Traveling and Staying Safe in Dangerous Countries Or Areas 1

Traveling and Staying Safe in Dangerous Countries Or Areas

Here are a number of my recommendations from being an experienced world traveler. I’ve been in a number of the extra relatively ‘dangerous’ components of Indonesia, Colombia, and Brasil.

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My tips right here are geared greater in the direction of guys. The important element is to virtually ‘recognize you belong.’ You don’t need to face out like a ‘visitor.’ The electricity you venture is one of the maximum crucial things.

If you have got a strong, self-assured, impartial, ‘minding your very own commercial enterprise vibe’ like I always carry, you’re FAR much less probable to be visible as a capability sufferer of mugging or drama. Even a piece of ‘do not mess with me – stay away’ vibe can make paintings for your benefit properly.

Another element is to stay far away from obviously risky regions like actually negative regions, favelas or barrios unless you’re with a group (and in sunlight hours). You don’t want to simply ‘stand out’ both. Because I look so international, I wager that frequently works to my advantage to a mixture in.

I could without a doubt skip as South American in lots of parts (and have); however, in case you are pasty white and without a doubt stand out, you may actually be extra aware of things, now not to appear to be a superb-visitor gringo. It honestly enables you to realize some of the languages to get around anyway and appear as you belong.
Give human beings admire and do not try and attract trouble.

It’s now not qualified to wear flashy jewelry and so forth while you’re going out at night in a few cities.

Talk with a warranty to any cab drivers and know in which you’re headed. In some nations wherein they’re greater coming near and aggressive, you nearly want to ‘healthy’ that vibe in communicating with them – you don’t need everyone mistaking you for a ‘susceptible’ traveler that they can prey upon but which you know a way to deal with yourself and know the area (or usually assume them to do their process).

In Indonesia, I read in advance of time and averted the freelance cabbies. Stick with the authorities or metropolis regulated cabs every time viable. Try and memorize or be conscious of the cab quantity and feature it look like you take account of it.

Keep your property or any valuables DISCREET and out of sight. I like the use of greater undeniable and unassuming bags.

People advise traveling with a pal. However, I don’t constantly try this. I’ve walked along with Avenida Atlantica in Rio de Janeiro several instances on my own without any issue. A physical presence and recognition can honestly help you out.

If you seem like a sufferer or are ‘afraid’ to be in sure areas, this will encounter, and you will stand out extra as an ability victim. Take some self-defense instructions and paintings in your bodily strength.

I even have prevented loads of hassle with the aid of now not seeking out trouble and being extra strong and direct in speaking with people I’m no longer certain about or who appear form of sketchy.

Some human beings ‘appeal to the problem.’ You do not need to be that guy. A few men in the Army simply constantly attracted hassle or who could have trigger hair tempers. Negative power can appeal to different tough people.


There are guys as a way to keep attracting problems. Instead, you need that self-assured ‘staying out of other human beings’ commercial enterprise’ vibe.

This has been given to me via Indonesia, Brasil, and different risky areas at the wrong time and vicinity. My army history has helped with the self-belief element. People ask if I’m ever afraid to tour positive places, and my solution is ‘no.’ Dogs experience fear. I’m going to give impartial and power, minding my own business and respecting other’s areas.

A first-rate pal becomes fighting the conflict in Iraq, which was ways greater risky than traveling semi-incognito as a civilian in Indonesia.

So do your first-class not to draw hassle, being boisterous, or arousing suspicion. Be realistic and mindful always. If you’ve been able to lead a controversy or get your factor across, that has to come across while handling certain types of people, but best use it in a preventative way (i.e., A cabbie who might be seeking to rip you off).

Again, it’s advocated to journey with discreet bags. Use luggage locks and ALWAYS carry a laptop wire lock if you use a pc…Out of sight, out of mind. Even in hostels or motel rooms, I’m locking my pc up – not out of fear but just as a proactive safety degree.

On a Colombian in a single day bus, I stored the bring-on bag beneath me, latched around my legs, and made certain no one ought to get right to entry to it from at the back of. It’s pretty much being mindful and having a ‘presence’ over your stuff will keep you away from most trouble. Always keep your bag with you.

It’s a form of untested because it’s all preventative; however, looking another alpha male’s in the eye shortly out of recognizing yet impartial electricity (if they are looking at you) and giving a faint nod whilst going lower back on your very own space can be good enough.

As long as your power is strong that YOU do not thieve and you’ve got the right karmic power, you should be the best maximum of the time. I in no way thieve, and I even back pockets by biking across Madison to get it again to her. That has helped me out.

There are pc thieves in some nations who will come by on motorcycles or take hold of matters real rapidly, so don’t keep things out in the open. Latch your digicam around you in case you’re the usage of it. Watch out for open beer bottles. In a few locations, they could ‘put something’ like a tablet into your drink. This happened to me as soon as I became nonetheless high-quality because my lodge became near, and I fell asleep fast.

