Silent Hill – Homecoming Review For PlayStation three

Silent Hill 2 changed into the primary SH collection I played for the Sony PlayStation 2. And to be honest, I failed to adore it, again then I turned into infantile and I stopped playing after an hour or so just due to the crappy photos. Childish huh? I thought so too.

When Silent Hill three came out, again for the PS2, my influence of the collection went an entire 360. Partly because I grew up a bit extra and in part due to the fact both the sports play, as well as the photographs, were improved. I genuinely beat the game 3 times simply to free up costumes and the potent mild saber! Then came Silent Hill 4: The Room in 2004 and it turned into any other hit. I cannot surely say the images had been progressed lots over SH3 however the gameplay changed into actually distinctive due to the fact you were basically caught to your personal “room” and the trade international.

Story and controls

You can be fighting through this hellish Silent Hill with by way of controlling a soldier who’s looking for his brother. At least this time your individual has been educated to fight! One excellent function delivered is the option to avert and then carry out a counterattack in addition to “buying and selling” your health for stronger attacks. Combo and charged assaults live as is as from Silent Hill: Origin for the Sony PlayStation Portable. Again the radio and your ever-lasting flashlight will assist you to fight your manner via. Your radio will emit static noises when threats are close by and your flash mild, nicely light your manner obviously! And similar to the preceding series, you are continually fighting between the real global and the trade, greater horrified world. The controls are incredibly one-of-a-kind from the previous series which takes someday to get used to, one apparent distinction is the manner to get right of entry to your guns/items menus. I by chance wasted a recuperation item when I become supposed to go into attack mode. The fight controls also are barely different if I consider efficiently, sorry its been a while in view that I performed SH4. Overall not anything absolutely everyone can’t cope with.

You start out in one of the not unusual locations in the SH series – the Hospital. I become surely excited because I was given to “reunite” with the horny but deadly nurses! You get to fight your very first one as soon as you select up your fight knife. There are actually two buttons for two modes of assaults which you could chain/combination. One mode is the ordinary attack and the opposite is the heavy attack which can be charged to perform even heavier blows. I also assume the character’s movement might have been a chunk agiler, it feels a piece gradual when navigating around.

Gameplay and pictures
You will continue to fight creatures that appearance horrible and terrifying most of the times just like the previous collection. But the best old nurses are sexier than ever! To be honest, the portraits are worse than what I become anticipating, I become seeking to examine with Metal Gear Solid four. Maybe it truly is not evaluating apple to apple but the snapshots do not persuade me of next-gen images. But the water truly appears pretty precise though, and I’m the handiest talking approximately when status still because there aren’t any splashes or ripples whilst taking walks/walking thru. There are many scenes which can be just too bloody and gory for me to reveal them on my weblog due to the fact I recognize now not everybody can tolerate this kind of horror. I apologize for now not being capable of taking images of whilst preventing enemies due to the fact they’re just so brief and often combating in tight areas. And I did get a few scares right here and there from my 2-hour play. The first-rate one was after I become returned home, one of the doorways abruptly closed on its personal which turned into absolutely surprising whilst the environment was so peaceful. OK, no extra spoilers!

There is little to no loading time until you circulate from a very distinctive vicinity or constructing which is amazing. I suppose this recreation is simply too darkish, maybe it’s my TV, but I needed to regulate the brightness to the max before I may want to see better. I realize this game is supposed to be in the dark but it became just too darkish I ought to slightly enjoy it before the adjustment. For people who marvel, this sport runs most effective at 720p max.

So a long way I’ve additionally determined something new that’s the health-boosting object which completely boosts your health. And once in a while, you want to carry out a few button mashing be it reducing your manner thru or being attacked by way of bugs. The bugs are surely demanding I almost got 1/2 my health drained as it becomes so dark (earlier than the brightness adjustment) and I could not see the computer virus but my fitness was slowly going down not prevent. Aside from the no longer too inspired snapshots, another element I dislike, first is the reality that doors which you open will close themselves after a while, why is that? Second, bodies of dead enemies disappear after some time as nicely. I like to apply them as indicators that I’ve visited the rooms. (sure I’m really terrible with guidelines regardless of maps)


Sound and tune have continually been one of the key elements to Silent Hill’s scariness. SH: Homecoming isn’t any exception. Within 15 mins of gambling the game, you may listen infant crying somewhere near you, however, you may in no way understand in which. Though the background sound can be quite a headache in the trade (nasty) international for a few people it’s not a display stopper, subsequently you may get used to it. There also are much tracks that is absolutely nice to the ears sort of provide you with a damage from all of the horror and a peace of thoughts, as a minimum for a quick period of time.

Final Verdict

I highly advocate this recreation for those that have been following the series. And for MAXIMUM satisfaction, play this game in COMPLETE darkness and ALONE! If you may crank up the volume, that makes the game even scarier to revel in! I suppose this is the manner survival horror video games ought to be played. This recreation will most likely no longer for you if you are not into horror films/video games and get scared very easily (may get heart assaults at instances). Although images do not determine if the game is really worth gambling or now not, I nonetheless anticipated them to be subsequent-gen excellent which they’re not, I suggest if Metal Gear Solid four should do it, why no longer Silent Hill? So do not count on any lovely photographs. And ultimate however now not least, I do want KONAMI can put in force online co-op mode to the next collection as it might be a super addition/feature to have, assuming there may be the next collection. Finally, I hope this overview allows a number of you in figuring out if Silent Hill: Homecoming is worth buying or now not.