Things You Need to Know About Smart Car Keys! 1

Things You Need to Know About Smart Car Keys!

With the growth in technology, various updates are taking place in the automobile industry. If we talk about cars, earlier, the smart keys were exclusive to luxurious cars! But now, push-start vehicles have entered the mainstream.

Today when you purchase a car, you find a push-start button or smart keys rather than a traditional ignition. Smart keys are available for almost every model from many major car companies like Nissan, Ford, and Hyundai.

What is the function of a smart key?

Auto Locksmiths have come up with innovative keys and transponders. Many smart keys operate with a small remote like device called “Fob” with built-in automation that comes without the teeth of a traditional key; it incorporates features like locking and unlocking your car, opening the trunk, and setting off the car alarm.

How does a smart key work?

Smart Car Keys

The technology establishes a connection between the push-start button and the smart key is a Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID). The key is embedded with a small chip called a tag that sends low-frequency radio signals.

The antennas on your car receive these signals, and the sensors of your car read the unique encrypted code transmitted by your key. For your keys to work, you must be within your car range that is 100- 150 feet and only 2-3 feet, to start the ignition.

Benefits of Smart Keys!

  • Security: It’s difficult to steal a car since the RFID signals sent between your car and the fob of a smart key are unique to your car’s sensor. Even if the thief somehow manages to break into your vehicle, the engine won’t start until it receives an encrypted code from your smart key.
  • Convenient: They are convenient to use since your car can sense your keys if they are available within the range, maybe present inside your purse, bag, or pocket. You can avoid the hustle of looking out for your keys on a dizzy morning or a cold night until you have your smart key fob on you.
  • Innovative: How awesome and time-saving it is to start your car with a push of a button. The use of the latest technology gives absolute confidence to the learners with the easy use of it.

How can locksmiths help you with your smart key problems?

Some problems can arise with smart keys too, but thankfully you can rely on emergency car key replacement services. Imagine you lose them when you are out somewhere, or they stopped responding. In that case, you can contact an experienced car locksmith that can help you with your problem.

Types of problems:

Worn out key fob batteries: Batteries can run out after a certain period. This can be made out when the vehicle is not responding to the signals sent by your fob.

Internal damage to the key fob:  Sometimes, the transmitter or a receiver that helps communicate signals between the fob and sensor of your car gets damaged, which means your car key will not respond the way it was intended.