Get a nearby map and feature a concept where you are. Generally, it’s no longer smart to be taking walks around at night time in sketchy areas. If so, do it with ahead self-belief and look like you understand wherein you’re going. If you notice potential trouble down a sure side avenue, even supposing it is for your course, avoid it. Stay in well lit, public areas whenever feasible.

When some over-talkative Indonesian guy on a bus wanted my U.S. Address to ‘send me matters,’ I courteously but, with a bit of luck, refused. I turned into the primary American, lots of the ones humans ever had visible in Pacitan, Indonesia. Know a few locals if in any respect possible. I had an excursion manual with Plan International, which turned into a local and knowledgeable me of much local advice.

You may additionally find lower elegance individuals who want to help you out with directions with the expectation of something in exchange. This exists inside the U.S. In places as well. Be ahead and confident with them so as matters don’t go a too long way. I usually courteously but expectantly refuse. If they comply with you and give you precise advice, then give them something fair but modest in change, after which wave them off as you expectantly pass on.

It’s higher to invite for instructions from extra valid places like shops or uniformed officials.

When I turned into trying to find residences in Rodadero, some sketchy peligroso guys desired to assist me out. My most important element became that I failed to hold being pestered by way of them the whole month I became going to stay there, so I checked out a few apartments. It became absolutely my assertiveness in knowing what I favored and what I didn’t like and just how I dealt with them.


After I booked something, I was also ‘in’ with the proprietor of the resort in which I rented a room for a month, which also had ‘clout’ in that area – and they had a cozy ‘buzz in’ gate. I changed into certain to get something ‘secure’ in any case for peace of thoughts, and it changed into on the 14th floor.

After I got here back off, I knew they wanted something to go back (or things could get definitely pressured), so I had them order a few sodas and bread, and I paid for everything. That became surely honest anyway, and I’m all approximately exchange of cost.

They wanted to strain me into other things later, but I said, “now not involved…I’m fine, thanks,” and saved on foot towards my vacation spot. Eventually, they were given the concept. True self-assurance is fire prevention. Try to combo in and be like a local…Understand your manner around.

In certain international locations, don’t convey your pockets in your front OR back pockets. Alternatively, use a travel pouch* underneath your garb to relaxed the fundamentals. I commenced relaxing and thought I became great because usually, humans do not mess with me, but in Las Ramblas, there were 2 incidents.

One wherein a collection of unpleasant yahoo’s got here up touching me, and they had lifted my pockets until I started developing a few sturdy dramas as a friend said to ‘check my pockets’ and that they had left it at the ledge. I leveraged getting the police over here, which you could use in their language, and be REALLY ASSERTIVE in a state of affairs like that.

I can carry the warmth and create a few huge dramas. Doing this with congruency can be definitely effective in a few cases.

We had been out late another time, and I didn’t even know it has been lifted…There are actually pro’s at select-pocketing who work around Las Ramblas in Barcelona, and that they stole my wallet without me even noticing for two hours (AND my returned pocket become a good match). Because of top karma, I later was given the wallet back thru Facebook (some other tale, and it was all there except they took the cash).

If you have got a room secure, use it. I typically only bring 1 or 2 accurate ATM cards on me and SOME nearby forex – not an entire lot.

REALLY be shielding in case you’re going to Barcelona. Everybody has a story or knows a person who has stolen things. I had to lend coins to a chum who had 500 Euro stolen, which he had withdrawn due to a scheme regarding a female and her lifting accomplice.

So anyhow, there may be a few sensible and experienced recommendations for ‘staying safe’ in a number of the greater sketchy areas of the sector. Try and room in a higher class part of the metropolis if feasible or near a traveler district.

I love Brasil and other locations, so I have an honestly superb yet impartial vibe approximately matters after going around alone. Having an actual appreciation for the lifestyle helps as well. It’s simply riskier in a few places of certain regions or cities, so this is a lot of preventative stuff.


Research ahead online to look at what sort of crime there is…Regularly it is simply petty theft or muggings. When a person broke into a neighbor’s rental past due at night (I live up past due), I got here out with a thunderous, competitive voice as they had been scuffling, after which helped him to take off.

From that point, I kept a frying pan (and NOT afraid to apply it, and I enjoyed visualizing how I could use it with bodily energy) right close to the glass window and door to get a concept of what might be in save for them.

Suppose you have got a Marine sticker, which could work as well as a deterrent. Oh, and if you visit a country with a civil conflict (or like that outbreak in BKK), live far away from the combating as excellent you could. I turned into there at some stage in riots, and also, you live away. It is not all as awful ‘anywhere’ just like the information makes it seem.

Attract safety in place of risk!