Do you think you know your roof well? If you don’t know your roof well then, you can’t protect it from damage. Hence it is sensible first to get an idea of your roof and its parts such as fascia and soffit. To know what is wrong, you must first understand what and how they get damaged. So here are a few things you must know:

The first thing you must know is that both fascia and soffit are found below the roof edge, and it runs along the entire length. The fascia holds the gutters with the help of a horizontal beam, while the soffit is the roof’s exposed surface. Both of them are attached in such a manner that it closes the gap between the ceiling and the house’s wall.


The second thing you should know is the soffit helps the attic to ventilate; it contains small holes that allow the air in. The soffit is essential as it keeps the roof cool and removes the excess moisture and heat present in the attic.

Now while the soffit takes care of ventilation, fascia acts as both protection and trim. The board gives the roof a smooth finish, which further enhances the curb appeal. Furthermore, it also protects the roof in numerous ways, such as it doesn’t allow moisture to get in; this saves the roof framing and walls from eating away.

Both fascia and soffit are prone to water damage as they are near to the gutters. If your gutter is leaky or clogged, then there are chances for your fascia and soffit may get soaked and get exposed to molds and rot. In addition to all this, soffit boards act as homes to various small nesting animals and different natural toxic elements that further ruin and puncture the board. Hence, while calling for help, you must make sure that they know all the potential threats.

Repairing as well as maintenance isn’t easy; it is difficult, in fact. Hence, it should be done by expert hands. Always turn to a professional roofing company when you have troubles with faulty or decaying soffit and fascia boards.

Look for those roofing companies that deal with temporary repairs, complete roof replacement, as well as roof inspection and cleanup, as these are a few characteristics of a good roofing company. Call the experts for various fascia, soffit, and other roof troubles. Various roofing services will give you free estimates, so look for one and call out for help today!

Lastly, there are a few things that you must take care of as a homeowner; you should periodically check for the presence of bee, wasp, or hornet nests in your soffit and fascia. Clean it yourself; if the situation is far more than you can handle, call a professional to remove them.