Useful Tips When Buying an Engagement Ring For Your Love 1

Useful Tips When Buying an Engagement Ring For Your Love

Giving an engagement ring marks a new chapter in your relationship. Therefore, this kind of purchase is a major investment. But for many men, choosing the perfect one from the myriad of engagement rings can be confusing and overwhelming. If you are one of those men who lack experience in the world of jewelry, here are some important things to help you with your purchase.

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Learn the Four C’s

If you want to go for a diamond engagement ring, the four Cs contribute to the diamond’s price and grade. They also help to indicate the ring quality.

  • Carat weight. The amount you pay depends on how heavy the stone is. But don’t worry too much about the carat weight of your engagement ring. A master jeweler has the skill to make a precious stone look bigger on the actual ring by using the right shaping and mounting process.
  • Colour. Did you know that diamonds have many different colors, ranging from colorless to light yellow (grade D to Z)?  The most expensive and the rarest are colorless diamonds. The most sought-after are white diamonds. The color of the diamond depends on personal preferences.
  • Cut. The cut means the proportions and the angles of the diamond, giving it a sparkling look. The diamond should be correctly cut to project light at the top of the stone, creating reflection from one side to another. A poorly cut diamond cannot generate glitter and brilliance that make it extremely popular.
  • Clarity. A perfect diamond has a clear appearance. The fewer imperfections it has, the more costly it is. When it comes to diamond clarity, you will want the precious stone to have fewer inclusions. These inclusions are what you call those tiny fractures or other minerals inside the stone. When looking at engagement rings, avoid the ones with inclusions in the middle and top as they can make the stone less brilliant due to the irregular dispersion of light.

Know the Importance of Diamond Shape

The shape of the diamond is another factor to consider when choosing the perfect ring for your girlfriend. The most common shapes of a diamond are round, princess, pear, oval, and heart. The princess diamond is square-shaped and is one of the most well-liked shapes for an engagement ring. On the other hand, a round diamond is considered a timeless and classic shape.

Get Familiar with Ring Setting

The setting indicates the placement of the diamond on the ring. There are several types of ring settings to remember, so you won’t be clueless when presented with numerous rings. These include:

  • Eternity band
  • Tiffany setting
  • Bezel setting
  • Channel setting
  • Pave’

It is also possible to choose a combination of different ring settings. Make sure that you know what your lady would prefer for the ring setting.

For many men today, engagement rings belong to an unfamiliar world. Fortunately, the terms and factors mentioned above can help you select the best ring for your lady love. So, when you go to a jewelry shop, you will not have a glazed look in your eyes when inundated with four Cs, inclusions, settings, and so on.