents of public-zone school college students is poor English vocational ability. This once more falls under the umbrella of useless and unskilled teachers.

Our intermediate stage students face an essential issue is a sense of fashionable mayhem and incertitude in their path in lifestyles. Though some college students have a reasonably precise concept of where they want to go, maximum do now not, and that is why they emerge as converting their career paths all through their higher training.

Analysts and critiques argue that the cause for this irresolution lies inside the truth that our current schooling device does now not seed interest, nor does it encourage similar research. The cause in the back of this, they point out, is an unwell-planned examination gadget. This is graded according to a pupil’s capability to memorize selective topics of their curriculum and rewrite them onto paper. Our schooling machine is in dire need of rejuvenation, and though it has already commenced, there is nevertheless a long manner to move.


Also, some other reason for this uncertainty is a lack of guidance and counseling. Due to our social setup, maximum college students need steady feedback and steering to persuade themselves into the right profession. This can be completed if all schools set up pupil counselors who would help students decide a specific area they wish to enter.

At the university stage, a chief assignment is the shortage of professional and equipped instructors. According to Pervez Hoodbhoy, “There are some distance too few certified Pakistanis who can train contemporary engineering topics at an international expert degree. There may be no extra than to a few dozen suitable engineering professors in all of Pakistan’s engineering universities.” He similarly factors out that the cutting-edge number of engineering professors is minuscule if you look at the wide variety of professors needed via the numerous worldwide engineering universities being set up at some stage in the USA.

Another very foremost concern is the development of a suitable curriculum and exam device. Though the Higher Education Commission is presently growing a standardized curriculum for all public and personal quarter universities and institutes, existing and new faculty will take pretty a while.

Possible Solutions:

One feasible option to those troubles is already underneath manner. The restructuring of the whole system has already commenced, and it is steadily being transformed right into an extra coherent and inspiring device for all. The device wishes to be converted to cultivate interest and studies instead of just going through a spread of notoriously irksome books.

Moreover, we want to teach our teachers to be greater receptive to their students than just being receptive to the books in their curriculum. With formal schooling, instructors can improve their language talents and their path and coaching abilities. In easy phrases, we want to educate them to be more open-minded and curious so that they, in turn, skip on that trait to their students.

As for the shortage of certified Pakistani instructors and professors, one possible answer is to set up obligatory training guides for all teachers and suitable experience and academic qualifications earlier than allowing them to come to be teachers at better education establishments. As for the immediate want, we want to lease overseas college for all our instructional institutes even as the currently hired teachers undergo obligatory schooling.


As said inside the starting of this tale, schooling is a constructing block of life as we realize it, and it is the number one element that makes us human. As a baby grows, learns, and learns, he must accept the liberty to practice and grow. Without this freedom, he will confine himself to a cocoon, yet he’s going to no longer transcended past that stage, and he’s going not to grow to be a butterfly.

A baby’s thoughts are a blank canvas; use the right mixture of colors, and it will become a Van Gogh or a Michelangelo, use the wrong combination, and become muck. The improvement of a toddler determines his outlook and standing in lifestyles.